Calai'di–Well, when I first started this, I didn't plan to really deal with the game, but since then I got Vol. 7 and I have most of the game. So even though this is from Ryou's perspective, it's accurate to the manga…until the very end. So, enjoy my version of the game!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh or Stargate SG-1 however much I wish I did.

Oh yeah, Japanese things here:

'Koe' means 'a voice'. I've heard it's what Ryou uses to refer to his yami in the Jap. stuff so that's what he uses here.

'Yadonushi' means 'host' or 'landlord'. It's what Bakura refers to Ryou as.

And if anyone was wondering, I came up with four of the names for Ryou's spirit guides like this. 'Taro' means 'first born male'. Rhiamon is actually a Welsh name meaning 'a witch'. Keiko, Jap again, means 'adored'. Palladin is Native American meaning 'a fighter'.

Chapter 4: The Game

I looked around my surroundings with amazement. Koe said this was my 'soul room', whatever that meant; I guess it's the place my spirit went if it wasn't in control of my body. He also said that everything here must be important to me for it to be here. I walked to the river, thinking about the place.

It was split into two different places because I was attached to both England and Egypt. My father had lived in England for several years and he often spoke of what it was like there. But then, Egypt had always fascinated me, though that might have been because Father was an archaeologist and he told me of the lands he visited just as often as his homeland; however, none of those tales had grabbed me like the stories of ancient pharaohs and scorching sands. The river, I assumed, was there to represent both the Nile and the Thames and to separate the two sides of this "room."

When I reached the river I found a Japanese style bridge crossing it, allowing me to walk to the other side and enter the Egyptian part of this realm. I figured the bridge was made in that particular style to portray my present home. I walked up onto the bridge and stared down at the flowing water beneath me. It was so beautiful here, halfway between the foggy world to my right and the scorching desert to my left. How could I leave this place? Could I just stay here forever and not worry about anything for the rest of my life?

I shook my head angrily, answering my own question, the white reflection down below shimmering at my movement. What was I thinking? I couldn't let Yugi and my friends come under the same fate as the rest Koe had taken. I couldn't let him go through with it; I couldn't let him hurt anymore of my friends.

"I can't let him," I muttered quietly, so accustomed to talking to my spirit guides that it came naturally to talk aloud. I did not, however, expect Koe to hear me, much less answer my threat.

"Can't let me what, Yadonushi? There's not much you can do from there, especially not against me, my fallen host."

"Oh no?" I taunted, sounding a lot braver than I felt. "What can you do to me here?"

"Everything I could in reality, and more," Koe answered sternly. I couldn't help but tremble slightly at his tone of voice. "I swear if you even think of hindering me, you will regret it."

"I hate you," I answered, and I was surprised to find it was truthful. I'd never really hated anyone in my whole life, and now I was saying this to the one person who had ever kissed me like he had. Koe's voice laughed sadistically, sending shivers down my spine.

"You just remember you said that the next time you get into trouble, Yadonushi. You may live to regret it." He laughed again at what he'd said. "But if you distract me for any longer, you may not live to even find out if you'd regret it." With that, he closed his thoughts to me and returned to his game with my friends.

I stood, puzzled, leaning over the rail of my bridge. What could I do but let him go on with it? I was tempted to do just that, to protect myself, but instantly trashed the selfish idea. I couldn't leave my friends, and I thought I was in a position to do something. It was what to do I didn't know yet.

And then I thought of something. This was like a game. Albeit an extremely dangerous game for very high stakes with someone I hated more than anything, but a game nonetheless. I had to think of Koe as the Dark Master and I was playing with my friends to defeat him.

And then I started to experiment.

Koe said this place was controlled by my mind, so I had a feeling I could change it a bit while I was here. I stepped off the bridge back to the Welsh side of the room and focused on creating a table in front of me; slowly, a small, round table materialized on the grass. Excited with my success, I then concentrated on making a Monster World board on the table; it turned out to be exactly like the one they were using in the real world.

The first thing I noticed about the board was that there was an extra character piece with the ones my friends were using. I almost couldn't tell who it was because the clothes it was wearing covered up most of its features, but after a few moments of inspecting it I saw that it had the same hair I do. I couldn't believe it! There was a 'me' on the board playing with my friends! But I soon realized that the character couldn't be mine at all, because my personal character piece was the White Wizard, and it didn't look a thing like the one that was on the board. That meant it was Koe's character! But then my friends had no chance to win!

