Title: Island Adventure

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Notes: a little story that popped into my head.


Island Adventure

The crew of Seaquest were busy with their work, exploring the deep blue oceans of the world. But to be totally honest they were bored. There was nothing interesting to look at, and after ten months it was getting a little bit too much.

Sure Ben and Lucas had stirred up some excitement that lasted a week, and everyone was mad for a little while but it was something to do. Lucas and Ben were still cleaning up the room, but they were still laughing.

Tim was reading books on the different languages, Miguel was looking at his sensors, looking for some improvements. Katie was taking in some ideas to improve the Gazelle- but everyone call it the stinger.

Ford was planning new ways, to defeat enemy subs. B it the stinger.

Ford was planning new ways, to defeat enemy subs. Bridger was drinking his coffee.

After a few minutes Tim dropped his book, everyone looked at him. He turned to Bridger.

"Sir I have an incoming call from Admiral Nocye."

"Thank you I will take it in my wardroom."

"Yes, sir."

Bridger made his way off the bridge to his room. Once he got to his room, he asked Tim to patched it through.

"Bill, what can I do for you."

"Hello, Nathan, I want Seaquest to dock at Cape Hope for three weeks to have it repaired. Not to mention a little break for the crew."

"I think that will do some good. Thanks Bill."

Nocye looked down, this was going to be hard.

"Um, Nathan don't thank me yet." Bill said a bit uneasy

Bridger had a bad feeling about this.

"Why, what's wrong. Should I even ask?" Nathan asked worryingly.

"While I have a mission for you, Ben, Katie, Ford, Kirsten, Tim, Miguel and Lucas."

"Why all my senior crew and why Lucas, and what mission?" Nathan asked

"While its only for two weeks, then you will all have a week's break, then back to Seaquest. So that's not so bad." Bill tried to explain.

"Thank you for that, BUT you haven't answered any of my questions." Nathan said sternly.

"Right, while you will need all the resources that your crew have to offer. This is not going to be easy, I am truly sorry for this, but you are the best, and well, I have my orders, um..."

"Bill please just tell me." Nathan ordered

"Ok, you will be flying to an underground research base, to do some research with a couple, you will also be protecting them. They are in danger, especially with the inventions and research that they are doing. " Bill explained.

"OK, Bill, it doesn't sound that bad, where is this base and who owns it? and who's the couple?" Nathan asked.

"Good questions, The base is right under an island, just like yours, the couple owns both. Its got one Big base, that is just for research, no one knows about it. You will be underground." Bill reinsured

"What kind of research?" Nathan asked with a frown.

"Everything and anything you could possible think of, from plants to computers, its got everything."

"Then it must have security?" Nathan quizzed.

"Yes it does, but there are some who can't be trusted, that's why they asked for you and your crew, your the best, and you can be trusted. They just need two weeks, that's all. There won't be any communication with the outside when you get in. But there shouldn't be any problems," Bill said.

"Ok, it sounds ok, just one last question, who's the couple." Nathan asked

Bill looked at Nathan, Nathan looked at Bill.

"Its the ...."

Ten minutes later, Ben, Katie, Ford, Bridger, Miguel, Kirsten, Tim and Lucas sat down in the wardroom

"Ok, we are on a mission while Seaquest is docked. It will just be for two weeks then we will have a week off. We are going to an island where we will do research, and guard a couple in their base." Nathan explained

Ford looked at Bridger.

"That's all, who's the couple, where is the base, why are we being sent? why are all of us? " Ford was stopped by Bridger's hand.

"The base is under their island. We are being sent because this is top secret, and classified, only a few know about this, and the research that they are doing will cause some security problems, that's why we are being sent in, because we are the best."

"Who's the couple." Ben asked

"I am sure you are dying to know, well its the Wolenczaks,"

Everyone looked at Bridger then at Lucas.

Lucas's eyes were big as saucepans, his jaw dropped a few feet, and was looking at Bridger, with a plea in his eyes.

"PLEASE, anything, ANYONE but them." He begged Bridger

"Sorry Lucas but its your folks" He said with sympathy

"Come on, Lucas, its your folks they can't be That bad." Ben was trying to lighten up the mood.

"I take it that you never meet them before." he said with hatred, so much so that everyone looked at him in surprise.


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