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Author's note: Oh, yeah this is a Severitus Challenge fic, happy reading!

It was exactly one minute until Harry's Birthday. Harry, honestly, didn't notice nor did he care........ much. He was mad at Ron and Hermione no letters, no contact at all. He just knew they would send owls carrying heavy packages full of cakes and presents. He looked down at the book in front of him, it was Hogwarts, A History. Hermione always talked about so he gave it a try.

The ceiling in the Great Hall is not really the night sky. It is bewitched to look like it. You can tell at a few times in the year, especially the beginning. The North star is no where to be seen until October.

Harry was giving this thought 'Maybe Hermione's right. Reading can be interesting and informal' He thought. Then he went back to reading. A few minutes later an owl came. Harry said without looking "'Ello Pig". Harry turned around and looked at the owl, it wasn't Pig nor was it Headwig. He shrugged in his thoughts an looked at the parchment around the leg. All it said was "Happy Birthday Harry. Have a nice night!" and it wasn't signed.

Harry's scar started to hurt so he took some Advil, it had been helping him lately, and went to bed. Then he had a weird dream he saw Sirius and whoever he was, was abusing him. Sirius was an inch from death and then whoever Harry was stopped and fell to the ground. Harry awoken gasping for breath he looked around and went to his small desk. He wrote a short note saying Dear Dumbledore, I don't think the Occlumency worked. I was Voldemort and I was beating Sirius. This is getting mentally painful. Please help me. Harry

Harry awoken Headwig, who was unhappy at this, "Headwig, take this to school and wait for a reply. Then come back". Headwig nipped him affectionately and left out the window. Harry remembered what he just wrote and wondered how he came up with 'mentally painful'. 'Must be the reading' he said to himself. Headwig was taking a long time so he opened Hogwarts, a History again and started to read. He was reading for a full hour and still no reply. Harry looked at the owl that sent him the letter. He wondered why they said "Have a nice night!". Harry thought some more until his scar hurt and took another nap.

When he woke up he went downstairs. "Good morning, Aunt Petunia. Good morning, Uncle Vernon." Harry said. Aunt Petunia dropped the coffee pot, spilling coffee everywhere. Uncle Vernon broke his cup and Dudley burst out laughing.

"YOU GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE THIS MINUTE!" Uncle Vernon screamed.

"VERNON! Get the gun! Now!" Aunt Petunia. Harry thought for a minute, 'If they think I'm a robber I should steal my stuff back.'

Harry stood tall and bellowed "Give me the boy's things! Now! Or I will kill you!". Aunt Petunia ran upstairs and got Harry's books together. While Uncle Vernon unlocked the cupboard under the stairs and gave him Harry's trunk. Harry looked in the trunk "Where is his wand?"

Uncle Vernon looked nervous "What-who-he? Why would he need a wand?"

"I know what he is! He is a wizard!" Harry bellowed in his lowest voice.

Uncle Vernon scrambled around and found it in a different box and found it. "Thank you for your companionship. Give me his letters, Thank you ma'am" Harry said to Aunt Petunia. "Now this never happened! The boy is with me good bye!" Harry went out the door and signaled for the Knight Bus.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. Just stick out your wand hand, step on board, and we can take you to anywhere you want to go. My name is Stan,", Stan pointed at his name tag, ",and I will be your conductor this morning" Stan said. Harry stepped on the bus "Good morning Professor, Where to?" Stan asked.

Harry was very puzzled. "Hogwarts today Stanley" Harry said.

"Yes Sir!" Stan said "Hogwarts Ern! That will be 15 Sickles"

"Put it on my tab" Harry said. In minutes Harry was in front of Hogwarts with his bag. "Thank you Stanley" Harry said. Harry walked up to the doors. 'It's great to be home.' Harry thought. In a few minutes Harry fell to the ground passed out.

Author's Note: This is my first Severitus Challenge Fic. Hope you like it!