Blood that Binds Chapter 2

Ranma looked down at the quietly sobbing blue haired young woman in his arms with a gentle smile on his face, "Good to see you again too Ami-chan"

Ami looked up at his face with tears in her eyes, "So that's why you never came back. I thought you didn't want me around anymore, or that poppa got tired of me"

Ranma hugged his sister tightly while wiping away her tears much to the endearment of the rest of the senshi, "It was never anything like that ami-chan, even pops missed ya for some time afterwards. I would occasionally catch him putting out an extra plate when we ate, or would see him staring at your bedroll strapped to his pack. I almost told him to go back a few times except for the memory of him using you to get to me. I knew I couldn't let you go through something like the neko-ken again."

She looked up at him with a weak smile and nodded still quietly crying. From the other side of the room came a small tapping, then the sound of a balcony door sliding open.

With a cry of "SWEETO!" a small form tossed a bucket towards Ranma and inadvertently Ami drenching them both with cold water. The small form then latched onto Ranma's chest and seemed to try and snuggle closer.

A tired sigh escaped Ranma's lips as he gently pushed his sister away and pulled the form off his chest by the back of it's Gi, "So, haven't talked to Cologne lately huh Happosai? Haven't heard about my cure?"

A shocked look passed over Happosai's features for a second before looking around the room. With a evil grin he twisted his way out of Ranma's grasp and fell to the floor, "You may not turn female anymore Ranma, but there isn't a shortage of women in this room, thanks for the present."

Happosai then proceeded to jump around the room, randomly grabbing onto the Senshi, causing startled gasps of outrage. He came away from Haruka holding a silken pair of panties, and jumped toward Setsuna. One black eye, and one blushing senshi of Pluto later, Happosai noticed a blue haired girl standing maybe five feet away. With his normal battle cry Happosai jumped toward her only to find his neck in Ranma's crushing grip even though he had been standing more than ten feet away.

Lips fixed in a snarl Ranma barely growled out, "Only warning Lech, Leave my sister alone!"

Grunting with the exertion Happosai freed himself from Ranma's grasp and fell to the floor, "Genma never told me he had a daughter... No matter. If you don't want me near her, that's reason enough for me to try heh. Besides, you need to learn how to treat your betters Ranma!"

Having said his peace Happosai jumped at Ami, aiming for her chest only to be backhanded across the room. Ranma had once again moved faster than anyone could follow into his path.

Anger evident on his face Ranma seemed to concentrate for a second. Suddenly a sphere of power blew outward from him, invisible but for a slight distortion in the air, and it's effects on what it passed.

Time seemed to stand still as the sphere expanded outward, first touching a puddle of water that had grown from the liquid dripping from Ranma's shirt. In the heartbeat it took for the wave to pass the puddle froze solid. The ice was unlike anything that would've naturally resulted from freezing, but was totally clear, on the edge of translucent.

The wave next passed Ami, being the one standing nearest to Ranma. Before it had even reached her, her breath had started to cloud, leaving small white puffs in the air. She was startled out of her amazement by a sharp crack and then the sound of glass shattering. The wave of power had reached the drinks on a side table, freezing the liquid instantly and shattering the glasses.

The fire in the fireplace was there one second, then gone the next as the wave touched it instantly dispelling the heat. All the senshi were shivering slightly but didn't seem to have any problems with the cold beyond that.

Hotaru looked over at Setsuna from the corner of her eye and whispered, "Setsuna-mama? Is Ranma from the Silver Millennium too? Was he related to Ami back then as well?"

Setsuna could only shake her head in wonder at the power being displayed, "No Hotaru, I don't remember him from back then. While I admit this seems like a Mercurian power, and it has been a couple millennia, I don't remember him from back then. And while my memory isn't perfect, I'm quite sure on this."

Eyes now glowing blue Ranma turned to look at Happosai, "I told you to leave her alone lech. You would think after witnessing me destroy Saffron with my bare hands you would learn to listen..."

Ranma clenched his fits and held them out at his sides. Small ice blue bolts of energy crackled over his fists, arcing into the air every few seconds. Blue spheres of power engulfed his hands hiding them from sight.

Happosai tried to run from Ranma's gaze but found his feet encased in ice. He looked up to see Ranma raise his hands in his direction spreading his fingers out. The globes of energy went slightly ovoid pulling at each other, then suddenly shot at together forming a large ball floating between Ranma's hands.

An evil grin seemed to come over Ranma's face as he aimed the globe of energy at Happosai, "Ya know Lech, I've been wanting to do this for a long time. As you can see, I've discovered some new uses for my soul of ice technique. Let me introduce you to one..."

Panicked at this point Happosai started to strike the ice incasing his legs but was unable to break it. He just opened his mouth to try and talk Ranma down when it happened.

With a cry of "Touketsu ibuki no Kouryuu!", the ball seemed to stretch toward Happosai from his hands. The ball quickly turned into a beam that seemed to curl upon itself repeatedly gaining in size till it was larger than Happosai's body.

Happosai's eyes opened wide in fright as the energy plowed into him, and blew him into the wall near the patio door. Continued pressure tried to push him through the wall, and numerous cracks could be heard from the plaster. After a couple seconds of the pressure, the wall behind him gave out and happosai was blown into the night sky.

Ranma turned back to the gaping senshi with a quiet sigh, "Sorry about that. Happosai might have been the grandmaster of my old school of Martial Arts, but he was the biggest lech known to man."

Setsuna looked rather pale as she walked up near Ranma, "Is what you said true? Did you destroy the God Saffron?"

Anger clouded Ranma's eyes for a second before nodding slightly, "It's not something I like to discuss, but someone important was in trouble..." he paused for a second, looking at Ami, "I don't kill. Even in extreme circumstances it's not right to harm another human, or living being. Demons, Youma, their a bit different but still nothing I will casually slaughter."

A hand appeared on Ramna's shoulder giving gentle support as Ami stood next to her brother, "You do what you have to do. Standing up for others is never an easy thing. All of us here know that, and don't look badly upon you for doing what you did."

Putting his hand over his sisters Ranma only smiled slightly in response and looked at Setsuna with an eyebrow raised in question.

Color had slowly returned to her face as he answered her question, but she was still looking surprised and a bit frightened, "I always wondered who defeated him. Saffron was going to be one of our biggest challenges, but he was defeated by someone else before we were supposed to fight him."

Nodding Ranma looked at the gathered senshi, "Well I'm glad I saved you a fight then. Something good had to come out of that battle one way or another."

Lightning Flashed across the sky outside as rain started to fall in through the hole in the wall. Soon enough the floor was wet and the chances of getting the apartment warm again was next to nothing. Ami glanced at the clock sitting on the table and back at her brother.

"Um, Ranma do you have any other place to stay? I don't think the hole in the wall is going to do you any good if you sleep here tonight."

A quick glance at the wall reminded Ranma of the damage he caused and made him wince, "No, but I'll just patch that up really quick and stay here. My Landlords going to be pissed at me."

Shaking her head Ami pulled on Ranma's arm, "No get some clothes, your going to stay at my house tonight. Mom won't mind, and I would like to spend some more time with the brother I haven't seen in over ten years. Please?"

With a weak smile Ranma nodded and headed for his bedroom, "Let me grab some stuff quick and I'll be right back. Thanks sis."

Usagi walked over and gave her blue haired friend a hug, "So, happy to have found your brother huh?"

Ami only smiled and watched as Ranma walked back into the room with a Duffel bag over his shoulder, "I never thought I'd see him again Usagi. But now, I have my brother back"

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