You enjoyed my story??? I am sooo glad. So now we will continue the story about whether Harry broke up with Cho or not. Read on and find out.

Harry walked silently to the table where Cho was and sat down beside her. Cho did not even look up from her book but continued reading. 'Cho, I need to talk to you,' Harry whispered in her ears. Finally Cho looked up and before Harry had the chance to bring the subject up, Cho's friends had approached the table and were all whispering to each other. Harry thought for a moment and thought that it would be best to tell her another time. 'Yes Harry, what do you want to speak to me about?' Cho asked intently. 'Nothing,' Harry replied and left in a rush.

'I should have told her frankly that I want a break up and it will end all my troubles!' Harry muttered under his breath. 'What? I didn't catch what you just said .' Ron answered. They were walking to the great hall for dinner. When the food appeared on the table, Harry just grabbed whatever was on the table as he had not eaten for the whole day and was starving. After finishing his dinner, he went back to his dormitory alone without waiting for Ron and Hermione.

'I do not care whether she is alone or with her friends. I am going to tell her even if it is going to break her heart. I cannot stand it anymore!!!!' Harry thought in his head. No sooner than that had he fallen asleep.

The next morning, before he even sat down at Gryffindor house table for breakfast, he walked right up to Cho. She looked startled at first when seeing Harry but later shocked when Harry broke the news to her. She thought that she had done something wrongly and quickly asked Harry 'Harry, have I done something wrong? Why do you want to break up with me suddenly?' Harry shook his head and replied 'No. It is just that... ... I do not ... love you anymore. I'm sorry.' Then Harry left without eating his breakfast.

Even though he knew that he had just broken Cho's heart, he was happy as he was now free. He longer had to lie to Cho about being happy with her when his heart was actually with Hermione.

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