I saw that the pieces on the board were moving toward the forest area, then that part of the board flipped over so they could enter. How I wished I could yell at them not to go there, but there was no way they could hear me from in here. I saw that Yugi's character managed to make one of the monsters that had attacked them an ally; then Anzu's blasted away the other three monsters attacking them. I was admittedly pretty impressed about that; the only thing that could have caused such an attack was a super critical roll, and for an amateur to do that was impressive.

But then the character that looked like me began to change and grow bigger–it was Zork! I was right about it being character Koe's, since the Dark Master was essentially Zork. I saw him attack Anzu's character, and then I heard a scream. A really high pitched scream. It sounded like Anzu. I don't know if she really screamed or if Koe was simply exagerating it for me, but I really didn't like the sound of it. And then I heard Jounouchi cry out. And then Honda. My friends were dropping like flies! It was horrible! I thought they said they were good at games!

And then I heard Koe start laughing hysterically. What had happened? Surely he wasn't enjoying killing my friends that much.

"You won't believe what Yugi just said, Yadonushi!"

"What?" I called, curiosity making me forget that I'm supposed to hate this jerk.

"He…just said that he wants to be a lead figure along with his friends!"

"No…" I was silent for a few moments; so that was what had happened to all my friends! Koe had put their souls in the lead figures we'd played with. "Why would he say that!"

"I have no idea, but I'm not about to deny him what he wants. Looks like I win…I always do in the end."

"No! Please don't hurt them Koe!"

"Too late."

"No! Koe!" But I couldn't do anything to stop him. I heard him begin laughing again, and then it abruptly stopped.

"What the hell?"

"What is it–"

"Damn it, no! He's not supposed to be able to do that!"

"Koe, what happened!" I called, not liking at all how irritated the spirit sounded. Wasn't the game supposed to be over? And why was my left hand tingling?

"It looks like the Puzzle has a spirit in it as well. Yugi's still standing."

I resisted the urge to cheer, knowing I'd just get punished for it. Instead, I said, "But you'll still win, right Koe?"

I almost felt Koe smirk at me. That was weird. "You're not going to gain my favor by sucking up to me, you know."

"I'm not–"

"Yes, you are. Now be quiet. I have a game to focus on."

"Yes, Koe."

I walked over to the side of the game boards Koe was sitting on, summoned a chair, and sat down, staring at the screen of the laptop that sat there. What was I going to do? There was no way my friends were going to be Koe, no matter how good Yugi said he was. I tapped my fingers on the table in annoyance, half wished that I was down with my friends in the game and not stuck up here in my "soul room".

Bored, I pressed a key on the keyboard of my laptop, not expecting it to do anything since I'd tried to rig the simulated Monster World game to be exactly as Koe was seeing it, but I desperately wished something would happen. And something did! I sat straight up, staring at the screen in shock before testing my discovery again. I found that if I typed something with my left hand, it would result in something happening on the laptop screen, but anything I did with my right hand didn't do anything. This couldn't be happening though; how could I do anything in the real world if I was locked in my soul room?

It was then that I noticed that Zork's left hand had been blasted off somehow–probably when I was talking to Koe about the other Yugi. I'd already figured that Koe's soul must be connected to Zork somehow, since all my friend's souls had been connected to their figurines. And since Zork's left hand was taken off, Koe had lost control of his own and I could control it instead. How awesome! Maybe I could help my friends after all!

It took me a little while to figure out how to type quickly with just one hand, as well as how to coordinate my movements with Koe's so I could change some of Zork's and the other character stats a bit and he wouldn't know, but after a while, I could tamper with this information quite easily. By that time, though, Yugi and the others were trapped in Zork's castle and they only had one turn left to escape. I knew the breaking point of my lead figures, thank you very much. I saw that Koe had rigged the game so that if the other Yugi didn't get a super critical on his dice roll, he would lose. That wasn't fair at all; there were four other numbers that could be rolled to fix the column in Zork's tower, not just two zeros. So I decided to try to help and see if I really could do anything in the real world.

