The Bet: Deflowering of the Flower

By: Saori

Current Date: January 16th, Day 3

Days Left: 29

"Ohayo Tomoyo!" Sakura said cheerfully taking her seat. Yesterday after Syaoran had left to go god knows where, Sakura could walk through the halls without worrying where Syaoran would be and what he was planning. And since she had a good day at school, she had a good night sleep.

"Ohayo Sakura-chan." Tomoyo said distracted. She was furiously drawing something in her sketchbook. Sakura sighed.

"Ohayo Tomoyo!" Syaoran walked down the isle and addressed Tomoyo making fun of Sakura. He took his seat and smirked.

"I don't sound like that!" Sakura glared at him. "And what are you doing here?"

Syaoran looked at her innocently. "What are you talking about? I never skip Homeroom."

Sakura just snorted in an unladylike manner, and turned to face the front.

"Good morning class! Gather your stuff, first period bell is about to ring." Mrs. Kusaki told the class smiling brightly.

(A/N- Okay, if you're wondering how their classes are set up, it goes like this. School starts at 9:00. But they have homeroom, for announcements and messages. Homeroom starts at 8:45 and ends at 8:55. (If you skip homeroom, you don't get in severe trouble, it's just frowned upon.) From 8:55 to 9:00 you have to get your belongings to first period. Classes are 50 minutes. And 5 minutes in between to get to and from each class. School ends at 4:00. You can figure the complete schedule out now, right?)

"Hey, wittle Arukas, (hehe Sakura's name backwards. What? You gotta give him creativity.) want to have some fun?" Syaoran asked Sakura.

"No. Your definition of fun, isn't the same as mine." Sakura said, grabbing her backpack. "You, ready Tomoyo?"

"Uh, actually, um... Eriol and I are skipping." Tomoyo stuttered nervously.

"Oh joy." Sakura muttered sarcastically. "Well, don't miss lunch today, promise?"

Tomoyo nodded and rushed off. "See, they got the right idea." Syaoran said. He didn't have a backpack, since all he had to carry was a pencil; which he put in his back pocket of his shorts. If he ever needed paper or notes, he just winked at a girl and they would gladly give him anything he needed.

"Yeah, but there are boyfriend and girlfriend. We're just... What are we? We're not really friends. We're just..." Sakura started heading out the door, and Syaoran followed. She was still thinking in her head. How would she describe their 'relationship'?

"We could be boyfriend and girlfriend." Syaoran said, winking at her. Sakura started laughing hysterically, and most everyone in the hall turned to see what was so funny. Syaoran thought she had gone mad.

"Oh, you were serious." Sakura said turning serious in a flash.

"Aww, you know that hurts, Sakie." Syaoran said grimacing, for effect. Sakura just stared at him critically, and he stopped.

"Oh! Houshio-san, do you know where Konako-san is? You're her best friend, so I thought you might know." Sakura asked a girl who was getting her books out of her locker. The girl, Houshio Metamaru was blushing because The Li Syaoran was with the friend, and his friend was talking to her!

"Oh, sorry, Kinomoto-chan, Konako, has a fever and her mother said she would be missing a few days of school." Houshio said nervously.

"Thanks!" Sakura said and then continued to her locker. "Damn. Now I don't have a partner for chemistry."

Syaoran overheard and smirked. "Me neither. Well, now I do. You!" Sakura groaned, and Syaoran couldn't help but feel slightly aroused, which made him want to slam his head in a nearby locker.

"Everyone but you is taken." Sakura moped until she got to her locker. "At least its chemistry, and I'm good at it, so we'll be done soon."

"I don't think I got enough sleep last night to have such a long conversation with you." Syaoran yawned.

"What to busy having sex?" Sakura asked dryly.

"Actually, I haven't had sex since I saw y- Ah! Never mind." Syaoran blushed, and Sakura looked at him funny. Syaoran tried to change the subject. "Jealous?"

"HA! You wish..." Sakura said and slammed her locker shut. "See ya... whenever."

"But I don't want to go to class." Syaoran whined. He was still following Sakura around even though he didn't have 1st period with her. (A/N- SS have Homeroom, 3rd period, Lunch, 6th, and 7th period together.) "Let's go somewhere."

"Where?" Sakura asked just to humor him.

"Like... Ice Cream!" Syaoran said and smiled childishly, which made a faint blush come to Sakura's cheeks. Oh no, don't blush! Think cold... like... ice cream, and Syaoran smiling. Ah!

"Why are you smiling like that?" Syaoran asked her. She was just smiling, while staring at him, but she was lost in her own little world. He blushed seeing her smiling at him, even if she didn't mean to.

"Like what?" Sakura asked, trying to scowl at him.

"You are so bad at scowling." Syaoran said laughing. "Scowling has a lot to do with the eyes too, y' know. Your eyes are to happy and cheerful, to scowl, your eyes have to look dangerous and mysterious."

"What a load of crap, you are so full of yourself." Sakura couldn't help but laugh.

"No, I'm serious." Syaoran said. "Okay, let's go! If you don't come of your own free will, I'll just have to kidnap you."

"Eh, alright. How will we get there? There are no ice cream shops walking distance, from the school." Sakura asked.

