was going to be mean and leave this chapter for a while - but i changed my mind! Ok, this is the end of my story. I'm glad you all liked it. Ido have some more story ideas and they are much longer, but i don't know when I'll put them on this site. Sometime soon i hope, after they're finished.

Chapter eight


"You're back," said Giles, looking up from the old book that he had been reading. Buffy noticed that Giles kept looking at Spike with narrowed eyes that were filled with hatred. It was very un-Giles. Something had to have happened.

"Have you found anything?" she asked, resigning herself to the fact that she was going home and she couldn't change anything.

"I have found a locators spell," said Giles coolly. "It should find the rip in reality again and reveal it to us, binding it in one place long enough for you two to walk through."

Buffy nodded.

"Although," Giles added, "I do despise the fact that we are going to allow this creature to leave Buffy - even if It is back to his own time."

"Yeah. I thought there was only supposed to be one vampire with a soul anyway?" asked Cordelia.

Buffy whirled round to face Spike. "You told them?"

"So it is true," Angel murmured in wonder.

"Hey - you guessed it. And - they were going to kill me Buffy. I had to do something."

She shook her head and then looked at her friends - but they weren't her friends really. They didn't know her - they knew past Buffy. She sighed. "I'm really sorry you guys. You're just going to have to - forget about this one. Believe me, it'll be for your own good. Spike does have a soul, but you know I can't reveal the details. You're just going to have to trust me and accept it," she hesitated. "I know it'll be dangerous, but Giles, you're going to have to do a spell or something. To make you forget. Please? You know it's the right thing to do." Giles nodded reluctantly.

As Giles and Willow gathered up the ingredients for the spell, past Buffy came and stood by her. "So," she started. Buffy smiled back at her. She looked so young and innocent. "So. At least I know I make it to 2003."

Buffy frowned. "Maybe that's a bad thing.. Maybe not. I'm not sure."

"How could it be bad?" asked past Buffy. "But…does everyone else make it?"

Buffy shook her head. "You know I can't tell you that kiddo."

"I know."

"We're ready," said Willow.

"Let's get this bloody show on the road!" muttered Spike. Both Buffy's rolled their eyes at this.

"Typical Spike!" they both said as one - and then they burst into laughter. The other's looked at them confused.

"We're just understanding each other," said past Buffy.

"I should hope so," said Wesley. "You're the same person!"

They opened the time rift outside the school. Luckily, it was facing away from the building and the other side was dark - so the group couldn't see the burned ruins of the school - which had to be a good thing.

Buffy turned back to the group and smiled. "Thank you for your help - and for not killing us."

"Right," added Spike.

The Scooby gang looked at each other nervously. Past Buffy peered through the rift, wondering what her future life must be like.

"Don't worry. It'll be alright," said Buffy. It was the only comfort she could give them. Buffy looked at her watcher. "Remember the spell Giles," she said, a hint of warning in her voice.

"I will," he promised her seriously. Then Spike and Buffy moved forward.


When Buffy looked behind her, the school was a mass of burned ruins. It was like looking at her friends deaths - even though she knew they survived the battle with the Mayor. One minute they had been there, then they weren't. She shivered.

"Creepy huh?" asked Spike, as if reading her thoughts.

She nodded.. "I should have known better then to try and change anything," she murmured. "because it's never that simple."

Spike let her talk.

"I guess…I guess I just miss the times when everything was more simple," she went on. "When I knew what was right and what was wrong. What was good and what was evil. You know?"

"Better then anyone," he answered. "You're talking about me, right?"

She smiled. "In a way. You do complicate things don't you? I mean - back then you were evil.You should have been something that i could deal with. And yet I couldn't kill you…even when I had the chance to. And now…."

"Is there a point to this Buffy?" he asked, but it wasn't a sarcastic question. She looked up at him. "Don't know yet. I'm just thinking aloud. Maybe one day I'll figure out the point."

As they neared her street, she thought that Sunnydale was too quiet. Her fears doubled when she noticed the lights to her street were blacked out and she heard a scream. Dawn! She thought, and began to run.


The Turuk-Han vamps were everywhere. There were maybe 15 - but it seemed like a million. Buffy spared little thought in wondering why there were so few. If the First knew she was out of town - which must have been the case - then it could have sent more. Maybe it figured this was enough to finish off her friends - and it looked like that was true. They were barely coping as it was. Now Buffy knew how to kill them - she and Spike quickly took care of them.

"Thank god you're ok!" said Dawn, giving her a hug.

Buffy looked around the group. "What about you guys?" she asked.

"It's lucky you came when you did," said Giles.

"They had only just managed to get into the basement when you guys attacked," confirmed Kennedy.

Buffy nodded in relief. "That's good. We should probably get to the hospital though. Some of you look worse then others."

"Where have you guys been anyway?" asked Xander, wiping blood away from his face.

"You wouldn't believe us if we told you," said Spike.

Los Angeles

Angel's eyes snapped open suddenly. He heard the sound of the clock chiming in the depths of the hyperian hotel. He walked from his room to the hotel lobby - and was surprised to see Lorne and Wesley still up.

"Hello Angel," said Wesley. "I'm glad you're up."

"I'm usually up," muttered the vampire. "It's nearly three in the morning. So, is there anyway to get information about the beast without turning me into Angelus?"

"'Fraid not Angel cakes," said Lorne. "Sorry Angel," added Wesley. "No one else seems to know anything except what we've already learned. You should get some more sleep though. You seem a little on edge - and we need to let evil know that we're in control of the situation."

Angel shook his head. "Why should I be on edge? We're in the middle of an apocalypse. There's no sun, vamps roaming the streets, a huge invincible beast - and you guys want to release the worst beast of all into the world. But on top of all that, I just had a dream that Spike has a soul and that he's with Buffy. I swear to god it was so real."

Wes and Lorne glanced at each other. "It's finally happened," said Lorne, shaking his head.

"yes. I'm afraid so," said Wesley distractedly as he looked back at the prophecy scrolls - trying to see if there was anything new that he'd missed.

"I knew it would eventually," Lorne continued. "Angel's gone insane!"

Angel rolled his eyes. "I'm just glad it was only a dream. It's too crazy to be real, right?"