-EPILOGUE- "What happened all of a sudden? Did something happen?"


"Aah! Ah! Vin--" Cid choked a little through his gasps as Vincent rode him for the third time that afternoon. "Aaah! Oh god! Fuck, Vin--aah!" They'd never really gone back to Rocket Town, having been picked up by the Highwind, where they now lived, traveling the sky. Cid and Vincent…celebrated this on a regular basis. Unheard over their lovemaking, a few crewmen who'd been eavesdropping on them for the last several minutes snickered and hurried off before they were caught. Cid still thought they all had no clue he and Vincent were a longstanding item. Vincent knew they were onto them, but didn't say anything to Cid: He was very sensitive, even after three years. Cid was also very sensitive after three rounds of sex, and making a lot of noise for it. He almost didn't hear his PHS ring. "Ahh ahh!"




"aaH--AW, FUCK!" Vincent stopped, frozen where he was as Cid shifted to pick up the phone on the bed stand. He used it a lot to keep in touch with Shera and other connections, though he rarely actually saw anyone in person anymore. Vincent sighed. This had happened before. He held as still as he could, letting Cid move. It would be a short phone call and they'd be back in business. "Highwind here, what the fuck do you want, I'm fuckin busy here!" Cid growled, not caring who he insulted.

-"Cid!" Cid frowned.

"Tifa?! The fuck do you want, woman!?" Vincent could hear Tifa talking through the tiny speaker.

-"Cid, Cloud's gone missing again! He's been gone for two weeks!"

"Don't really blame him, Sis." Cid muttered.

-"But he usually keeps in touch with me, Cid! I'm worried he might have tried something…drastic again! …Um..Can't you just call him?"

"Why the hell won't YOU call him, damnit!?"

-"He never answers anymore!" Cid groaned.

"Woman, I'm in the middle of a nice steamy fuck fest. You're turning me off with your damned worries!" No one could see Tifa blush hotly over the phone, but it could be easily guessed that she did.

-"Oh Heavens!…Um…Uh…." Tifa floundered. Vincent felt sorry for her.

"Teef, I'm sure he's fine!"

-"I've got a bad feeling about this, though, Cid! Can you just bring him home if you see him, PLEASE?" Cid sighed.

"Fine! Fine! Just leave me the hell alone!"

-"Great! Thanks Cid!" Tifa bubbled. "I'll call back in two or three days or so!"


-"Bye!" She hung up without giving him a chance to respond. Cid swore colorfully.

"Goddamnit…" He muttered, looking put off. "Bitch noses into everyone's business…" Vincent sighed.

"Highwind…" He said huskily, leaning into Cid. Cid moaned, forgetting the bothersome phone call fast enough…

"Hey! We're pickin' up on that damn kid's PHS! He's in range!" Cid caroled, snatching his own phone from his coat pocket and punching in a few numbers. Beside him, Vincent waited patiently. They were out on the deck of the Highwind, enjoying the nice weather. Cid had programmed his phone to signal when they came close to Cloud, because Cid was too lazy to actually look for him. Now it had emitted a gentle beep, notifying everyone around that they now shared the same corner of the planet with their old comrade. Cid held the phone to his ear, muttering as he waited, foot tapping impatiently. It was a long wait. Finally, Cid's face lit up.

-"What?" Cloud's voice could be heard distantly over the phone.


-"Why wouldn't I be, Cid?"

"Shit, Tifa called me about a day or two ago and was all freaking out because she hadn't seen or heard from you in two god damned weeks and had no fucking clue where you'd disappeared to. Waz afraid you'd gone and leapt off a fuckin' cliff or sumfin!"

-"Tell her if she doesn't leave me alone, I might."

"Hey, I don't blame you one damned bit, but she might fly off da fuckin handle if you do that. …Say, where the hell are you, anyway?" There was a pause.

-"…Not sure, actually. Why?"

"Wanna lift?" Cid paused. "… Wait! Not Sure?! How the fuck could you not know where the hell you are?!" Cloud laughed outright at this.

-"Easy, Cid. I'm out in the middle of nowhere between towns, and I don't know where I am, exactly…." Cloud paused. "Near the coast, I imagine."

"Well, where he hell yeh headed?" There was a long pause.

--"Some place warm." Said another, deeper voice, away from the phone. "Well, not frozen, anyway." The second man amended.

