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Sg1 re-materialised on the other side of the Stargate. Teal'c stepped out first, but promptly lost his balance and fell over someone.

"Oof!" was the normally stoic Jaffa's exclamation.

"Teal'c you klutz!" Shouted Daniel, who went quiet upon seeing who his friend had fallen over - one of Anubis' drones.

Pointing his P90 at the drone's head, Jack walked forward, and checked it's vitals.

"It's dead."

"That's a relief." Said Sam.

"C'mon. Let's head to the village...find out what's been happening."

SG1 and Garan had been walking for twenty minutes, and were nearing the Edoran village.


They turned to see a man of a similar age to Jack walking towards them.

"Jorlian! Long time no see. How are the kids?"

"Never better! Hello Garan!"

"Hi uncle."

"I see you made your way to the Tauri despite your mother's protestations."

Jack turned to glare at the young man. "She didn't want you to contact us?"

"I'm sorry, but I had to use my own judgement."

"It's okay Garan. We understand." Said Sam.

Teal'c looked towards Jack and Sam, both of whom seemed to be hiding something. Daniel voiced Teal'c's thoughts.

"Is there something going on here that I've not been privy to?"

"You'll find out soon Daniel." Sam reassured the confused Archaeologist.

"Ah I take it you've been very private about certain thing that happened during your stay here Jack." Jorlian said.

"What makes you say that?"

"You were very quiet about your work with the Tauri and your personal life when you stayed here. It makes sense that you would hold information back from those you work with."

Jack grimaced at Jorlian. "You're too straight-talking you know."

Jack, SG1, Garan and Jorlian had reached the village. A hush descended on the large group of Edorans occupying the village square. Some looked happy, some looked shocked, but the majority looked angry - and a little scared.

"Hey folks! Long time since I saw anyone. How are you all?" Jack said nervously.

"Jack?" said a rather timid voice from the middle of the throng. A few people murmured, before the crowd parted, revealing the figure of Laira.


Slowly, he walked up to the small Edoran. "How are you...how's Amnut?"

"Yeah...she's fine. Thankyou for sending the MALP through with a message for her on her birthday. I saw that you weren't exactly yourself though."

"That's because I miss you both. I wish you wanted me to come through more often."

Daniel stepped forward, wanting to get more information.

"Hello Laira. It's been a while."

"Hello Doctor Jackson, Major Carter, Teal'c." Laira said, acknowledging the team.

"Who's Amnut?"

Jack and Laira both started fidgeting nervously.

"Don't be angry at Jack. I wanted to keep her a secret, so that Jack's career would not be damaged."

Jack froze at Laira's reasoning. he was far from happy with what Laira had just said.

"What! You mean I've been keeping secrets from my friends for that reason? I thought it was because you wanted Amnut to have a normal upbringing, without having to constanly worry whether or not her father was going to die on each and every mission he went on?"

Sam sighed and looked at the ground, Daniel twisted his face up, processing some of the comments he'd just heard. Teal's simply raised an eyebrow."

"Laira. Don't you dare say that you wanted me to keep Amnut a secret for my sake. I think it was for your own benefit actually! You were never interested in me. You just wanted to get pregnant and keep Amnut to yourself!"

Jack finished shouting, and silence once again reigned in the small square. Until Daniel spoke up.

"I'll repeat my previous question. Who is Amnut?"

"I am." Said a very young, but powerful voice.

A little girl walked forward into the square. Her hair was long, golden and flowing. Sam let out a gasp, and backed away from the child.

"Hi Dad!" Amnut called to Jack.

"Jack's got a daughter?!?" gasped Daniel, clearly very shocked.

Jack's face showed a mixture of love, happiness and sadness as he gazed at his daughter.

"Hey kiddo! Oh god you're getting so big!"

"Well I am five now! I was three the last time you visited us!"

"Wait...You remember that?"

"I remember everything."

"Sam, you okay?" Daniel asked, as he noticed his friend begin to tremble.

"Grace?" Sam said timidly, "I-is that you?"

Jack, Daniel and Teal'c turned to look at the scientist.

"How'd you know what Amnut means?" Jack enquired.


"Samantha and I know each other! She taught me a Tauri nursery rhyme!"

"Carter? How were you so shocked when I told you about Amnut, when you'd already met her?"

"I'-I..." Was Sam's response for the second time.

"We met on the Prometheus." Amnut supplied the answer.

"What? How?" Jack said in shock.

"That's the reason I did not want you to return, Jack." Laira said. "Amnut is special. If the Goa'uld were to learn of her, they would return. That is why I have not been in contact with you at all. We don't want to use the Chapa'ai for fear of Anubis' return."


"He was here a year ago, before we knew that Amnut was the chosen one. He mined all of our Naquadah, and then left."

"Chosen one?" Daniel queried.

Laira chose to ingore the question.

"I'm sorry to burst your bubble mum, but Anubis will return. One of his drones attacked me as I neared the Chapa'ai. He told me that our Lord was returning for the chosen one."

SG1 and Laira absorbed this information in silence. Jack looked panicked.

"What are we gonna do?" he asked helplessly.

"Help! Help! Somebody!" came a call from another villager. "There's a drone headed this way!"

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