I discretely typed in a few commands, making sure I didn't make much noise doing it, and set the game so that any combination of the numbers 0, 3, 6, 8, and 9 would fix the support column. That gave the other Yugi a fifty-fifty chance of saving everyone. And it was lucky that I did too; he rolled a 33, which wouldn't have worked before but did now. I was vaguely amazed that Koe didn't notice the number that worked wasn't a super critical, but he just brushed it off and continued the game. He didn't even try to talk to me about it.

And then I could see why. The player characters were attacking Zork with critical shots all over the place, and yet he wasn't taking any damage. Koe had rigged that too! I didn't matter if your character was level 1 or level 50, if you roll a critical, you're going to make some damage, even if it is just one point. But Zork hadn't taken any damage at all! This was so unfair!

And then he attacked with a super critical hit.

I saw my friends fly across the board, eyes completely blank. And I knew they had lost; Koe knew it too, and he began gloating about it to me, saying I was weak for believing my friends would win when it was obvious they couldn't have. But I was not going to take this from him any longer. I had a weapon that I could use against him, and he had no clue.

"Are you really sure they're dead, Koe?" I called; his laughing instantly stopped.

"What are you talking about, baka? Of course they are."

"What about the other Yugi?" I went on. "Is he gone? Doesn't he need Yugi to be alive for him to live, just like you need me?"

He didn't answer, but suddenly stats and calculations appeared on the laptop screen and I knew I had gotten him to do when I'd needed him too. Now I could help my friends. I managed to fix a couple of the numbers so that no matter what, all of my friends' hit points would end up bigger than zero. To say the least, Koe was thoroughly shocked when he saw that they each had one hit point left. But that wasn't all I did.

I opened up a word document and typed out a simple message: "I am Ryou Bakura. I won't let you kill my friends. I'll fight too." I'd decided Koe might as well know what was going on. And he figured it out pretty fast.

"Yadonushi, what the hell did you do!" When I didn't answer, he yelled at me again. "How did you gain control over your hand!"

But I was determined not to answer him again, at least not in words. I was going to type all my messages from now on; they seemed to have a greater impact on him anyway. I saw Jounouchi's character stab Zork's eyes and automatically closed the corresponding one; I was determined to impair Koe as much as possible. Then I typed another message: "I won't let you control me anymore! I'm going to help my friends strike you down!"

So of course, Koe decided to move the laptop to where I couldn't reach it without alerting him that I was up to something.

"Care to try your little trick again, Yadonushi?" he said mockingly.

Why not? "You haven't seen the last of me!" I answered. I've always wanted to say that.

"There's not much you can do with just one hand! And I've taken the computer away from you, so now you can't mess with the game stats anymore!"

"Doesn't matter, I'll think of something!" I sat back, watched the game for a few moments, and leaned forward when I noticed there were two sets of dice on Koe's side of the table. One set was lying discarded off to the side, but the set he'd been using seemed to be a bit different. I remembered he'd rolled that last super critical without blinking, as if he'd expected it to happen. Maybe the dice were rigged too? I grabbed the rigged dice with my left hand and placed the normal set within easy reach of his right hand, where he'd be sure to pick them up instead. And he did, just as I'd hoped.

Of course, he got very mad when the next roll wasn't a super critical, and he had no clue what had happened to his special dice. This caused him to yell at me again, but I pretended I didn't know what had happened. Yeah right. And then it was his turn again.

Please roll something bad, I thought silently, then I threw his special dice, hoping they'd listen to me. I managed to roll a 99, a fumble, and practically half of Zork's hit points were blasted away.

Koe had had enough. He yelled at me so loud that I thought my spiritual eardrums would burst. Then he did something I didn't think he'd ever try; he impaled my hand on the tallest tower of the castle diorama.

I have to admit it; I screamed. Like a girl. And then I started crying.

Hey, that hurt all right? I mean, you try getting your hand impaled on something highly unsanitary and try not to scream. I hurt like hell, thank you very much! And what's worse, Koe was laughing at me the entire time I was screaming and cursing and crying. I was beginning to really hate him.

So of course I wasn't about to give up the chance Yugi happened to give me to get back at him.