"We'll drive!" Syaoran said as he took the key out of his pocket. He twirled them around, as the headed to the parking lot. "Jeez, I can't believe how easy it is to drive off at this school."

"Yeah, some murderer could walk right into the school, murder some kids, and then walk out without any trouble." Sakura mumbled. Oh no! I just realized! I'll be all alone with Syaoran in his car, what if he tries something?! Well, of course he'll try something, he is Syaoran.

"Hey, where are you going?!" Syaoran asked as Sakura turned the way she came.

"I'm not getting in a car alone with you." Sakura said stubbornly.

"I won't do anything! Besides, if I was going to do something, I would have brought a more comfortable car. I promise not to hit on you for the rest of the day- No! Scratch that. I promise not to hit on you till we get back from the ice cream shop. Then, you can just go inside the school, so I won't be able to do anything- well, much." Syaoran finished with a smirk.

"Promise?" Sakura asked, but climbed into the passenger seat of his car. Syaoran nodded and started the car. "Oh, we have to get back by lunch, because I haven't sat down and talked to Tomoyo in a while."

"Okay, here we are." Syaoran said.

(A/N- Here is the scene I added for those who wanted it.)

They walked up to the counter, where a young girl, who looked to be 20 or so, was waiting. She had curly red hair, and freckles scattered across her face. She seemed to be American, and she had dark brown eyes.

Syaoran flashed her a sexy grin, that she was transfixed by. "Y-Yes?" She stuttered, looking directly at Syaoran, totally ignoring Sakura.

"Hey cutie, I'll have a double scoop of Chocolate Chunk." Syaoran said leaning on the counter, winking at the red-head. The girl blushed and got it ready. To Sakura he asked casually, "What do you want kid?"

Sakura was boiling mad. "I'm not with you, sir." Sakura said, no one had ever called her kid, when she was just a year apart. And now, just because Syaoran was a freeloader, and needed to make it sound like Sakura and him weren't together, he called her kid. No, wait, what was she thinking? They were not 'together'.

"Huh?" Syaoran asked confused. Sakura glared at him, and looked at the ice cream, pretending she didn't know him. Syaoran not knowing that he had done anything, returned his gaze to the girl. "Thanks sweetie."

He took his wallet out slowly, but not in an obvious way. "Oh no! Please, it's on me." She said winking and trying her best to give him a seductive smile.

"Are you sure?" Syaoran asked innocently. The girl smiled and nodded and was about to say something else when someone interrupted.

"Could you hurry up, sir, not everyone in the line has time to wait for you to get another whore in bed." Sakura said angrily. Syaoran glared at her wondering what she was doing. Sakura quickly ordered and paid and then left him standing there. She sat at a booth and looked out the window angrily.

"What was that about?" Syaoran asked pissed, as he sat down across from Sakura.

"Sorry, sir, do I know you?" Sakura asked. "I mean, I'm just a 'kid' and all."

Syaoran sighed, running his hand through his hair. "Oh. Look, I'm sorry, but if I said we came together should she would get the idea that were 'together' as a couple, and then she would've gotten jealous and made us pay."

"Oh, it must be horrible having to pay for one ice cream." Sakura said sarcastically, still not looking at him.

"Look I'm, uh, sorry. It's just a natural thing to me now. I didn't mean to call you a kid, and act like I didn't know you." Syaoran said awkwardly. He had never apologized to anyone before (except his mother) so he wasn't used to apologizing.

"You mean it?" Sakura asked him eagerly, her emerald eyes sparkling.

"Uh, eh, yeah." Syaoran said through a closed throat. He was mesmerized by her intriguing eyes.

"Okay, thanks, Li." Sakura said cheerfully, and began eating her ice cream while chatting about this and that. Syaoran adding and nodding to his own parts, while thinking She is so simple and complex at the same time. Simple because I apologized and she accepted it and now it's like it didn't even happen, but complex because she cared that I pretended I didn't know her, even though were somewhat enemies.

(That's the end of the little 'Date Scene', hope you liked it!)

...7th period, Chemistry...

The bell had just rang and Syaoran and Sakura were heading to Science class. Eyes still followed them as they walked the hall, most trying to decide if they were a new couple. And many coming to the conclusion that they were.

"Why aren't you, um... seducing me?" Sakura asked Syaoran curiously. Syaoran smirked at her.

"Do you miss my touch, Suka?" Syaoran asked teasingly. "We could always skip this period, and have a little fun in our special place. I know you loved that janitor's closet."

"Why did I even ask?" Sakura asked herself, shaking her head.

They took their seats at the science lab table (those one for two people), and the bell rung as the teacher came in. "Class, Your assignment instructions are being passed around. I want a 300 word essay, and answer the questions on page 485. If you need any help, just come up here and ask."

Syaoran grabbed the paper from the couple in front of us, and then passed the remaining to the couple behind us. "This is so boring." Syaoran whined.

"You only don't want to do it, because you suck at science." Sakura said getting their supplies out.

Forty minutes later it was time to go. "Pack up your stuff, and if you are not done, get together tonight and finish the assignment." The teacher told the students as the bell rang.

"No way, are we going to your house. I have heard of the Legendary Touya." Syaoran said.

"Well, there is no way in hell I'm going to your house." Sakura said.

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