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Just Roommates

Chapter 9 - Familiar

Starfire closed one eye and squinted the other. Peace. Her index finger found the trigger as she slowly inhaled and exhaled. Quiet. She was hesitating; her palms were sweaty and she couldn't keep a proper grip on the gun's handle. Tranquility. He was watching her.

"Loosen up," instructed he. "You'll never get a clean shot if you're so tense."

Starfire nodded and relaxed. She narrowed her eyes once again and, after a moment of focusing, squeezed the trigger. The gun didn't rebound or even make a loud crack as she was expecting, and if it hadn't been a clear miss, Starfire would have been relieved. Dylan chuckled and she pouted.

"Nice try. Now watch how it's really done," he fished another bill out of his pocket and slapped it on the table. A greasy man in a white muscle shirt snatched it and tucked it away safely into his apron before stepping back out of Dylan's way. Starfire handed him the pistol and stood back to watch. Dylan smugly twirled it around his finger.

"Pick a number between one and ten," said he, elbows on the counter, leaning forward to aim.

"Umm... six?" Starfire curiously replied. Dylan smirked and fired right through the middle of the sixth target. The booth's attendant sighed and heaved himself up from the crate he was sitting on.

"Pick any of the ones on that wall," he sniffed, gesturing towards the western wall, gaudily decorated in red string lights. Dozens of small bears with different colored ribbons around their necks hung in uneven rows. Dylan rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"I'll take the green one, puh-lease," requested Dylan almost sarcastically. The man finished hanging another target before he thumped over and tugged a stuffed animal free of the rack.

"Enjoy, kids," said he before going to help another customer. As expected, Dylan held out the bear for Starfire to take.

"Oh, what an adorable little creature! I shall remember him as the occasion in which you could destroy the paper opponent and I could not," Starfire smiled and retied the stuffed bear's green bow.

"Hey, not even superheroines are perfect. You owe me a hug," replied he. Starfire's stomach did a little flip as she leaned into his open arms.

So he is who Star has been seeing this whole week? Robin scowled from behind a stack of boxes. He wasn't too far from the two of them, close enough to vaguely hear their conversation, although he frequently had to crane his neck to watch them through the passersby. It's been almost a half hour that he's been watching her... them, together. The carnival was considerably crowded and it was only early in the evening hours. Teenage couples, hand in hand, skittered about, giggling and talking. If Starfire was dressed a little more casually, she and that boy would have blended in perfectly. Robin watched him hang his arm around her shoulders and pointed to something to her right. She smiled widely and let him walk her away, out of Robin's sight. Again.

His eyes were darting around to quickly find another hiding place when his communicator sounded off a little more loudly then he would have preferred. Crouching back down behind the boxes, he flipped open the top. Cyborg gave him a shifty look, but it could have been from the increasingly bad reception. Communicator maintenance had been ignored for a little too long; they needed tweaking.

"How's the gang lead going?" asked Cyborg in the usual business-like tone he used when referring to criminals.

"Uh," Robin thought quickly, "It was something minor. They got a warning."

"Right. Are you coming back soon? And where's Star? BB and Rae are startin' to bother me," Cyborg added with an arched eyebrow, "Is that carrousel music I hear?"

"Yeah. They were picking fights at the carnival. The cops just left, I'll be back in a bit," Robin impressed himself. That was quite a believable lie. Obviously Cyborg didn't think twice about it.

"Great, okay, see ya then," said Cyborg, ending the transmission. Snapping the communicator's lid shut, Robin put it away and took a seat on the ground. The ferris wheel's lights glowed in repetitious patterns at the other side of the park. The wheel loomed over the tops of the other attractions and Robin found it interesting enough to watch. He didn't want to go back just yet.

Beast Boy had been getting nudges, nods, and grins from Robin and Cyborg since Starfire told them what she had seen. If she hadn't told the rest, though, they probably never would have guessed. Raven and Beast Boy were working considerably hard to hide the incident. Well, Raven was, anyway. Beast Boy would plop down in front of the Gamestation and Raven would soon accompany him on the couch, book in hand. They barely seemed to acknowledge each other's presence, but it in a strange way, Robin could tell there was something different with them. It was the comfortable silences between the two as they forcibly busied themselves that spoke the loudest. Plus, the other Titans couldn't keep constant tabs on them. Robin assumed that everyone was waiting for the dust to settle before making the daring move of questioning their current relationship. But you know what they say about assuming something, Robin thought bitterly.

What's with me lately, anyway? Robin was his own mental slave. He fought his worst battles in his head. He was frequently called obsessive and that was probably right. He analyzed and over analyzed any given situation, but right now he wasn't being himself. Robin was suddenly hit with the impact of realization of where he was. And what am I doing here? I had to make up a lie to Cyborg just to stalk Starfire? Robin fabricated an excuse for himself: the team was curious as to what Starfire had been up to these past several days and she wasn't giving answers. He was just making sure she was all right. And she was. But what am I doing?

After a few minutes more of pondering, Robin stood up and headed back for the park entrance, content that he had fulfilled what he came there for. He slung his leg over his motorcycle and snugly fit his helmet on. While adjusting the strap under his chin, his gaze fell upon the ferris wheel once again, which was now closer than it was from his hiding spot. Someone's got to be plotting against me, he thought desperately when he saw his redhead companion aboard one of the seats on the ferris wheel. She was close to that boy. Robin noticed how her head fit so nicely under Dylan's chin. In a surge of anger, Robin shoved back his kickstand and started the engine. As his bike sprang to life, he shot one last look at the ferris wheel. I was there not too long ago. Right next to you.

From afar, Starfire watched Robin's motorcycle roar away into the darkness. She followed the beam of its headlight as long as her eyes would allow. She and Robin weren't talking as much as they used to and she was almost beginning to feel lonely. Starfire snuggled closer into Dylan's arms and closer to her taunting thoughts.

There were, "fireworks," last time.

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