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Stuck in the Past

Wesley looked up from the picture he was holding and frowned at Angel "This is the Hyperion Hotel. By the looks of this photograph it appears abandoned." Wesley looked down again, his eyes roaming over the image, searching for something, what he didn't know yet.

Angel nodded. "68 Rooms, 68 Vacancies. It's a shame really." Angel shook his head.

Wesley smiled grimly and handed the picture back. "It appears to be California Spanish. I would say it was built in the late 1920's." Wesley tilted his head to regard the picture from another angle.

"That was my guess too." Angel agreed. "Its just west of here, in what used to be the heart of Hollywood. There's no indication of how long it has been vacant."

Cordelia looked up as she entered the room, a tray of drinks in her hands. Setting it on the table she sat down, and peered over Angel's shoulder at the image, slightly interested at the old hotel.

"From the look of it: years." Wesley smiled thankfully at Cordelia and reached for his mug of English Breakfast Tea, taking a long drink, a sigh sounding moments later.

Angel nodded again, taking a tentative sip, his face scrunching up moments later. "I think it's gone off." He announced, placing the cup back on the table.

"Cinnamon," Cordelia replied. At their looks she shrugged. "What I can't try something?"

Wesley chuckled, and then turned to look at Angel. "Do we suspect its current condition is due to more than just the tourist trade drying up?" Wesley took another long sip, sending a grateful look Cordelia's direction.

Angel smiled, and pulled the glass forward again, taking another tentative sip. "I need you two to look into the history of it. Find out who owns it now and why they are letting it stay empty like that."

"Who is the client?" Cordelia asked, reaching for her laptop.

"There is no client." Angel drained the rest of the cup and moved to the door. Opening it, he started to leave. Turning his head he spoke again. "I'll check back later to see what you have found." Reaching for his coat, he put it on and left.


Buffy looked up at Willow. "I feel funny Will." She frowned, looking around for the source of the discomfort.

"Oh." Willow replied, not really listening. "In what way?"

"In a, I-have-a-tingly-feeling kinda way." Buffy sighed. "It's weird."

Willow turned. "Are you sure it isn't just butterflies because you're meeting Riley?" Willow smiled slightly.

Buffy shook her head. "Nope it isn't that." Buffy frowned. Just what did she think of Riley? Was he really boyfriend material? Could he really fill the position Angel still held? Frowning deeper she mentally shook her head. There was no way he was ever going to be able to do that.

"Hmmm." Willow turned back to her laptop and after typing a few things, turned back. "Maybe you're coming down with something." Leaning forward, she rested her hand against Buffy's cool forehead. "Nope. Not that."

"I'm a little worried Will. I haven't had this feeling since when Angel was around." Just the mention of his name from her lips sent a shiver down her spine. Even after all this time, the love she felt for him had not yet faded; in fact she doubted it ever would.

"That is weird." Willow stood up. "Come on, let's go find Giles, maybe he will know something." Willow moved to the door and reached for her jacket.

"Yeah maybe he will." Buffy agreed and silently followed, the tingly feeling starting to get stronger. Closing the door she dismissed it from her mind, intent on getting to Giles, before things got any worse.


"They must be trialed before we can make a decision." A young female turned to the man standing beside her. "We have to know their love is true."

"Of course dear sister." The man smiled at his companion. "I think I have the perfect idea." Looking down at the images in the glass bowl before him, he grinned. Waving his hands he muttered a few chosen words. "The life of the Slayer and the Champion must intertwine, for us to know if their love is true."

"I hope it is." The woman smiled thoughtfully. "It has been a long time since I have been able to re-unite lovers."


Angel pulled up at the hotel and got out of the car. Frowning at the run- down place he slowly made his way towards the entrance. Squaring his shoulders, he slowly entered. As a wave of dizziness over came him, he suddenly found himself back in his old room, an image he never thought he'd see before him.

"Buffy." He whispered.

"Angel." She replied, her voice fearful. "Where am I?"

"I think you're in 1950." Angel replied.

"Oh. Great." Buffy muttered. "Could you tell me why?"

"Uh - "Angel paused."If I knew, I'd tell you....wait. I know!"

Well, there ends the first chapter. What is going to happen next, and how in the hell will they get out of it?

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