Hi everybody. This just popped into my head an hour ago as a fully formed story. I've been suffering from writer's block for a few weeks, so this might help shift it. This just a teaser, and if I get enough feedback, I will update as soon as possible.

Spoilers : A Hundred Days, Grace

Timeframe : After Grace, before The Lost City. Chimera doesn't exist!

Note : Anmut is German for Grace

Pairings : Jack/Sam...maybe. You'll just need to wait and see

Synopsis : Suffering from a recurring dream, Sam has become preoccupied at work. SG1 then gets sent back to the Planet Edora, after Jack recieves a shocking message from Laira. Once there, Sam finds the answers she seeks...and more.

Author's note :Hope you enjoy this. Please R&R.

The Corridors were empty, but still the lullaby reverberated throughout the ship. It called to her. She had to find it's source. Turning, Sam saw a flash of gold and white, just a blur...

"Twinkle twinkle little star..." sang the child, as Sam followed her.

"Please...stop running!" she called, her hand subconsciously touching her headwound.

"Why? Don't you like hide and seek?"

The ship was buffeted, by what was unmistakably weapons fire. Picking up her pace, Sam dashed onwards to find the child standing in the middle of the bridge. The viewer showed the attacking Goa'uld vessel, and weapons that looked like...fireballs?

"Don't you wanna play?" the girl smiled, "or, are you afraid you won't find me?"

A fireball drew ominously closer on the Prometheus Bridge viewer. As it breached the hull, Sam lunged forward calling to the girl...


Sam jolted upright in her bed, a cold sweat covered her body. Her breathing began to relax as she realised where she was.

"Oh god! It was just another dream!" she sighed.

Only the same one you've had every night for the past month, she inwardly chastised herself.

Sam peeled the sheets off of her bed, and picked herself up.

She reached her bathroom and swiftly turned the cold water on. She cupped her hands together in order to scoop up the water, which she then splashed over her face. Satisfied that she was now fully awake, Sam turned the water off, before glancing through to her alarm clock which read 0330.


Sighing, Sam faced the mirror. Pondering her dream, she asked the unasked, unanswered question.

"Where are you Grace?"

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