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Notes: Just in case you are a bit lost Lucas was 7 when he first meet Jarod and 12 when they escaped.

So that means that Jarod was 17 when he first meet Lucas and 20 when he escaped and is now twenty five.

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Chapter four

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Jarod couldn't believe it, it was impossible. But then again, anything was possible, especially when it involved the Centre, but it just had to be a fluke.

His mind wondered to the night that his world changed, a night five years ago...

o o o

Five years ago..

18 December 2000

The night was silent and still, the only movement was the little snow flakes falling from the heavens. In the middle of the forest lay a Centre , its gloomy presence stood out, with its wired fence, blocking out trespassers, its steel walls, and bared windows, remained hidden from view from civilization.

Two figures hid in the shadows as they made their way to the fence, which was the only thing standing in their way from freedom.

They eyed the fence, which couldn't have been more than a hundred metres away. Their only problem was the open field that the soldiers guarded. Making this escape near impossible.

However, they did have a few things on their side, such as the element of surprise.

"Do you think we will make it?" the twelve year old asked his friend.

Twenty year old, Jarod looked at the soldiers positions, then to the fence which seemed so near, yet, so far.

"What do you think?" Jarod asked.

Lucas looked around, and added the calculations that were running through his head. The chance of their survival were slim.

"It never looks good, but then again, there is still a small percentage of survival," Lucas replied with a grin.

Jarod smiled, he too knew the odds were against them, but even if there was the slightest bit of hope left, he would continue to fight.

"Just a few minutes, then we will be free," Jarod replied as he eyed the soldiers positions.

"Yeah free, but running for our lives," Lucas replied dryly.

"But at least we will be free,"

Lucas nodded, he wished to be free, free from the rules, free from the lies and deceit.

Jarod looked around, and knew it was time.

"Remember run, don't look back, just run as fast as you can," Jarod said as he prepared himself for the last part of their escape.

Lucas took a deep breathe but was interrupted as they heard the alarm going off.

"Damn, our time is up. Lucas, we need to run fast," Jarod said as he looked at the soldiers who were using their flashlights.

"Now!" Jarod said as he began to run.

Lucas wasted no time as he began to run as fast as his legs could carry him. They could hear the soldiers coming for them, with speed they ran towards the gates, as they hear the gun fire behind them.

They could hear the soldiers shouting at each other, telling each other if they had seen anything or not. That's when the shooting began.

Jarod ran as fast as he could, he could see Lucas running just behind him.

Darkness and light. Screams, shots, a grunt of pain…then eerie silence.

It seemed like time stood still as he heard Lucas cry as he fell to the ground. All thoughts of the fence were forgotten, the sounds around him were blurred into a eerie silence.

Jarod looked down. There was blood on his clothes. There was blood on his hands, but the thing that pierced his heart, was the tortured scream that escaped Lucas's throat.

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To be continued...