-"Somwhere warmer." Cloud said into the phone.

"Yeah I heard. Whos' that yer with?" Another pause where Cloud winced.

-"Um… Uh, and old friend." He said carefully. Cid blinked, surprised.

"What older friend 'n me that you can't tell?!" Cid demanded. He thought it was a cute joke, but was a little put off. On the other end of the line, Cloud winced again.

-"Sort'a. You wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway.'" Cid frowned, glancing at Vincent.

"What, you got that motherfucker Sephiroth with ya or sumfin?!" Cid laughed at his own joke. Vincent rose an eyebrow, somehow already sensing what was coming.

-"Um, Cid…" Cloud began slowly.

"Well, don't ya worry one fuckin' bit, I can hone in on you from the PHS, I'll pick you up in the Highwind when I find ya."

-"No no! Cid, its fine, really!" Cloud sounded panicked. Hoarse coughing came from somewhere beyond Cloud.

"Naah!" Cid glanced at a map showing their locations on the phone's spiffy little screen. "Hell, you're right there! I'll be there in about…oh… Shit… ten minutes or so!" Cid shot a grin at Vincent.

-"Uh, /Cid!/" Cloud stressed, voice strained. Vincent raised his eyebrow again, stepping closer to Cid. Cid frowned.


-"Don't try to kill us or anything, but…" Cloud began.

"What?" Cid felt suddenly nervous.

-"Um, it IS Sephiroth I'm with." Cloud confessed. Cid went pale as a sheet.

"/WHAT?!/" Cid shrieked. Cid fell into a solid stream of profanity, in several creative languages. On the other end, Sephiroth stopped his coughing long enough to stare wide-eyed in shock. Suddenly, Cid stopped swearing and began to laugh. "Ha ha, Cloud, very fucking cute." He said, laughing. "You scared the living shit out of me there for a moment!"

-"Cid, I wasn't kidding."

Cid went stock still where he stood, holding the phone away from his face, blue eyes wide in shock. Slowly, he began to fall backwards, feinting. Vincent caught the phone, and Cid, one in each hand, and struggled to ease Cid to the floor without dropping him. Over the phone, Cloud kept talking, worried.

-"…Cid?…Cid? Are you there? You didn't just die of a heart-attack, did you?" Vincent sighed, lifting the phone to his face.

"Cloud?" He began. Cloud let out a startled sound, then a relieved sigh.

-"Vincent! Finally, someone with a head on their shoulders!" Cloud cried in relief. "Vincent, is Cid alright?" Vincent glanced down at Cid and sighed.

"He passed out, and his cigarette has lit his shirt on fire, but yes, he's fine." Vincent replied calmly.

-"Um, Vince-" Vincent frowned at the phone.

"Vincent!" He corrected sharply.

-"Vincent…Did you hear-" Cloud sounded worried.

"Yes. I did hear. Is everything alright?" After three years with Cid, not much surprised Vincent anymore.

"Yeah. We're fine. He's got mako poisoning he's still recovering from, but we're both mobile." Vincent smiled in mild surprise. Why wasn't this shocking him the way it had Cid? Somehow, it made perfect sense.

"You've nursed him to health, then?" He asked, smiling.

-"Yeah." There was a dreamy hint to Cloud's voice.

"You're getting along fine?" Vincent pressed, just to be sure.

--"He sounds like a worried mother." Vincent heard who must have been Sephiroth murmur.

-"Yeah, quite…um…well, actually." Vincent grinned.

"That's wonderful. I'm very happy for you, Cloud. So, do you two still want a ride?" Vincent said warmly. There was another pause as some silent communication passed between the two travelers. Vincent waited patiently.

--"Fine by me, so long as Mr. F.F Highwind doesn't try to kill us." Sephiroth said flatly. Vincent laughed silently. Cloud laughed out loud.

-"Don't worry. He's like that all the time. He's…um… ah…" Cloud reassured his companion.

"He's a creative speaker, if that 's what you mean." Vincent added helpfully. At Vincent's feet, Cid had woken up in time to hear the last train of conversation, and let out an indignant sound.

"Hey!" Vincent chuckled.

"We'll be there shortly." Vincent promised, hanging up. He helped Cid up, kissing him. "Cloud's okay. We should help them. Cid was only half listening, agreeing none the less, as he desperately tried to pat out the small fire burning on his chest from his cigarette, muttering.


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