Yamato and Sora Forever

By: sorato-takari

AKA sorato4eva

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Chapter 5 – Apologizing

Tai said. "Uh… it's Tai…"

The voice answered. "Oh Tai… Uh, this is Matt…" Matt said softly trying to control his anger.


"Look Tai…" Matt started.

Tai cut him off. "I know… look, let me talk and explain…"

Matt could be heard sighing. "Okay…"

The next thing Matt knew that Tai started rambling on and on about what happened. Matt chuckled. "it's okay Tai…"


"Yes it is… look, we are best friends…rite? And well… you didn't hurt me that bad… and you did apologize..so its okay!" Matt said sighing.

Tai said quietly. "I don't know……I know we are best friends but I hurt you okay! I was a jealous jerk!"

Matt said softly. "No argument about that…"

"HEY! Are you saying that I'm a jealous jerk!"

"NO…. you said that."

"Oh…. Well, yea… see, I liked Sora, but I guess I have to accept the fact that you got to her first…." Tai started. "So…. Good luck man…."

Matt smiled. "Thanks Tai… that means a lot to me"

"Yea… how about I treat you and Sora to the arcades?"


"Yeah….but only 10 dollars each! AND you have to buy me nachos, and chips…. And add a drink there too!"

Matt laughed. "See you at the arcades near the park at 1."

"You better!"

They both hanged up.

Sora woke up finally and saw Matt just hang up the phone. "Who called?"

Matt looked at her and walked over to her. He gently placed his arms around her waist and his head on her shoulder and said. "Tai."

"Tai?" Sora asked alarmed.

"Yeah… don't worry about it. He just apologized…."

Sora calmed down. "Oh, well that's good… or else I would have came over there and gave him a …." She got cut off when Matt kissed her full on the mouth……

1 PM

Sora and Matt met up with Tai at the arcades and Tai smiled at them and said. "Hi…. So we okay?"

Matt chuckled. "Yup… as long as you give me the 10 bucks!"

Sora looked at Matt and Tai. "10 bucks?"

Tai looked at Matt. "You didn't tell her?"

"Oops! Might have forgotten…."

Sora glared at her new boyfriend. "MATT!"


Tai laughed. "Matt, you better not make a mistake like that again or I'm sure that Sora will be after your neck!"

Matt glared at him. "Hey… it's only 10 bucks…."

"10 bucks! That's THE BIGGEST THING THAT TAI HAS EVER GIVEN!" Sora practically shouted.

Tai's face frowned. "HEY! What's that supposed to mean!"

Sora laughed… "Look… can you give us the 10 bucks so I can beat you."

"Beat me? You're crazy!"

Sora grinned. "We'll see about that….."

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