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Young Justice and the Time Portal:Aftermath

Young Justice stood in shock as they watched the building explode and then collapse on itself. They had been a good half mile from the explosion and now ran to get to the building, none of them thinking of jumping back into the Supercycle. Impulse, now having his full powers back quickly ran at full speed for as long as he could, funneling off most of the fire. But now he collapsed, even though he had his powers back his energy level had not risen a great deal. Superboy and Wondergirl began sifting through the rubble while Impulse rested. Secret mistified and began searching the small areas throughout the debris. After resting for a moment Impulse began to help once more, at a much slower pace for once. The search took a long time, there was enough burning cinders and such, lying around a rescue team would have taken a week to look through it all.

Young Justice soon became exhausted after only a half an hour of searching and calling Robin's name, but they had to keep looking. As long as they kept looking there was a chance.


Meanwhile a very tired and confused Justice League had slowly woken up in the cycle. Superman woke first having his powers restored quickly being out in the desert under the sun. He stood listening to and watching Young Justice sift through the rubble. Wonder Woman awoke and went next to him.

"Did they save us?" Superman nodded. "What are they doing?" She asked, indicating the team.
"I haven't gone over yet but they're searching through the debris and calling out Robin's name." Superman said with a slight emotional apprehension behind his voice.
"Shouldn't we be helping?" Diana asked.
Superman shook his head and lowered his gaze. "There's no point. I've been listening closely. There's no sound of any life in this whole desert other than us. I hear only 10 heartbeats within 100 miles."
"Yes you are right Clark. I am only sensing 10 lifeforms as well." Martian Manhunter had awoken as well. "Should we go tell them?"
"Yes. It's best we do or else they will stay there all night in their search." Superman had begun to approach the small group of young heroes when Secret called out.


Young Justice had been searching for about an hour now. They had searched and researched the same areas over and over. Their only major discovery had been the body of Mr.Smith. He was burned and utterly unrecognizable if not for that stupid tie. This discovery only disheartened the young friends as they shuddered at finding Robin in the same condition.
Secret was going over an area she knew Robin wasn't going to be found in when she did spot a metal of some sort shining in the sun. She floated over to it and found it to be nothing but Robin's bostaff.

Secret picked it up and realized he must be dead. She knew he kept the staff collapsed and on a hook behind his cape. If the staff was here so was his body. She concluded it had burned before Impulse put out the fire. She began to cry.

One by one the other members approached her and upon seeing the staff came to the same realization. Their friend was dead. They sat there and mourned for a long time, the JLA coming over to console them best they could. Many tears were shed and a great friend lost.

Eventually Superman coaxed them to get on the cycle to go home. It was long and gloomy ride. Superman had insisted on driving until Young Justice finally convinced him the cycle wouldn't let him, especially not now, that was Robin's seat.


It had been a week since Robin had been gone and a memorial was being held for him at YJ Head Quarters. No body had been found but they had a casket anyway. Everyone was invited and everyone came, except Batman that is, no one could find him, young and old superheroes a like. They were all dressed in their crime fighting attire since these forms were the ones they had known Robin best in. The members of JLA who still had members in Young Justice to whom they were associated, spoke to them at the service.

"Hey Kon, how's it going?"
"Huh?" Superboy swung around he had been deep in thought and not expecting anyone. "Oh hey Clark. Nice service isn't it?"
"Yes you kids did a great job organizing it." Kon sighed deeply and stared back at his wall. "You know Kon, Robin knew the risks of the game before he played. He chose to stay behind and I'm sure he'd stand by that choice."
"I know. I just wish I had been able to do something........anything."
"You saved me and the rest of the Justice League." Superman knew this wouldn't help much.
"No I didn't. That was Rob, through and through. He made the plans and he saw most of them through." Superboy felt like scum for not helping, even though deep down he knew there was nothing he could do.
"Look Kon there was nothing you could do. Now I'm going to be in the main hall if you want to talk." Superman turned around and left.
"Yeah right." Kon muttered under his breath.


