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Chapter Four

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Chris and the others headed to the campsite. Their camp was situated in the woods, near a small river. When they got there, there was a little fireplace, a shed where their bathroom was and a small wooden house. Inside there was six beds and cupboards for their clothes.

The beds were small, but the space between the beds was big, so there was plenty of space. Chris took the bed in the corner, where he could see the room from every angle. Buck took the bed to one side, which was still close to Chris. Nathan took the bed on the opposite side to Buck.

They just got comfortable when they heard a little boy's voice. They watched as a nine-year-old kid walked into the room. He had long dark hair that came to his shoulders, was small built and wore blue jeans with a large white T-shirt.

"Hi. Wow, this is so amazing, I mean, I've never been camping before and this is just so cool. When my aunt first told me about this, I nearly died because I was told that I couldn't bring my computer and TV, but then I thought it would be cool to go out, be adventurous and explore stuff.."

Chris, Nathan and Buck watched dumbfounded as they watched the kid drop his bag down on the bed next to Buck's bed, as he continued talking. After two minutes, the kid was still speaking.

"WHOA!" Buck yelled.

The kid immediately fell silent.

"What's your name there kid?" Buck asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry; I'm JD, JD Dunne," JD introduced himself.

Buck smiled. "Well, Kid, I'm Buck Wilmington, this here is Chris Larabee, and the other guy there is Nathan Jackson," Buck introduced.

"Hi," JD said as he shook hands with everyone.

Just as JD shook hands with Nathan, a tall kid walked into the room.

He was tall, about fourteen years old and had short blond hair with soft blue eyes. He wore black jeans with a pale yellow top.

"Morning, I'm Josiah Sanchez," Josiah introduced.

"Josiah, that you?" Nathan asked in surprise.

"Nathan, Nathan Jackson?" Josiah asked.

"Yeah, that's me," Nathan said happily.

Chris, JD and Buck watched as the two kids gave each other a warm handshake.

"You two know each other?" JD asked in surprise.

"Yeah, we're in the same class," Nathan said happily.

Josiah smiled as he dropped his bags on the bed next to Nathan's.

"That means just one more person to meet," JD said.

Buck frowned as he quickly counted everyone. "Guess you're right, Kid," Buck said.

"Don't call me 'Kid'."

"Sure thing, Kid."

"BUCK!" JD moaned.

"KID!" Buck copied.

"STOP!" Chris yelled.

"Oh, come on Chris - it's just like the old days," Buck joked with Chris

"You two know each other?" JD asked.

"Yep, me and Chris grew up together. Best buddies," Buck told the others.

"He follows me around. Can't get rid of him," Chris joked.

"Now that hurts. Come on, you must admit - you're glad I'm here," Buck said.

"I know I'm going to regret this," Chris warned Buck.

JD looked at the small room, then back to the others. "I thought we would be in some huge hall where we would have to share with more people, not that I'm complaining, I like this option better, I was just wondering how they are going to control us. Not that we need controlling, but..."

"Breathe! JD, Breathe. Breathe in, breathe out, in and out," Buck interrupted as he instructed JD how to breathe, worried that the boy would turn blue in the face at any moment.

Josiah and Nathan just smiled; things were looking interesting.

"Mr's Jackson, Sanchez, Wilmington, Dunne, Larabee - I am Ezra P. Standish. It's a pleasure to meet you," a new voice greeted them.

Everyone turned to see an eleven-year-old boy standing in the door way. He wore black pants and a white shirt, with a red coat. He had short brown hair, and amazing green eyes. When he smiled, everyone saw his gold tooth.

Everyone just stared at Ezra, not knowing what exactly to say, or to do.

"Hello Ezra, I'm JD. Hey wait - how did you know our names?" JD asked.

"Mrs Wells informed me," Ezra answered.

"Oh. Well, that's Buck, Chris, Nathan and that's Josiah," JD said as he pointed to each one.

Ezra just smiled to each one.

JD looked at Ezra's feet to see three bags. "You need any help with those bags?" JD asked.

Ezra looked at JD suspiciously - he tried to read JD, but only got good intentions. "I would appreciate it Mr. Dunne," Ezra thanked.

"It's JD," JD informed. He hadn't failed to notice the formal way Ezra had addressed him and he couldn't get along with someone who kept calling him 'Mr. Dunne'.

