Behind the glares

Summary: [OOC] Let's say there was no genocide for Uchiha clan. Itachi, being a special Jounin and an older brother of Sasuke, has two responsibilities both at work and at home. Sasuke graduated from the Ninja Academy, paired up with Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura, whose older sister is a Jounin.

First Day

"Sakura-chan!! WAKE UP!!"

[Grr.. what a pain! And I thought she would caress my hair like the other day.] The inner Sakura commented as the real Sakura slowly open her eyes from what seem the greatest dream she had.

But because of someone's voice from downstairs, her dream was cut and she was now pulled back to reality where she thought, her dream would be so impossible. The clenched eyelids are now slowly opening as they reveal small light green eyes. It's supposed to be another normal day, but, with that screeching voice from downstairs, she knows it will never be that normal. Because today is her first day as a Genin (A/N: is she really a Genin by now? Let's see). She stretched out her arms in the air and yawned. She looked at her alarm clock.

'8 am.'

"I hope she won't do that again, because if she did--"


This alarmed her. So she hastily get up from her bed, causing commotion that can be heard downstairs. Speaking of downstairs, a pink long haired girl is currently preparing the breakfast. She's slim, taller, and her hair is longer and darker than Sakura. When she turned around, her small, sharp dark green eyes with a mixture of red resulting to a black color, looked happily at the ceiling, the second floor, rather.

'That girl is so lazy.' She sweatdropped.

In a matter of twenty minutes waiting, the girl who was called Sakura came running down from the flight of stairs. Wearing a red, one piece Cheongsam with white circles at the bottom and two at the shoulders. Proud to be a Genin, she tightens the forehead protector with Konoha insignia in the middle, which is affixed at the top of her head. The older pink haired looked proudly at Sakura, but there's slight dismayed on her face while sitting on the dining table with her right hand supporting her chin while the other is drumming her fingers impatiently on the table.

"Sakura, you should at least lessen beautifying yourself. You're a ninja."

Sakura flinched and one eyebrow is twitching up and down, [As if you're not beautifying yourself.] The inner Sakura complained once more.

The older one noticed Sakura's twitching brows, she gestured her to sit down and started eating. She held out a plate with fried eggs where Sakura slid down one to her plate. Sakura then gets a bread and started eating the breakfast.

"So who's your sensei?" The older one asked while drinking the orange juice.

"We haven't meet him, Kayako-nee-chan. That's why we have to go to Academy after this." After answering her older sister, she started giggling.

Kayako, the name Sakura blurted seconds ago, raised her brow in curiosity, "And why are you giggling?"

Sakura flashed her grin with her cheeks burning in red, "I just hope I'm with Sasuke-kun."

Kayako sweatdrops.


A black haired kid was still in his bed, dreaming of something. He's facing the wall and his blanket is scattered on the floor. His face is really attracting or might we say cute or handsome for a 12-yr-old kid. Moments later, a tall, long haired young man entered his room. First thing he noticed is the scattered blanket and as he shifted his eye to the bed, he saw the boy still sleeping quietly. He sighed.

'Why do I always have to wake him up everyday?' He sweatdropped.

He bent his body, getting the blanket on the floor and then went closer to the bed to wake up the little man.

"Sasuke, wake up." No response. His brows twitched. "Sasuke it's 8, wake up." Still no response. 'I'm sick of this wake-up-routine...really.' He sweatdropped once more as a nerve popped out of his right temple. "Sasuke."

Finally the boy murmurs as the older one sighed, however few seconds later there was no response. The little man is still asleep, dreaming.

'Alright you little devil..' He hastily pulled the pillow under Sasuke's head and threw it with a strong force directly to the kid's head.

The kid awakened from the violence as he hastily pulled the pillow from his face. He immediately sat up in attempt to yell at the person who threw the pillow in his face, but as soon as he saw the person across his bed he just kept his mouth shut.

"It's 8. You better clean up before you get out of the house." The older said as he make his way out of the kid's room.

"Aniki, will you teach me some ninjutsu this afternoon?" The little said as he get up from the bed.

"I don't think I have the time to teach you. I've some business to do."

The little boy sighed and pick up the mess around his room. After taking a bath, he immediately clothed himself with blue shirt, white shorts and leg and arm covers. He took out the holster and placed in on his right leg. Making his way to the dining room, he saw his mom already prepared their breakfast. The older version of himself, had rose across the table after finishing his meal. Sasuke watched his older brother went to kitchen, place down the plate and glass he used.

"I'll be out for the whole day, Mom. Ja.." Was his older brother's last words as he disappeared immediately from a puff of smoke.

He admired Itachi so much simply because his older brother is genius, powerful, collected and cool. Being disappointed he is, he haven't had any ideas why his brother have to shoo him away whenever he tries to approach him to teach him about his ninja techniques. He knew his brother is an ANBU, too. And because the Hokage acknowledged him so much, he must have been too busy to finish the given missions. Itachi is so popular to the girls and to the other men since he's recognized as one of the best ninjas in Konoha history. If anything goes well and he's at the right age, the present Hokage might appoint him as the next...

"Sasuke-kun, you should move quickly." A soft spoken woman said while placing a plate on the table for her little son.

He was pulled to reality and sat on the table to start his meal, "Thanks mom.."


They've been wandering around the room for about an hour right after Iruka-sensei discussed them about the three-man-team. Or shall we say, waiting for their sensei to show up... Obviously, these newly graduated Genins haven't had the least idea why they should be staying in this room where the others are out there somewhere to start training. The raven-haired kid is sitting on a chair, being elevated from the ground, the pink haired kunoichi and the blonde boy is standing. His hands are clasped together where his forehead is placed. He's watching how the pink haired girl sighed in frustration and listening to the bluffs of the loud blonde boy.

"Why is he late anyway... The others had gone already.." The girl sighed while placing her hands to her waist. She noticed the blonde kid standing from a chair placing a blackboard eraser between the door and the wall. A booby trap. "What are you doing Naruto?"

"Since he's late, he should be punished. Nishishishi..." The blonde boy, Naruto, grinned from ear to ear.

"As if he would fall from that booby trap." The raven haired kid retorted aloud while looking at Naruto.

"Let's just see then!"

After placing the 'booby trap', Naruto immediately pushed the chair and waited for their teacher. As if on cue, the three saw a hand clutching at the door to give his body a way to enter the classroom. Then from their surprise, the chalkboard eraser came landing down to the head of a white haired jounin.

'Seriously, is he a Jounin?' Sasuke asked with his eyes narrowed and obviously dismayed.

"Bwahahahaha!" Was all they could hear from Naruto.

After some seconds of silence, the jounin spoke, "What can I say... My first impression to you guys," the three looked at him, "I hate you." Their face darkened.

[To be continued]


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Author's Note: Well it's pretty obvious that I've meddled with the dialogues and events, it's because I wanted this first part, at least, to have the lighter side! (cough cough) Anyway, you just wait what they will say during the introduction and to the succeeding chapters! Ciao for now!