Sailor Moon R Chapter 75 "One Winged Angel"

-Arjunian Temple-

The chamber was dark except for the cauldrons of glowing liquid and the the light that was coming in from the night sky view from the window. .

Noa stood looking into a cauldron keeping an eye on Tea so no one would attack her.

He blamed himself for letting her get this way he should have saw this coming since he knew Faust was a master dream manipulator and could have easily killed Tea but he was lucky this time he wont let it happen again.

"Sleep tight Tea I wont let anything happed to you again as long as I'm around" said Noa

he walked over to the window and looked out into the open purple sky looking in the direction of earth.

"Over a billion miles away" Noa said to himself.

"But yet so close" said a voice behind Noa.

Noa turned and now is facing a man in a black leather outfit with metal shoulder armor with a black flowing cape.

"Who are you and how did you get past my guard?" said Noa.

"What guard?" said The Man gesturing to the dead guard laying in front of the door

"Those people didn't do anything to you whoever you are" said Noa.

"Don't I look familiar to you at all" said The Man.

Noa looked the man over said "Sephiroth"

"Yes the one and only" said Sephiroth.

"From the symbol on shoulder you have sided with En Sabah Nur I should have saw that one coming" said Noa

"I sided with no one do you want to know the real reason I am helping En Sabah Nur you really wont like it?" said Sephiroth.

Sephiroth bent over and whispered into Noa ear

Noa face went pale as he said "You Monster"

"I am no monster I am a Visionary I can see the future and it doesn't look good for you at all" said Sephiroth.

"The desire of the treacherous is for violence and that's what makes you a monster something you should have learn when you were a druid" said Noa.

Sephiroth moved so fast there was now a dagger buried in Noa's chest and then he stumbled backwards out the window he was looking out.

Sephiroth watches as Noa plummets to the ground and lands facing up followed by the sounds of screaming people.

"Bye master to bad we couldn't talk more I have other things I have to do" said Sephiroth.

A flaming portal opened up behind him and he walked into it and it closed as soon as he vanished into it.

-Arjunian Temple- (Age of Crimson Dawn)

It was fall on the Planet Rhea and the leaves on the cherry tree were falling to the ground out side the temple window it was a beautiful to behold to bad it was a druid training

Sephiroth looked out the window depressed he couldn't go out enjoy the Moon Festival something he missed a lot since moving here he was now looking up saying "Over a billion miles away"

"But yet so close" said a voice from behind him.

"I'm sorry Master Noa it's just beautiful out there" said Sephiroth.

But this lesson is important your final test is tomorrow we mite have to help the crimson Knights handle something and to calm the people before they are taken to be resettled.

"Do you think it right to force them from their homes because they don't believe in the same thing we do" said a girl a row behind Sephiroth.

"Yes it is they are impure and shouldn't be even breathing the same air as us they are mongrels and lucky we don't exterminate them all instead" said Sephiroth.

"Isn't that a little harsh we are not pure either we have no right to judge them at all"said the girl.

"Your right Tifa but it's the order of the queen that all heretics shall be removed from this planet and placed on the Nemesis Moon it6 our jobs to subdue them so they don't get hurt" said Noa

-City of Rhea- (Next day)

When Sephiroth and the druids in training got there the sounds of people scream echoed through the street as people thrown out of there homes by men in red Armor.

they watched as a man that was just pulled from his home and was thrown ti the ground hard.

Why are you doing this to us yells boy who was hunched over the man.

Shut up heretic you are not welcome here orders of Queen Raquel Queen of Moon Kingdom you are here by banished to Nemesis Moon.

The Man got up and was about to Attack but the warrior was now holding a little kud about 8 years old his face had red stripes on his cheeks.

"Mommy, Daddy," whimpered the boy who was Struggling with the man in the red armor

"Don't hurt my son" said the man.

"Let me handle this I'll te3ach this heretic a thing or two" said Sephiroth.

"Don't" Noa said but it was too late Sephiroth didn't hear him.

"Shut up old man and get in the Transport or ill hurt him" said the Armor man.

The kid bit the armored man and who pulled away grasping his arm screaming "you little bustard"

The kid ran but was hit in the back of the head with some sort of staff and collapsed to the ground.

"Heretic scum" said Sephiroth who hit the kid in the back of the head.

"Was that necessary hes only a Boy?" said Noa coming up behind Sephiroth.

Sephiroth turned and said the Heretic was resisting master Noa.

You have a lot to learn Young apprentice druid and action before thinking is one of them because only dark thing come from violence" said Noa.

Noa picked up the boy and carried him transport and said "Tell your Son when he wakes up that we are sorry for hurting him"

The door to the transport closed and the shuttle took off

Sephiroth ignoring what his master just told picked up a sword the man in the red armor dropped and said "I'm going to slaughter the heretic"

And ran at one of the people that were thrown out of their homes.

A voice yelled "No" as Sephiroth ran someone through.

Sephiroth looked up smiling only to be looking into the face of his fellow classmate Tifa who had stepped in the way to stop him and he had run her through.

-Arjunian Council Room-

Sephiroth walked up the podium the blood of his fellow classmate Tifa still on his hands.

We find you guilty of the murder of Tifa what do you have to say for yourself said Noa standing on podium surrounded by high druids.

"I do have something to say you all are heretics too me I just came here to learn your secrets" said Sephiroth.

Noa closed his eyes and said "take him away he is to be imprisoned in the Shadow Realm where he'll spend the rest of his life"

"You will pay for this Noa" said Sephiroth being dragged out of the room by two men in crimson armor.

He had some promise thought Noa as he watched Sephiroth as he was dragged away screaming death threats.

-Arjunian Temple Garden- (Present day)

It was beautiful fall night and Aeris and cloud were taking care of the garden.

Aeris was admiring some rose while Cloud was also admiring something else which happened to be Aeris.

"Get your mind out of the gutter Cloud it unbecoming of a druid" said Aeris.

"I was admiring an beautiful ass bloom what unbecoming of a druid about that" said Cloud

"You are hopeless pervert I know what you are looking and it not a flower either" said Aeris still tending to the rose.

"What do you mean by that my remark you tarnish my honor with" said Cloud.

"What honor?" said Aeris tackling Cloud to the ground and kissing him.

Before Cloud could say something in response there was Suddenly a crashing noise came from aross the room from them and Aeris looked up and screamed when she saw Noa lying there covered in bloody glass with a dagger in his chest.

Aeris ran up to Noa and started screaming over and over again "Please don't die"

Cloud looked up and now was face to face with a guy in a black outfit with white hair who turned and seemed to walk into fire.

Aeris screamed into the air while tears rolled down her cheek when she realized Noa was dead.

Ishizu ran up to them and saw Noa and collapsed to her knee and began to cry.

-To Be Continued-

-Sailor Moon Poetry-

"Tribute to Noa"

Tears flow down to endless streams of sadness,
Eloquent of beauty without end.
After all, we mourn the loss of gladness,
Riches that, for death, we could not spend.
So sweet is life, that does such treasures send.

(Sephirotb Theme Lyric Translation)


Burning inside

with violent anger,

Burning inside

with violent anger,




Fate - monstrous

and empty,

Fate - monstrous

and empty,


Come, come, O come, (Glorious)

do not let me die (Noble)

Come, come, O come, (Glorious)

do not let me die (Noble)