Title: Silence breaks the heart

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Warning: There is some physical abuse to children in this chapter and the death of a major character.

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Chapter One

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The heavens cried that night - weeping for the tortured souls that were suffering; weeping for the world that seemed to be the once beautiful heaven, now turned into the devil's playground.

Thunder rumbled in anger at the bitterness of man's cruel ways; the wind blew as the tears poured heavily on the ground. Lightning lit up the sky in rage as it showed no mercy, only hatred for what was happening.

As the heavens fought with its demons, two young children found themselves fighting with their own demons.

They huddled together in the corner inside the closet, trying to hide from the hatred; but no matter how hard they tried, they could still hear the shouting, screaming, and crying that came from the next room. They could hear the words of abuse, the shattering glass and the doors banging. Then an eerie silence fell upon them, like the silence before the storm hits.

They drew closer, praying for protection against the dark force that was approaching. They could hear the heavy footsteps coming towards them, then the unbearable sound of the heavy breathing right outside the closet door.

Angela huddled closer to her older brother for comfort. Vin held her tight, trying to give her comfort, a sense of protection; even though he could not provide her the safety she sought. Ten-year-old Tanner closed his eyes, wishing he could be somewhere else, but he knew wishes never came true.

He learnt the hard facts of life when he lost his mother five years ago, when he was forced from his home, from his friends, to the cold, dark orphanage. Then he was sent to different homes - one each year; and all five were horrible.

The fifth family were the Smiths: Maggie and Matthew. They had a pretty daughter of their own whom was in hospital when Vin first went to live with them. The girl had been hurt in an accident at home or so it seemed. A few days after Vin had gone to live with them, Matthew fetched the boy's new foster sister from hospital. Maggie stayed at home with Vin and he helped her bake cookies for the daughter's welcome home.

He remembered the first day he saw his new sister: she was so pale and so innocent, yet her eyes were so old and had a haunted look in them. She had her mother's blonde hair, with pale blue eyes and such fair skin. She was small for her age, even though she was only a few months younger than Vin; she looked like a little doll that could break at any second.

Matthew Smith was a mean, middle-aged man. He was tall, muscular, and in good shape, considering how much he drank a day. He had mean, dark eyes, just like his soul.

Maggie Smith was a kind and loving middle-aged woman. She had such a kind heart, such loving green eyes, and a warm smile. She had lovely blonde hair that shone in the sun - a perfect angel. She was slim and medium height, but she had such a presence around her, that made you feel warm inside. Her only downfall was her hope, the same hope that she had five years ago when her husband changed into the devil himself. Maggie hoped every day that he would change back into the man she knew, the man she loved; but day after day, he would not change, neither did her hope.

Vin was quickly pulled from his memories when Angela's grip tightened as they heard the door opening.

Time seemed to stand still as they watched as the lightning brightened up the room to reveal the look of hatred in Matthew's eyes, the same dark, blood-thirsty, cold eyes that stared at them each night.

Vin felt Angela tremble as Matthew's hand reached down to grab her arm. Vin tried to stop him from taking her, but his attempts were futile. He watched in horror as Matthew threw Angela hard into the wall, knocking her unconscious, as her body fell limp on the floor. Vin looked up to see the man's gaze on him. He tried to make a run for it, but was stopped when a huge hand grabbed his arm, sending him to the floor.

"Don't kn-know why I even bother with you, boy," Matthew's angry voice was slurred by the alcohol.

Vin knew he would only make things worse by arguing back, so he just lay there, hoping Matthew would pass out; but he never did.

Matthew's rage boiled as he took off his belt. Vin curled himself into a ball, as Matthew raised his hand.

Vin heard the belt's sickening sound as pain ripped through his body. After each hit, his back exploded with unbearable pain. It felt as if his back was on fire - fire that raged across his body, that caused Vin to want to cry out; but he never did, knowing that would just cause more pain.

Finally after what seemed like forever, darkness surrounded him, engulfing him in its wake, sending him into a world of peace...

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To be continued...