"I know, Mr. Dunne," Ezra replied, silently refusing to call the younger boy by his initials.

"Do you ALWAYS speak like that?" JD asked.

"Yes, Mr. Dunne, I am afraid this is my means of communication," Ezra explained.

JD helped Ezra with his bags.

Once everyone was settled in, no-one knew what to do, so they all sat down on their beds, waiting for some instructions.

"So why are you here?" JD asked Josiah.

"My parents thought it would be good to reach out - meet new friends and experience something different," Josiah explained.

"I'm here because my mom wants me to get out and meet new people. Also so she can work out of the country to earn some money," Buck explained.

"I'm here to meet new friends and to get out and about a bit. Normally I would be reading medical journals, so I can learn to be a doctor. So my parents dropped me here to get some practice around people," Nathan said.

"I'm here because my mom died two years ago and I went to live with my aunt - and well, since then, I've spent every moment indoors, by the computer, TV or anything electronic. So she thought it would be good to get away from that. And to meet new people," JD explained.

"Sorry about your mom," Buck said sadly.

"Don't worry, it was her time. Don't get me wrong, I miss her, but she explained why she had to go. So I'm okay," JD said

"I am here, not by choice, but because my mother had to go away on business and since I was in the way and this camp was opened, she thought it would be a wonderful experience for me to try my gift among my fellow peers," Ezra spoke.

Everyone looked at Chris.

Chris just glared at Buck, then left the room.

"Chris is here because he needs to live again. Since the car crash he has been hiding. So his parents had to force him out in the open," Buck explained for Chris.

"What happened?" JD asked.

"Sara, Chris's sister, was driving. Adam, their younger brother, was sitting in the front seat, Chris sat at the back. A truck lost its brakes and hit them head on. Killed Adam, Sara died in hospital and Chris was in hospital for a long time, but he survived," Buck said sadly.

"Survivor's guilt," Josiah said sadly.

"Yep, so that's why he's not in a good mood. Oh and don't get him angry. You don't want to see his glare. Damn, that boy's glare can cut down mountains," Buck joked.

Chris came back a little later, the others were all joking around just having fun; Chris sat down, but didn't join in. He wished he was home, in his room; he didn't want to go out. He knew it wasn't his fault that they died, he just felt numb. His demons were controlling him. He was lost in the shadows, and nothing or no one could save him.

After an hour of joking and getting to know each other, Nettie came into the camp and everyone went quiet.

"Good Morning, boys. As you know, this camp is to survive the outdoors. But we are going to be kind. We have given you this camp and the essentials. For the next month, you are to remain here, and explore, within these boundaries," she said giving them a map with instructions.

"The flags show where to go if you need any of us. The red lines mean that's the end - do not pass the lines. The yellow spots show where you can fish and blue is for washing your dishes. There is a washing machine at the office for your clothes and blankets. Good luck. Oh, and you must be back at ten. There will be an alarm. When the alarm goes, you've got ten minutes to get here; after those ten minutes, we are coming to do a head count. If one of you is missing, we will do a search. If one of you get hurt or lost, blow the whistle - long blows - and we will come. Do you understand those rules?" Nettie asked.

"Yes Mrs Wells," they all replied

"It's 'Nettie', if any of you need to talk, or just need to say something. Problems or whatever, I am here. You can also go to Travis, Davies or Potter," Nettie explained.

With nothing left to say, she said goodbye to them and left for the next camp; as soon as she left the others started to talk again.

After a while JD, got bored. "Lets go and explore," JD asked; everyone looked at each other and just shrugged their shoulders, no one really minded what they did next.

"Let's go then," Buck spoke for everyone.

They all headed out; then they walked and walked. They looked at their surroundings, it was beautiful, so peaceful: trees were everywhere and bushes surrounded most of the area. They could hear the river in the distance, as well as the wildlife.

They kept on going, and Ezra started to moan about the dirt, and his clothing.

"JD, STOP! We're by the red lines," Nathan said, as he eyed the red mark.

"Oh, can't we just go a little bit deeper?" JD asked.

The others looked at Chris.

"Why not, but we stop when we start to lose the red marks," Chris said, taking charge.

They walked a while longer and stopped when they saw a stream. They stopped and had a little drink, and washed their hot faces.

They were just relaxing when a voice came from behind them.

o o o

To be continued...