TITLE: Through Eyes Unclouded

AUTHOR: Roslyn Drycof

CHAPTER: One: De-Aged and Nothing's Changed


SUMMARY: Draco and Harry are de-aged by accident. And though it makes no sense, they still hate each other. Will they accomplish what they're meant to in their six-year old selves unclouded by their awful history and get back to normal? HD, humor, pre-slash, future slash

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter and never will. I wouldn't be writing on fanfiction.net for no money if I did...


"I don't like you," a grey-eyed little boy announced to the boy standing next to him, his arms crossed and a frown on his cherubic face.

The other boy stuck his lip out and muttered, "Well I don't like you."

Someone from insde the crowd of students in the Potions classroom whispered to the person next to them, "Looks as if nothing's changed there."

"Yeah, well Malfoy's always been a prat. Why should them de-aging change that?" Ron Weasley whispered back to his friend.

Hermione Granger sighed and shook her head in exasperation. There was something not-right about this. De-aged like this, Harry and Malfoy shouldn't remember anything about each other. So why did they still hate each other when it was like they'd just met each other? The first words out of their mouths had been insulting to each other! Why?

Professor Snape stood in the front of the room, pondering this very thing as he stared incredulously at the two boy in front of him. From all he knew of de-aging potions, the people who took it reverted back to a certain age, with only the memories of what happened up until that certain age. And one thing Snape was sure of was that Potter and Malfoy hadn't met until they were eleven. So why did their six year old selves hate each other, just like that? It made no sense!

Of course, the fact that the two boys had succeeded in making this particular de-aging potion was quite disturbing as well. He'd chosen this one because he hadn't relished having his students turned into young children all because he was forced to teach them about de-aging potions. And in all his years of teaching, no one had ever succeeded in making it! So how the hell had Potter and Malfoy made it? He had no doubt that Malfoy had great potential in the field of potions, but he couldn't be that good yet! And Potter, why that idiot was a complete fool with potions!

And there was one other thing about this particular potion that should've made it impossible to make. The potion could only be made by someone who needed to be de-aged in order to overcome some fear or discover something they couldn't find out in their adult form. The thing about de-aging potions was that the person who de-aged remembers everything that happens during their time as a child.

But it just made no sense to him. What did Malfoy and Potter have to accomplish by being their six year old selves? He didn't have time to wonder about this anymore, being as things were getting a little messy with the two boys...

Little Harry and Draco had managed to find their wands, and were pointing them at each other. Sparks flew along the tips of the wands, and determined expressions marked the two boy's chubby faces. Harry had no idea what the stick of wood was, but he was good at mimicking other people. And the sparks coming off of it looked pretty. Plus, he was angry at the other boy who was a big meanie, he just knew it.

"I'm not dirty! You are!" The munchkin known as Harry Potter yelled, his little face red.

"Uh huh! Your hair is messy and you got icky clothes!"

"Nuh uh! Well, you look funny! Like...a FERRET!"

The small Malfoy's mouth dropped wide open. He didn't look like a ferret, did he? His lower lip trembled, and he wanted his mommy. Angry because he wanted to cry and that was bad, he yelled, "You look like a bird! A funny, scar-faced bird!"

Harry felt himself sniffle back a few tears that threatened to escape. He didn't look like a bird, did he? Uncle Vernon did make him not eat a lot, but he wasn't that skinny and bad-looking, was he?

"You're mean! I hate you!"

"I hate you more!"

Suddenly, a commanding voice snapped, "Be quiet, both of you."

Two pairs of glistening eyes turned to look up at an oily looking man. Draco's eyes widened, and a grin crossed his face. "Uncle Sev!"

The little boy dropped his wand and hugged his godfather, happy that at least one familiar person was around. Maybe Uncle Sev could make that green- eyed freak leave him alone!

"Draco, calm yourself," the Potions professor admonished, unable to keep a softness out of his voice. It really was nice to see his godson when he'd still been mostly innocent of the evil Lucius had practiced.

A frown crossed the cherubic face of the young Malfoy. Why did people have to make him calm down all the time? He never got to play or have fun since Nanny went away. Big, grown-up meanies!

Pouting, Draco let go of his godfather and stared up at the older man. Then he noticed all the other people in the room and felt a little scared. Why were all these people staring at him as if he was a freak? He wasn't a freak, the scar-face was!

"Don't stare! I don't like it," he commanded imperiously, the trademark Malfoy coldness on his face.

