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Summary: Bakura makes plans with Yoh to get their shows more ratings. They decide that the Shaman King characters should replace the Yugioh characters and vice versa! How will the 2 co's react to this and how will Bakura get out of this jam?


Chapter 1: Taking Over The Show

Bakura and Yoh Asakura sat in Bakura's really dirty and empty office. All that was there were two tables, a fridge with liquor and other foods, at least 4 chairs and one window, so the office was practically 100 degrees in the room.

"So, do we have a deal? We shall switch our characters with yours, and see what happens to the ratings of our shows? Our gang will take over Shaman King while your group takes over Yu-Gi-Oh."Bakura explained to Yoh, who was getting rather impatient at the moment.

"Yes, but what if things do not go out as planned?"

"Well, we shall just have to wait and see what happens…although, the pharaoh will have a fit when I tell him, he's the main character on Yu-Gi-Oh…so, since you're the main character on Shaman King, you replace him."Bakura explained.

Yoh nodded in understanding, kind of liking being a pharaoh of Ancient Egypt now.

"Now that we got all that straightened away, all that there is left to do is pick who everyone else will be. Some of their personalities are the same as your gang…like Ryu and Joey…or maybe even Tristan or Duke. Duke goes crazy for girls and so does Ryu, right?"Bakura asked.

Yoh nodded.

"So, then, we have a deal?"

Yoh nodded and Bakura and Yoh shook hands and walked out of the office. Bakura smirked. Everything was going just as planned.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"So, why did you call us here?"Yami asked, eying the tomb robber suspiciously.

"Well, Yoh and I have made an agreement that our shows are not getting the ratings they needed to stay on TV. So, we have a proposition for all of you."

"And what might that be?"Seto asked.

"Yea, I'm gettin' bored of waitin', ya know,"Joey said.

"Well, we thought that if we switched shows. In other words: We take over Shaman King and let them take over Yu-Gi-Oh!."Bakura explained to the groups.

"Why? Our TV show gets plenty of ratings,"Tea commented.

"Yeah, she is right, you know,"Chiharu explained.

"Well, if you do protest against our agreement, I'll send anyone I want to the Shadow Realm, especially the ones that protest,"Bakura pointed to Chiharu and Tea.

Seto glared at Bakura, but he continued anyway.

"So, do we have an agreement? If the shows don't get higher ratings then we will just have to think of some better arrangement."

"I don't trust you, tomb robber,"Yami said, glaring at the tomb robber, who gave the extremely evil eye at him. "Who will replace who?"

"That is all we need to figure out,"Bakura said.

"So, when will the characters for both shows be decided?"Chiharu asked, taking Seto's arm for protection from the mysterious evil tomb robber.

"Supposedly by tomorrow, but we are not quite sure,"Bakura replied. "Anyway, you may all go home now and Yoh and I will figure out who is who."

The two gangs nodded and walked away.

"Everything is working out, perfectly. When our show gets the higher ratings, we will steal it back from them, since they are buying the show from us, anyway…"Bakura said to himself, snickering.

Little did he know, Mokuba was watching him the entire time and ran off to find the others and tell them of Bakura's plan.


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