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Chapter Fifteen

Liz, Bri, Ali, Van Helsing, Anna and Carl were saying their good-byes. Ali hugged Carl and Bri hugged Anna.

"Well, I guess we'll be seeing you." Ali said.

"Yeah, guess so." Bri said.

"Liz, are you sure you don't want to go back with us?" Ali asked.

"I'm sure. The only family I've ever known is here. Plus, I can use the time ring to come visit you guys anytime I want to." Liz said.

"We'll miss you." Ali said hugging her.

"I'll miss you guys too." Liz said as Bri stepped forward and hugged her.

"Tell the others I said 'hi', will you?" Liz said.

"We will." Bri said.

Ali and Bri waved at the group as they were enveloped with blue light and vanished. Liz sighed as Van Helsing put his arm around her shoulders.

Ali and Bri landed in Liz's living room.

Ali sighed. "I'm going to miss her."

"I will to."

Three months later

Liz ran around the corner and fired her gun. The shots like sunlight filled the street. Van Helsing shot his gun at the gargoyle that was threatening him. It had turned to stone from the shots that Liz had fired. It's stone had exploded.

"I though you said you had this one?" Liz said smiling.

"I did, till you saved me." Van Helsing said walking over to her.

Liz smiled and rolled her eyes. Ali and Bri ran around the corner followed by Anna.

"Who shot its head off? I wanted to do that!" Bri said.

"I'm glad you two came to stay." Liz said. "I missed Bri's sense of humor."

"And girl, we're staying for good." Ali said. "The future is boring without you around to torment Kelsey."

"I'm sorry Bri, next time I let you shoot it's head off." Van Helsing said.

"Yeah!!!" Bri said smiling.

"Good job." Anna said. She and Van Helsing had a short kiss. The five got on their horses and rode off into the sunrise.

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