He overheard a red-headed person whisper, "Still acting like a bloody king around his peasants."

"I heard that! I'll have you know I'm a Malfoy! You can't talk like that."

The green-eyed boy laughed and said, "Yes he can! He's bigger than you!"

"Who says bigger people are better?"

Harry wrinkled his little nose and said, "My cousin, Dudley. He's bigger'n me."

"That's cuz your a skinny freak!"

"Hah! I'm bigger'n you!"

"No way! I'm bigger!"

"No, me!"


Snape's voice intruded on their arguing yet again. "Boys, calm down this instant. I won't stand for such rudeness. You've just met each other!"

"But Uncle Sev, he's a git!"

"Where did you learn that word, Draco? That's not nice," the Potions professor admonished, looking faintly surprised.

"Daddy says it all the time."

"Well I would prefer you to not speak like that. Makes you seem common."

Hah! There was no way Draco Lucius Malfoy could be common! "That's silly. I'm a Malfoy. I can speak the way I want."

"Draco..." Snape said threateningly, his inky-black eyes darkening with the first stirrings of anger. He's forgotten how annoying Draco had been as a child. Conceited as a jackass by the time he was four.

The six year old sighed dramatically. "Sorry, Uncle Sev."

"That's better. Now, I want you two boys to apologize to each other."

A shocked expression crossed both little boys' faces. He couldn't be serious, could he? There was no way they were going to apologize to each other!

"No." Their immediate replies were made in unison, which caused both boys to scowl. /How dare he say the same thing at the exact same time!/

"Apologize. NOW!" Snape snapped, his face turning mottled red. He'd never had much patience for insolent children, and these two had already spent it and then some.

Grumbling and scowling, the two boys turned to face each other. Reluctantly, they looked at each other and just stared at each other. Neither knew why they had started arguing in the first place, but they just knew they hated each other. It was pretty bad, because neither had had anyone to play with in such a long time.

"Sorry," they muttered together and promptly crossed their arms, glares on their faces.

"Professor? Shouldn't they be taken to the Headmaster?" Hermione Granger asked Snape after a few minutes of quiet in the potions classroom.

Grr. The dratted girl was right, and besides, he wanted to get rid of the two boys as quickly as possible. How he despised young children!

"Fine. Weasley, Zabini, take Potter and Malfoy to Dumbledore."

Hermione huffed at this. It was her suggestion to take them, and she wasn't even picked to do it? How typical!

Ron and Blaise stepped forward and walked up to the two children standing in over-sized robes. Looking distinctly nervous, the Gryffindor bent down more to their level and said, "I'm Ron and this is Z-Blaise. We're going to take you to see the Headmaster, okay?"

Mini-Draco sneered. "I don't wanna, weasel-face."

Little Harry looked at the freckled teenager in front of him. The tall person looked nice, and not mean like everyone else he'd seen so far. "Okay."

He slipped his small hand inside the larger boy's hand, trustingly. With a grin on his cherubic face, and stepped closer to the big boy.

Blaise had watched this with strange look on his face. This looked somehow familiar. Why was it that Potter always chose that fool Weasley over Draco? It made no sense whatsoever!

Inwardly sighing at the task ahead of him, the Slytherin knelt down and said, "Draco, you're coming with us and I won't take no for an answer. If you're good, you'll probably get a lemon drop."

Lemon drop? Yum! The little Malfoy was used to bribery, his father did it all the time. So, he licked his lips and put his hand inside the caramel- haired teen's much bigger hand.

The four of them left the dungeons, heading towards the Headmaster's office. Harry looked frightened at the dark corridors of the dungeon, and gripped Ron's hand tightly. When he saw the Bloody Baron floating around, he almost screamed in terror. This place sure was scary!

"I wanna go home," he whispered to the red-haired boy.

Draco unfortunately overheard and snickered. "Scared, scar-face? Just what I ex...pec...ted." He had to sound out the last word slowly, unsure of how to pronounce it correctly.

"Very good, Draco. You said that right," Blaise praised the little boy, grinning proudly at the intelligence Malfoy showed so young. Just went to show that Slytherins were amazing, even at such a young age!

"I can say big words, too! Like, you're a flibbertigbit!"

Blaise and Ron knew Harry had said it wrong, but they didn't say anything. It was close enough, and Draco didn't notice. In fact, the little silver- eyed boy looked put-out that he didn't know what that meant. It was an insult, but what?

"You're a crastinator!"

"You're a fessional!"

