Portal Of Youth


Bitty Buffy

Summary: Instead of Buffy dying at the end of The Gift, the portal turns her into a child and the scoobies have to take care of her.

Disclaimer: Joss still owns them.

"Buffy...no" Dawn begged standing on a tower as the world was trying to come to an end, realizing that her sister was about to die for her.

"Dawnie, I have to." Buffy answered. She said her final goodbye to her sister and swan-dived off the tower into Glory's portal. The chaos had stopped. The portals had closed, the lightning and demons that were unleashed went away.

All her friends who'd fought by her side and cared about her for so many years had been standing somewhere near the tower looking up and had witnessed her jump. No one could believe it though. Buffy was their leader, their hero, their friend. She couldn't be dead. Dawn made her way down the stairs of the tower clutching her slashed rib-cage.

All the scoobies took deep breaths, even the badly injured Spike, and walked over to where Buffy's body landed. They each tried to prepare themselves for what they were about to see but as it turned out there was not enough time in the world to prepare them for what they saw. There right infront of them in the very spot where Buffy's dead body was supposed to be was a little blonde girl who had to be around five or six. She was wearing a Sundress with sunflowers on it with her hair in pig tails.

"What's going on?" the girl asked.

Willow knew the little girl, she had just been speaking with her a few hours ago. It was Buffy. But it couldn't be Buffy. Buffy was supposed to be dead, the portal should've killed her. Willow walked over to the girl and knelt down infront of her. "Buffy?" she asked.

"How did you know? Who are you? I want my mommy!" Buffy responded. Everyone else gasped in the realization of what had happened.

Willow may be able to do math well and know a lot about books and other intellectual stuff, but kids? That was a job for the Xan man. "We know because we're friends of yours Buffy. And we're going to take care of you." Xander said lifting Buffy up.

"Bloody right we will" Spike added. Buffy smiled. She liked the way the blonde man talked.

"Why are some of you hurt?" Buffy asked observantly.

"They fell down and got boo-boo's." Xander answered. Spike was going to make fun of him for saying boo-boo's but A; he was in to much pain and B; Spike would've said it to in order to comfort Buffy. He'd do anything for Buffy.

Giles decided to take charge of the situation. "Ok Since Dawn, Anya and probably Tara should go to a doctor, Willow and Xander you should take them. Spike you need to get inside soon and you need to be bandaged so you can come with me to Bu-ah...Dawns house with me, and Buffy can come with me as well. Is that ok with you Buffy?"

"Yes Mr. Glasses-wearing man it is." Buffy replied.

Giles smiled fondly at the girl and took her from Xander. "Ok we better get going." he stated.

A few hours later Giles was asleep in the Summers living room and Spike and Buffy weren't that far behind. Thanks to Vampire heeling Spike was already feeling better. He looked over to the other end of the couch were Buffy was and he could sense something wasn't right with her. "Something wrong Buffy?" he asked. Buffy nodded, that wasn't the response Spike was looking for. "What is it?"

"I don't like it here. There's no one here who I know." Buffy answered sadly. Just then Spike had an idea and he ran darted for the staircase and ran up. About two minutes later he returned.

"Here, now you have a familiar face." Spike said handing her a stuffed pink pig.

"Mr. Gordo!" Buffy happily squealed, causing Spike to smile at her. "How'd he get here?"

"I told him to come. See Mr. Gordo and I go way back so I had him special delivered just for you."

"Thanks you Mr...um...whats your name again?"

"Spike. Just Spike no Mister."

"Oh yeah, hehe. I like that name its funny. I think I am gonna go to sleepy now."

"Ok then good for you. I think I'll do the same" Spike said smiling at her. He enjoyed making Buffy, no matter what age, happy.


"Yeah Buffy?" he questioned sitting back on the couch.

"Don't leave ok? Cause you seem reals nice and if I gotta stay here I think I want you here too, ok?" Buffy asked. Spikes smiling got even wider.

"Of course Buffy."

"Yay" she replied as she drifted off to sleep.


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