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Notes: This is a cross over with the Pretender, you don't need to know anything about the Pretender to read this story, as everything shall be explained.

Also, I did write something on the Pretender, but it didn't work out. There were just way to many problems, and believe me, I sat for weeks trying to figure out how to continue but it just didn't have the same effect that I was planning. So, I did the next best thing. I rewrote the whole story. And, now everything is running smoothly. I know how the story is going to end, and so far, there aren't any problems. So I hope that you like this version better. I do apologies for the long delay, and for changing the story after writing three chapters.

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Project C

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Chapter One

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Lieutenant Ben Krieg walked onto the deck of the magnificent Seaquest. It was breathtaking. He just couldn't believe it, he was on Thee Seaquest, the best submarine ever to be built. The added bonus, was that he was going to be under the command of the Great Nathan Bridger.

It was a bittersweet moment. He smiled as he remembered when he was in the army, where he was best friends with Robert Bridger, Nathan's son. Ben smiled when he remembered all the fun that he and Robert got up to. The smile faded as he remembered when he heard that Robert was MIA. After two years, he was officially declared dead.

But, life was life. War was war. People died, it hurt, but he had managed to start to smile again, to make jokes.

Ben looked up to see where his room was, he opened it, but frowned when he saw a silver brief case lying on his bed. He walked into the room to see that there was a black navy issued back next to the silver case. Frowning he looked around the room to see a man, in his late twenties, standing on the one side of the room, admiring a photo. He looked definitely like a solider, he had short black hair, good posture. He was wearing the official Seaquest uniform.

"Excuse me? but I think that you got the wrong room," Ben said as he dumped his black bag onto the ground.

"Lieutenant Krieg?" the stranger asked.

"That's me, who are you? and what you doing in my room?" Ben asked, silently annoyed. He had been on Seaquest for a year when they were finally allowed to some shore leave. And now, he comes back to see a stranger in his room. Unbelievable. He had managed to get a room all to his self, and he sure as hell wasn't going to let that go without a fight.

"Sorry, I'm Lieutenant Jarod Brook, and as for me being here, well, there was no other place for me. Commander Ford said that I would have to share with you," Jarod said as he held out his hand.

Even thought Ben was angry, and disappointed, he couldn't let a fellow man hanging. So he shook hands with Jarod.

"So Jarod, when did you join the Seaquest?' Ben asked.

Jarod smiled. He was actually working at the harbour, trying to solve a murder of a local girl who was killed by a man who worked at the docks. He had just seen the man being arrested when he saw Miss Parker arriving. Left with no option, he turned to see the Seaquest.

Jarod had been on the run for the pass five years, ever since he escaped from the Centre. The Centre was an evil organisation, which took him from his family when he was a child. He remembered being forced to take tests, forced to train. There was a man, in his fifties that looked after him, like a mentor, his name was Sydney. Sydney didn't like working for the centre, but he did so that he could try and do some good. Like helping him survive, by helping him, by talking to him. It was so nice to have someone to talk to.

Then there was Miss Parker, the daughter of Mr Parker who owned the Centre. Miss Parker grew up in the centre. They would talk, about anything and everything. To be normal children in a unusual situation. A friendship was formed, however, that was broken when Jarod escaped. Since that day, Miss Parker was assigned to search for Jarod, and return him to the centre.

But Jarod never wanted to go back. Not after learning what they had made him become. They had made him into a Pretender, a person who could become anyone within a matter of seconds. He could become a doctor and perform brain surgery in one day, with no experience, just by reading a book. When he was still trapped in the Centre, they had made him do tests, do simulations. Ranging from how to destroy buildings, to how to kill a person without being caught.

He had never thought that they would actually use what he had come up with. Because of his ideas, hundreds of people were killed. He would never let the Centre use him, he would rather die than let them use him to kill innocent people.

Since he escaped. He had used his knowledge for good. He had looked at newspaper articles, finding innocent people who needed help.

Jarod smiled and looked at Ben.

"I joined two days ago," he answered.

"Two days, so that means that you will need someone to help you around?" Ben asked.

Jarod didn't want to admit it, but he already memorized the whole layout of the Seaquest. But seeing that Ben was trying to be friendly.

"That would be helpful, thank you,"

Ben smiled, there was something about Jarod that made him feel at ease.

"Alright, let's go to the mess hall, and get some of that stuff that they call food," Ben said as he wrinkled his nose in disgust as they walked out the room.

o o o

To be continued..