Okay...these insults were starting not to make any sense to anyone in that hallway. To the seventeen year old boys, this was actually quite amusing. But to the six year olds, it was definitely just plain frustrating. Why couldn't either of them get the upper hand?

They finally made it to Dumbledore's office, and the gargoyle conveniently slid open to reveal the spiral staircase. The four boys climbed it and walked into the cluttered office of the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

The kindly wizard sat behind his desk, a knowing look in his twinkling eyes. Ron and Blaise weren't surprised. Dumbledore seemingly knew everything that went on in the school, and this would've been no exception.

He conjured up four chairs, which Harry stared at with wide eyes before sitting in one of them. Once everyone was settled, the Headmaster spoke, "Lemon drop, anyone?"

Draco's eyes lit up. "Me! I want one!"

"Can I have one? I never had one before," Harry asked, looking distinctly interested and half-afraid he wouldn't get one.

"Sure, my boy. You can have as many as you want," Dumbledore told him, conjuring up a big bowl of candies and placed it on a newly-conjured table between the two chairs the six year olds sat in.

While the two boys stuffed their faces, the powerful wizard simply looked at them. A contemplating look was in his wise eyes. Finally, after the last of the candies had been devoured, he spoke again. "Draco, Harry, could you look this way please?"

The two boys instinctively felt the power of his voice, and knew he was someone to be respected. They looked at him expectantly, instantly trusting him.

"You're going to be staying here for a while. You'll be living in Gryffindor Tower and looked after Professor McGonagall. You'll listen to whatever she says, is this clear?"

They nodded, and he continued. "Good. I don't want you two to fight. If you get caught fighting with each other, I'll make sure you don't get any candy. All right, lads?"

Again, they nodded. No candy as a punishment? Why, they'd had far worse ones before! Really, this old man was a bit crazy if he thought the threat of taking away candy was all they'd get if they fought.

Ron and Blaise saw the look in the two boys' eyes, and knew this wasn't good. Their best friends were going to cause some serious trouble like this! And Zabini wasn't happy at all that Draco was to sleep in the Gryffindor dorms. It was unfair! How would he get to make sure Draco was faring okay if he was ensconced with all those bloody Gryffindors?

The Headmaster motioned that the little meeting was over, and the four boys left and headed towards the Gryffindor Tower. The two teenagers ended up carrying the two little boys most of the way, as the six year olds were suddenly tired from stuffing themselves with all that candy.

Ron rather suspected that Dumbledore had added some sort of sleeping potion to the candy to make them go to sleep. Of course, he wasn't really complaining. As long as those two weren't fighting, things were fine. And Harry was so light, it was amazing he was even healthy! He'd known the Dursley's had been wretched to Harry, but starving him so much to make him as light as a feather was just plain despicable!

The red-haired Gryffindor quietly murmured the password to the Fat Lady when they reached the entrance to the Grffindor dorms so as Zabini wouldn't overhear. Thankfully, he didn't hear, and the Fat Lady was quiet for once. A misty look was in her eyes as she looked at the angelic forms of the two children in the young mens' arms, and she barely noticed that a SLYTHERIN was entering the Gryffindor Tower.

Shifting the slight form of his best friend in his arms, Ron walked up the stairs to the seventh year boys' dorm. What he found there suprised him. Harry's bed had been turned into a queen-sized, and child-sized clothes were laid out on two new trunks at the foot of it.

Silently, he and Zabini exchanged glances and nodded in agreement on what to do. They lay the boys on the bed and each grabbed a set of pajamas for the six year olds. Feeling distinctly like they were invading their friends' privacy, they quickly changed the sleeping boys clothes and tucked them into the bed.

Both of the sleeping forms immediately rolled towards each other and curled up together. This caused Ron to scowl slightly, and Blaise to smirk. The Slytherin thought it was quite ironic that two such mortal enemies who hated each other when they were awake would be so drawn to each other in sleep. Or maybe it wasn't so ironic after all...they had been drawn to each other ever since they'd met. It just depends on what drew them to each other. Awake, it was hatred. Asleep, it was...what? Comfort? Warmth? Blaise didn't know, but he sure wanted to find out. There was some researching to be done on this de-aging potion they'd taken...


A/N: I just wanted to clarify a few things. One, this fic WILL include slash later on. Uh, not when they're kids of course. That's just plain wrong. While they're kids, things are going to be strictly PG rated between them, and even that for just a little violence between them and some swearing by other characters. Although, I may add a nice sub-pairing to the story which may make the rating go up.

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