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Love Sick

Chapter One

Hermione Granger was scribbling a few notes on The Magic of Fairies that she had to write for her next assignment. Her head was straining from the work load and as a reflex she rubbed her temples. She hadn't noticed Draco Malfoy walk in the room because it was something more of a habit to not acknowledge the others presence. His cologne clogged her mind and in frustration she threw her quill on the coffee table. As soon as she picked her self up Draco walked right up to her only inches apart. Hermione took a step back and he took a step forward. Hermione fell back on the couch and stared at Draco confused.

"What do you want?" Hermione asked irritated. Draco smirked at her and came down at her, face to face. His eyes had a steal grey look only when he had something horrible planned. Hermione tried to pull him back away but Draco didn't budge. "Leave me alone, Malfoy!" Hermione shouted but that just made his infamous smirk broaden. His lips came so close to her own licked lips.

"Ever had the yearning to be touched, Granger?" He asked calmly as his lips brushed lightly against her own. Hermione just stared at him bewildered un able to move. His aroma, his feel made her mind numb. Unexpectedly his hand brushed against her left knee moving upwards to her upper thigh. His other hand made it hard for her to dodge or escape his closeness. "Ever wanted to be touched in the right places, places sacred to anyone else." He spoke as his lips lightly brushed her cheek and his hand moved slowly up her thigh, exposing skin she never wanted to show. "Ever wanted to be held so close, that the desires hidden suddenly come out?" His lips traced along her jaw line moving up towards her ear. His hand massaged her inner thigh in circles. Hermione closed her eyes at the feeling she was getting. All the questions he asked her mind screamed yes but her body wouldn't move.

Draco licked her ear lobe making her shiver to her bone. "Why, are you quivering at my touch, Granger?" He whispered in her ear. His hand moved deep within her inner thigh barely touching her under garment. Draco made slow taunting motions with his finger tip causing Hermione to moan. What is he doing to me? Draco moved down her neck lightly brushing his lips once more on her bare skin. His fingers had found the opening of her under garment making her shutter at the warm touch of his fingers against her hidden privacy. Draco kissed her collarbone making her moan once more.

His fingers began to massage her bud making Hermione moan at every movement he made. "Do you want me to stop?" Draco asked stopping his motions and his kisses. Hermione opened her eyes shaking her head feverishly. "Spread your legs." He commanded and Hermione parted her legs without a fight. His finger deepened inside her massaging her roughly. Her head tilted back in sheer pleasure, unknowingly exposing new skin for Draco to kiss. He sucked on the temple of her collarbone making Hermione moan.

Hermione had never felt this in her life and was surprised how willingly she allowed her enemy to touch her. But he's so good. Her mind screamed over and over again. She was almost reaching her climax when his hand let her go and the sucking stopped. Hermione panting looked at him confused. Draco smirked at her and got himself up. "I can do whatever I want, get whatever I want and you just proven me right." Without another word he left her there siting on the couch shocked, angry and yearning.


A month had passed since that incident but Hermione couldn't shake the feeling she received time to time. He would gaze at her in classes, the Great Hall and the common room. Once in awhile she would catch him glancing and he would wink prerogatively before returning to his duties. Hermione hated him for being so cool, calm and collective while she was shattered in pieces, confused. Why is he doing this to me? Hermione would often catch herself lost in her thoughts only to be zapped back to reality from her dear friends.

That night Hermione had hall patrol at eleven and she didn't feel in the mood to oblige by the duty. After fighting consciously with herself she got up to do her walk. Thirty minutes had passed and Hermione was becoming tired and bored, she had almost wished for something dangerous to happen to catch her attention. Hermione turned the last corner before heading to bed when she heard muffled voices.

As she followed the noise leading to the end of the corridor she found a class room door a jar. Hermione quietly peeped in afraid that it was one of her professors working on something or chatting. When her head moved in to see, Hermione gasped in shock and held her hand to her mouth from making any noise. There was Draco lying on top of Pansy on the professors desk fucking her senselessly. The noises she had heard was the moans of Pansy who constantly screamed his name every time he thrusted in side her.

Hermione's mind told her to walk away and let them do their business but her feet would not obey her mind. All she could do was watch the scene in front of her, jaw on the floor, shocked.

"Oh, Draco!" Pansy moaned as she arched her hips to grind deeper. "Harder!" She screamed and Draco obeyed. The desk was shaking so harshly that Hermione was afraid they would fall over any minute. After another annoying moan from Pansy, they both stopped, gasping for air.

Draco pushed himself off of her and went to dress himself back into his robes. Pansy also raised herself adjusting her skirt and unbuttoned shirt. "Draco, do you love me?" Pansy asked as he buckled his belt and picked up his school bag. Hermione's mind screamed, say no! Say no! As though Draco heard her thoughts he smirked at her.

"No." He sneered. Pansy's expression from lust changed to anger. Hermione snickered quietly at the answer and was more then happy that he had no feelings for the Slytherin whore.

"What do you mean no! We made love." Pansy said as tears began to form in her eyes. Draco frowned at her.

"I fucked you, not made love to you." He said as he headed towards the door. Hermione's heart began to race as she noticed him walking closer. She dove behind the next corner and turned off the light that was beaming from her wand. She waited until she heard the footsteps fade away before she came out from hiding. Hermione quietly in the dark walked back to her tower when she slammed against something hard, throwing her backwards.

"Ouch!" Hermione yelled and pulled out her wand but before she can turn the light on someone already had. Hermione picked herself up and stared in the cold grey eyes of Draco Malfoy.

"Why were you watching me?" Hermione blushed. Shit he knows. Play it safe. Hermione looked at him attempting to look confused.

"What are you talking about?" Draco smirked at her remark only to quickly push her against the wall.

"Don't play around with me. You'll get hurt." Hermione shoved him off and glared at him angrily.

"I'm doing patrols, I suggest you do your privacy in the comfort of your room!" Hermione screamed angrily. Draco pulled her back against the wall and brought his lips to her ears.

"What I do and where I do it is none of your business, Granger. But if you enjoyed what you saw today, there's a lot more where that came from if you know what I mean." Hermione felt his heart beat gently against her own that was beating wildly, making her realize just how close he was to her. What he had said to her only made her blush deeply. He moved back from her and watched her expression, smirked and walked away. Hermione was left once again, shaking uncontrollably. What the hell has he done to me?! Get your mind straight, he's fucking around with you. Just playing silly mind games. Don't let him get the best of you. Those were the words that repeated in her brain over and over again until she had reached the comfort of her room.

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