At first it felt like a small part of my soul was being ripped out, but it didn't really hurt like I thought it would have. I wasn't sure what was happening, actually, until I looked down at the board and saw that Yugi was using his hand power on Zork, and there was a person coming out of the fiend's left arm. I recognized it immediately–it was the White Wizard, my character! So a part of my soul must by in that figurine, but I couldn't control it from here. I just hoped my character would do what I would.

And he did. I was pretty proud, actually; it did exactly what I would have done. And Zork was almost dead, which was awesome. But then I notice this itching feeling at the back of my skull; it almost felt like I was getting ripped apart again. I wasn't sure at first why that was happening until Koe starting laughing extra-loud and ranting about how the other Yugi was about to lose. I was slightly frightened at how triumphant his voice sounded; it was like he'd already killed my friends. I couldn't stand it; it was the worst sound I'd ever heard.

"Koe, what are you doing!" I demanded, hoping he'd hear me and tell me what was going on.

Koe stopped laughing for a moment to answer me, which surprised me somewhat. "I'm about to kill the other Yugi and his friends. Can't you tell?"

"What? How?"

"Wouldn't you like to know."

"Leave them alone!"

"No, maybe later."

I growled angrily as he shut down his thoughts to me, surprising even myself at how riled I actually was. I'd never gotten this angry with anyone before. But I still had to help me friends somehow, and I was beginning to get an idea of how to do it. I was going to stop Koe from within our mind.

I ran over to the English side of my soul room and pulled open the standing doors, blatantly ignoring Koe's yells for me to stop. But as soon as I'd taken a step out the door I felt my soul get ripped from my body and placed somewhere else, where I couldn't tell. But I soon discovered that I couldn't hear Koe in my head anymore; no, I could hear him aloud now.

"Let's do it!" he exclaimed and I suddenly felt the sensation of flying. Then I heard both Koe and the other Yugi exclaim at the same time, "The Roll of Life or Death!"

Ah, now I understood where I was, though it freaked me out more than anything. I was part of Koe's dice! So of course, I wasn't surprised went I felt myself hit the table and bounce around, though I tried my hardest to get the dice to fumble or something. My efforts were in vain, though; Koe must have sealed part of his own soul in the dice as well because they ended up landing super critical. Well, I just wouldn't have that.

While I listen to Koe rant about how this had been the best game ever and that both their characters would die, I concentrated on making my dice break up. If Koe didn't have any dice, how couldn't have a super critical and beat my friends, obviously. I finally managed to get the dice to crack on the top, and, upon hearing Koe stop his rants, manifested slightly in the air above the dice that I was still working on destroying, looking at him with what I hoped was a very determined look.

"It's you!" he exclaimed, sounding shocked. I almost rolled my eyes at his ignorance but managed not to.

"I don't want to lose anymore friends!" I told him firmly. "Even if it means my soul should shatter!" Yes, I knew that if I went through with my plan and destroyed the dice, I would die since all of my soul was in them, but that didn't matter. As long as my friends stayed alive, nothing else mattered.

As I watched him ponder in shock over this, knowing he'd come to the same conclusion I had, I felt the dice crack more and easier this time and I knew I didn't have much more time. I turned and smiled at the other Yugi; I he was really quite good looking. "Yugi, everyone, thank you for believing in me." The other Yugi looked heartbroken as I spoke. I felt the dice give way again, gave my friends one last smile, and completely obliterated the dice. Take that Koe.

Now, I expected to wind up in heaven or in front of the Gods of Judgment or something like that, seeing as I was dead and all, but I certainly did not expect to end up in my soul room again. It looked a bit darker, and now as I looked around, there seemed to be some light above me that was shining down on me and lighting up the top of my skin and body like I was some dead person in the movies. And, I noticed as I looked around, there was a woman dressed in white standing nearby with me on the English side of the room. She, like I, was lit up from above, turning the top of her red-haired head almost white as well as her skin. She was looking at me kindly and smiling.

"Who are you? Are you an angel?" I asked as I stepped forward, staring at her with confusion. Well she certainly looked like one. She was beautiful.

However, she shook her head and held her arms wide, bowing slightly and smiling at me.

"I am called Oma Desala, and I have come to give you a choice."