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Chapter one

Liz looked up at the moon light. She loved the moon, she loved anything to deal with night as a matter of fact. That wasn't entirely true, she didn't like vampires or werewolves, which she sometimes called lycons from watching UNDERWORLD (don't own) to much.

She brushed a piece of her wavy dark brown hair out of her hazel eyes. Her hair about an inch below her shoulders, which she thought was a nice length. She wore black jeans, black boots, black sleeveless shirt with a square neck along with black trench coat that went all the way to her ankles. She never went anywhere without it, along with a torn up black hat. It had been in her family for a while, like five generations or something like that.

The sun had just sink beyond the trees as she made her way to her friend's house. Her friend had a book she wanted back. And today she was going to get it, but I'm starting ahead of the story. The story starts with her two friends, Bri and Ali. But it even starts before they com into view. It really starts in 1889.


The world famous monster hunter Gabriel Van Helsing along with his friend, Carl, and girlfriend, Anna Valerious, were busy at the moment. They were supposed to get an amulet of some kind so Dracula couldn't get it. (Don't ask me why all these people are alive, they just are)

"Now Carl!" Van Helsing shouted. The friar tossed Van Helsing an odd looking gun and the monster hunter fired at the snake like creature before him. A boll of fire and acid shot out and the creature shriveled up into dust. Van Helsing ran into the next room and grabbed the amulet. It was a silver metal with a hourglass shaped diamond in the middle of a coin size circle. It fit easily in the palm of his had like a silver dollar would, actually, it was about that size.

"This is it?" he asked. It didn't look very powerful to him. Carl rushed forward and grabbed it from him.

"Be careful will you? Things like this are dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. Dracula could go back in time and kill you when you were asleep or bring his children to life." Carl said.

"That's exactly what I intend to do." came a voice.

The three whirled around to see Dracula and his three brides.

"Shoot." Anna whispered. Suddenly, a white light enveloped them all and they vanished from the room.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Ali threw a stone into the lake. It made a large splash and left several ripples behind it after it sunk. Ali had flaming red hair that went to her shoulders and bright green eyes.

"Good one." Bri said. She had crystal blue eyes and dirty blond hair that was short.

"Where was Liz today?" Ali asked again.

"I told you three times already. She went to the movies with Andy and then had to go to a soccer game." Bri said. Obviously, Andy and Liz were an item.

"You know what I hate?" Ali asked.

"People who despise Lord of the Ring?" Bri replied throwing a rock in the lake.

"Besides that."

"Your sister."

"Besides that."


"All the adults say the golden years of your life are when your our age, you know, fifteen." Ali started.

"I know how old I am. I'm not that much of a blond." Bri said.

"I know, but the thing is we can't enjoy our golden years because we are in school all the time." Ali said looking at the sun. It was about two hours before sunset.

The two heard a bang and jumped. They turned to see three figures lying on the ground on the top of the hill. They rushed over and gasped.

"They're….but that's impossible!!" Bri said.

"So?" Ali asked. "Are they dead?"

"Doubt it." Bri replied.

Van Helsing woke to a pair of blue eyes. He jolted up and the two girl jumped back. Carl and Anna stirred beside him. Carl let out a loud moan.

"Who are you?" the blond girl asked.

"Who are you?" Van Helsing asked.

"We asked you first." the red head replied.

"I'm Van Helsing, this is Carl and Anna."

"I'm Bri,"

"And I'm Ali."

Bri helped up Van Helsing while Ali helped up Anna and Carl.

"Where are we?" Anna asked.

"Central park, New York, 2004." Ali replied.

"2004!!!" Carl shouted.

"Hello there." they heard.

The group whirled around. There were the brides.

"RUN!!!!" Bri shouted. They all did and about face and ran like heck.

Dracula woke up with several people looking over him. "There you go Tracy, he's not dead." he saw a brown haired girl say. "You happy now?" the same girl asked leaving the circle.

"He could've been, Liz!" the girl with curly brown hair said.

"Oh, Tracy! You are so over reacting!" the girl called Liz said. Dracula saw she wasn't dressed like the others. She was dressed in all black and held a coat in her hand along with a hat. The other girls wore green shirts with black shorts.

"I'd have to agree with Liz on this one." a black haired girl said.

"Thank you Courtney." Liz said.

Dracula sat up. Where was he?

"He looks like that guy from the movie you saw today." Courtney said pointing to Liz.

"You think! Wow you're a sharp one. But that can't be him. He's dead and plus they don't even exist." Liz said.

"You sure? 'Cause he looks a lot like him." Tracy said with everyone turning to Liz.

"Tracy!! That was in 1888! Plus, the guy KILLED HIM!!!!! I am quite sure." Liz said rolling her eyes sounded aggravated. Dracula took this opportunity to leave.

The girls looked back and the man was gone.

"Then again, I could be wrong. I need to check my book." Liz mumbled. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." Liz shouted to her friends as she left.

Van Helsing, Anna, Carl, Ali and Bri managed to ditch the brides and get to Bri's house. Ali and Bri sunk down on the couch and the others followed suit.

A thought just struck Ali.

"Can Dracula change forms?" she asked. Anna nodded.

"Well, we'll just have to be careful." Bri said.

This was where you came in. Liz was walking down the street to Bri's house. She saw a familiar face.

"Hey Brad." shouted up ahead of her smiling.

"Hi Liz." he said smiling.

"Where you headed?" Liz asked.

"Some girl's house, she has blond hair?"

"Oh c'mon, you must be losing it if you can't remember Bri's name." Liz said sighing.

"Bri, that's it." he said.

