There are two sisters in the Curtis family. Rachel's fifteen and in tenth grade and Danielle (Dani) is six and in kindergarten. The events of the book do not happen. Thank you and enjoy.

Chapter one – Dani's in trouble:

"Okay class, put the toys away." Said Dani's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Mitchell. The class hurried to follow the instructions.
"Yo, Curtis!" A little annoying Soc-to-be whispered to Dani while sticking out his tongue. "Put away my toys!"
"Fuck you, Billy." Was Dani's calm response. Unfortunately, Mrs. Mitchell heard Dani but didn't hear Billy. Or did she?
"Danielle Curtis!" she cried taking out a piece of paper. "Go to the principle's office right now!"
"But-But-" Dani stammered trying to get out of trouble. The last thing she wanted was to be sent to the office.
"But nothing, young lady. Off you go." Mrs. Mitchell answered handing Dani the note she had just finished writing. Dani gulped and resentfully left. She arrived at the office much too soon for her liking. The secretary told her to go in to he principle's office. As she walked in, Mrs. Reilly, the principle looked up at her.
"Why, hello Ms. Curtis. What are you doing in here?" She asked.
"I-I-" Dani couldn't get any words out, she just handed her the note. After Mrs. Reilly finished reading, she looked back up at Dani.
"Well, Ms. Curtis, I'm afraid I will have to call your brother." Dani looked up at her with genuine fear written all over her face.
"No! No, please! You can't!" She cried. "He'll hate me! Please! He'll hate me!" Mrs. Reilly was shocked to hear this.
"Now, where did you get an idea like that?" She asked incredulously. Dani shrugged. "I see it on T.V. all the time." Mrs. Reilly shook her head and sent Dani to sit outside her office and wait for Darry. After finding Darry's work number, Mrs. Reilly picked up the phone and called him.
After two rings, the phone was answered. "Yeah?" was the response.
"I'm looking for Mr. Darrel Curtis." Mrs. Reilly said.
"Hold on." Came the answer. A minute later Darry answered.
"Darrel Curtis." He said.
"Hi, Mr. Curtis. This is Mrs. Reilly, Danielle's Principle." Mrs. Reilly said.
"Hi," Darry replied some what worried. "Is there a problem?"
"Well, we have a situation with her. If you'd come down to the school, I'd like to explain it to you." She requested.
"Yeah, sure. I'll be there in about ten minutes." Darry responded.
"Thank you." Mrs. Reilly hung up the phone. After hearing the 'click' that indicates that the connection is closed, Darry got permission from his boss and was on his way.
Fifteen minutes later Darry arrived at the school. He walked into the office and saw his little sister sitting, waiting and trying to hold back tears. Darry walked over to her.
"Hey baby, what happened?" He said bending down next to her.
"I didn't do nothin'!" Dani cried.
"I'm gonna go talk to Mrs. Reilly, okay?" He said and Dani nodded. He went to the secretary, told her who he was, and she told her to go in. He walked in and Mrs. Reilly looked up.
"Ah, Mr. Curtis, have a seat." He did so. Mrs. Reilly handed him the note. He read it and handed it back,
"I'm afraid we're going to have to suspend Danielle." Mrs. Reilly told Darry.
"What?" Darry asked. "For cursing?"
"Well, you see, Mr. Curtis, she's in kindergarten, we can't have anyone cursing." Darry sighed and nodded. After exchanging goodbye's he turned to walk out the door."
"Oh, Mr. Curtis." Mrs. Reilly called him back. He turned back around.

"I think Danielle's been watching too much T.V." She went on to tell him that Dani thought that he would now hate her. After the conversation was done, Darry left her office.
Upon seeing her brother, Dani couldn't hold back her tears any longer. She immediately began to cry. Darry hurried over to her and picked her up.
"Shh, baby." He tried to calm her down. "C'mon, stop crying. What's wrong?"
"Do you hate me now?" Dani asked in between sobs.
"What? No! Never!" Darry answered. "Listen," Darry picked up her chin so that she was looking at him. "No matter what. You hear me? No matter what, I will never hate you! I will always love you! I promise!" Dani nodded understanding and hugged his neck. Darry returned the hug and carried her out to the car. When they were sitting in the car, and Darry had begun to drive, he turned to his baby sister.
"Why don't you tell me what happened?" Darry asked. Dani went on to tell him what happened. She finished with "am I in trouble?" Darry thought for a moment.
"Well," Darry began. "I don't blame you for what you said. And you've already been punished enough by being suspended. But don't curse anymore okay?" Dani nodded. "And you can't believe everything you hear on T.V." Dani knew exactly what he was talking about and nodded again.
"You hungry?" Darry asked and was responded by yet another nod. "Want to go Dairy Queen?" Another nod. Darry chuckled slightly and they went to eat.
They arrived home about half hour later. Darry went to the phone and called his boss, telling him he wouldn't be able to go back to work. He then flopped down on the couch and turned on the T.V. A minute later, Dani crawled onto Darry's lap, laid her head on his chest, and fell asleep. Darry exhausted, and he too fell asleep.

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