Hey all, This is just a little show intro type of thing I cooked up and figured you might be interested in reading. It's far from being done, but I figured I should get it up here to see what everyone thinks. If people don't really care for it I won't bother coming up with anything else to complete it, but had it rattleing around in my head for a little bit. Forgive the style I wrote it in, trying to describe sceens in your imagnation that are supposed to be more pictures than anything else isn't easy at times.

This is set to Bring Me to Life - by Evanessence.

Opens on Usagi Standing on a Balcony of an apartment building somewhere holding something in her hands hidden from view crying.

She Clutches the item to her chest bending over as if in pain letting a single crystal clear tear Drop from her eye and escapes into a freefall over the balcony's edge

"How can you see"

First Peal of Thunder

Ranma face replaces Usagi's facing off to the right side of the screen.

"Leading you down into"

Second Peal of thunder

Ranma's face fades out to Reveal Ami's facing the oposite direction

"Where I've become so Numb"

Ranma's face fades in as both he and Ami turn to face the front, Half of ranma's face on the right, half of Ami's on the Left.

"Without a soul"

A gust of wind tears what appears to be a small piece of white cloth with a hole in it from Usagi's Grasp to flutter away in the wind Usagi reaching desperatly to catch it again. Usagi fades into the background as the cloth floats away on the wind.


Ranma in the middle of an elaboratly drawn circle clutching his head in agony as his form flashes between genders obviously in agony. A flash of light and he is seen standing next to a slightly taller version of his female form.

"I can't wake up!"

Ranma-female firing off with one hand what seems to be a dark energy blast aimed at a short haired woman in a gi.

"Save me"

Ranma rushing to the Short Hair woman as she fades away in the light

"wake me up"

Ami standing at a crosswalk with her boyfriend (AN: Have to look up the name. urawa or something?) Hand in hand.

"I can't wake up"

A car screeching through the intersection as her BF pushes her out of the way, only to be hit himself.

"Save me"

Ami clothes bloody kneeling over her BF's Body crying.

"Now that I know what I'm without"

The piece of cloth floating down over Japan while the senshi's ghostly images flash around the screen while rain falls.

"Breathe into me"

Ranma catching Sailor Mercury as she reverts into normal Clothes

"Bring me... To life"

Screen Fades


Ranma Eyes Glowing Shouting at the monster that hurt his sister

"Save Me"

Ranma Planting his fist repediatedly into the monster lifiting it off the ground.

"Wake me up"

Ranma Taking a blow from a Monster twice his size kocking him against the wall as Ami in Mercury form Watches in horror

"Save Me"

Sailor mercury standing infront of Ranma's downed form, her uniform torn, gasping for breath as a LARGE ball of ice blue energy floats infront of her cupped hands

"There's nothing inside"

Usagi's battered form running toward a Red haired woman in a dark dress prepairing to strike down a Male figure half in shadow

"Frozen inside"

I will try to finish this some time In the very near future, my next day off from work is sat and hopefully I'll be able to do more then. Let me know if ya like it, or if I should trash the idea of finishing it. Oh and yes, I'm planning on trying to put out another chapter here pretty soon, just been quite busy with work and dealing with existance.