Second Chance.

AN: this is my first Fanfic, but i'm not unfamiliar to writing them. I hope this I o.k. For y'all.

Onto the story.

Haku's eyelids flew open. He placed a hand over his heart. It had seemed so real, he could feel the pain of it, so it couldn't have been a dream... Could it? It was at this point Haku started noticing what was wrong. He was inside a house. It wasn't where he and Zabuza lived. It was... his home. Haku was now convinced that he was dreaming still, when he heard a voice. His MOTHERS voice. Haku felt his eyes fill with tears. He had always wanted another chance to hear his mother's voice, even if it was in a dream.

"Haku, sweetie, its time to wake up! You know what day it is!" called his mother from outside his room.

Anxiously, Haku looked for his calendar. His heart leapt into his throat. It was his birthday! This might turn out to be the best dream ever. In a rush, he knocked into the bedside table and clutched his knee in pain. Then he realised it couldn't be a dream at that point. He hastily wiped his eyes on his kimono as he heard his mother coming in.

"Happy birthday sweetie" she said smiling at Haku, who immediately froze in puzzlement. Sweetie? Haku's mum had never called him that before. Just then Haku's father came in. Haku's stomach did a back flip. He felt both pleasure, and hatred. "Happy birthday Haku, How are you feeling?" he said, smiling warmly. Haku couldn't help but feel happy. Haku's father next words brought him back to reality. "Daddies little girl is growing up fast"

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