"You okay? You don't seem like your normal crazy self." Liz asked tilting her head.

He nodded.

"You sure? Usually I have a hard time getting you to shut up. You usually have said 'blarg' to me three times at least and are talking about chickens or something." Liz said.

Brad smiled. Liz felt something at the base of her spine. Something wasn't right. She shook off the feeling.

"I'm headed to Bri's too. I need to get my book back." Liz said.

"Why?" Brad asked.

"Weirdest thing. Some guy appeared in the middle of a soccer field and then vanished. I have some hunches but I can't be sure." Liz said. She head screaming.

"I'll see you at Bri's. I gotta go." Liz said and ran back toward where they had come.

Liz turned down an alleyway and saw a large man trying to steal a girl's purse.

"Hey, if I were you, I'd stop." Liz shouted at him.

"And a kid like you is going to do anything about it." he teased.

"Um, yes, I am." Liz said challengingly. She kicked up a board at her feet and swung it with all her might. She hit the guy in the head and knocked him out.

"I watch to much TV." Liz mumbled. She had seen that move on Wild Wild West and practiced it till she got it.

"Are you okay?" Liz asked the woman.

"Yes, thank you." the woman said and ran off.

Bri heard the doorbell and went to get it. She opened it to see Brad.

"Hi Brad." she said looking into his ice blue eyes.

"Hello Bri, how are you?" he asked smiling charmingly.

This was so unlike Brad. "Fine." Bri said looking him over.

"May I come in?" he asked.

"Well, I'm kind of busy and the house is a mess and all." Bri said.

"I don't care." Brad replied.

They were interrupted by Liz running up to them. "Bri, can I have my book back?" Liz asked still holding her jacket and hat in her hand.

"No!" Bri said forgetting about Brad.

"C'mon, you've read it three times!"


"Fine, I'll just come in and get it." Liz said trying to get passed Bri. Bri stood in front of her. Liz faked her out and slipped through the door.

"Werewolf!" Bri shouted at her trying to insult her.

"Thank you!" Liz shouted back raising in her hand in the air and letting it fall. She grabbed her book, a novel based off of Van Helsing. She grabbed it and slipped passed Bri out the door.

"Thanks." Liz said opening the book.

"Now may I please come in?" Brad asked.

"No, for the millionth time, NO!" Bri said. Liz smacked Brad in the back of the head with her book. She hit him hard. Brad put a hand to the back of his head.

"Will you quite annoying Bri and leave her alone. Gosh!" Liz said walking away.

Bri shut the door in Brad's face. Bri leaned against the door. She could tell that wasn't Brad.

"Guys, Dracula's at our doorstep." Bri said.

"Well that's not good." Ali said worried.

"Everyone out the back!" Bri said. Carl and Ali scrambled up. As they did so, they tripped over their own feet and fell on the floor. Van Helsing pulled Ali up and Anna dragged Carl out the back door. Bri followed, leaving the house empty.

Liz pulled on her coat as the night grew deeper around her. The wind played with her hair as she put on her hat. She flipped through the book.

"Dracula, Dracula, Dracula. There you are." she said flipping through the book.

(quoting the book, which I don't own) The count's features were striking, with pronounced cheekbones and very dark hair. There was something odd about his eyes, which looked older- much older than the rest of him. Perhaps the oddest thing about him was the single earring he wore on his left ear.

At that point, Liz had only one thing to say about the man she saw earlier.

"Dead ringer." she whispered. If that really was Dracula, where is Van Helsing? she asked herself. Liz head something and turned around. There was the man she saw earlier. She felt something at the base of her spine.

"Hello Gabriel." he said.

"I think you have the wrong person." Liz said taking off her hat.

"You were the girl I met today. You were here when I was transported here." he stated.

"Yeah, so what's it to you?" Liz asked backing up slowly.

"You also hit me with a book." he said smiling.

"I didn't hit you with a book, I hit……" The light went on. "Brad."

Liz swore under her breath. "I better go." With that she bolted off down the street. The man appeared in front of her. Okay, definitely Dracula. she thought backing up.

He smiled at her as if he read her thoughts. "If you're here, where are the brides?" Liz asked her eyes shifting uneasily.

"Doing my biding." he replied.

"Right, what is your biding exactly?" Liz asked still backing up as he walked toward her.

"Bringing me Van Helsing." he said eyes growing cold.

"So he's here too. That's interesting." Liz said backing up. As long as Dracula was taking, he couldn't bite her.

An arrow whizzed out of nowhere and dug itself into Dracula's arm. He roared and Liz bolted away toward where the arrow came from. She saw her friends with three other figures. She got to them and they all bolted off.

"Would you two mind telling me why Dracula is here?" Liz asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Bri asked as they all hid around the corner of an alleyway.

"He landed in the middle of Tracy's and Courtney's soccer game so Tracy thought he was dead and I didn't then when he woke up Tracy thought he was Dracula and I said that's impossible because he's not real and apparently I've been proven wrong." Liz said as if it was on word. "What the heck is he doing here?!?!" she ranted.

"Should I explain?" Carl asked quietly afraid of the teenage girl's wrath.

"Shut up Carl!!" Van Helsing and Liz told him at the same time. The two looked at each other.

"Van Helsing?" Liz asked blinking a few times.


"I am thoroughly screwed up now." Liz said. She was on the verge of a mental break down.

They heard laughing above them and looked up to see Aleera.

"Aww, shit." Liz swore.

"And now we have to run." Ali said.

"In the words of King Arthur in Monty Python: RUN AWAY!!!!!" Bri shouted as they did so.

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