Impulse had left the ceremony for a few minutes to stretch his legs. He missed Robin and he knew he wouldn't mind if he had left, Bart had been standing almost perfectly still for nearly half an hour. He had to get out of there. He was spinning around the cave outside when another red blur passed.
"Hey!" Impulse had been startled. No one ever passed him.
"Sorry Bart but I wanted to talk to you." It was the Flash.
"What about?" Impulse asked.
"I think you know." Impulse lowered his head and thought a moment. A slight tear forming in his eye.
"What is there to say. Rob's gone. That's that."
"You're taking it quite well."
"Robin always tried to teach me to be more mature."
"We've all tried to teach you that." Impulse saddened a bit more. So far Flash was not helping. "But I think Robin was starting to get through to you wasn't he?" Impulse nodded his head and wiped his nose on his sleeve.
"Rob never treated me like some of the others. He respected me....or..something like that. He never made me feel like the outcast of the group, he made sure I understood everything and he said he thought I could be a great hero someday. Someone does all that for you, you start to shape up a bit." Bart began to cry a bit more. His eyes were those of a lost puppy.
Flash whirled him around and looked him in the eye. "Bart you are a great hero. Never forget that. Robin knew it and I want you to know it too." Bart smiled and wiped away the tears. "Wanna go back to the service now?" Impulse nodded and they walked slowly back to the cave.


The gym in the upstairs was empty except for one lone female figure. She was fighting robots in a simulation. Suddenly the program shut down.
"Hey. What's going on?" Cassie spun around to see Wonder Woman standing there.
"Why aren't you at the service?"
Cassie kicked at another robot. "What for, so I can hang out with real heroes that know I have no right being in the same room as them."
"Please Cassie. No one feels that way. All heroes start somewhere, and they all know you're starting." Wonder Woman attempted to relate with her young counterpart.
"Yeah, I know. I just feel a bit down."
"You shouldn't. It's great that you and your friends did this so everyone could remember Robin together. So why aren't you downstairs remembering him?"
Cassie smiled. "I'll be down in a sec. I wanna get cleaned up."


It was dark in the meeting room of the YJ headquarters, and there wasn't a sound coming except that of a soft crying. The crying of someone totally alone and scared. The mist girl sat in the chair with the Robin signal on the back. She didn't know who she was or who her family was. Ever since she had freed herself from the DEO she had felt completely alone. Except when she was with Robin. He had promised never to leave her and now he was gone. She felt so lost. Just then a sound came from across the room and a figure walked in. It was the former Arrowette.

"Suzie? Are you here?" Asked the gold medalist.
Secret wiped away some of the tears. "I'm right here Cissie."
Cissie sat down next to her grief striken friend. "How are you doing?"
"Not good. I still can't believe he's gone."
"Yeah, we'll all miss him." She put her arm around her the best she could.
"No you don't understand. When the building blew up I felt two spirits leave this realm. We found the bodies of Smith and Crawford so I thought it was them. Robin's spirit left too. But it went somewhere different, it's not here, but it's also not in the same place as Smith and Crawford's."
Cissie thought for a moment. She knew Secret could feel these things and should not ignore them when she felt it. "Suzie have you ever heard of heaven and hell?" Secret stared at her somewhat blankly. She had an idea, but no real explanation. "I'll tell you about it later. I bet Robin's just in one place and Smith and Crawford went somewhere else. Why don't we go back in. Superman's gonna say some stuff." Suzie nodded. "Secret you'll always have me and everyone else on the team. Don't forget it." Suzie smiled and walked out with her friend.


Red Tornado stood in front of the group. The remaining and former members of YJ were discussing all the things they had done with Robin when they noticed Tornado in the front of the room. Everyone went quiet.

"I would like to thenk you all for coming." The android began. "We are here to remember the life of Robin. He was known to all of us as the Boy Wonder, which he was. Time after time I witnessed him dodge obstacle after obstacle and avoid death at every turn and still manage to save the day and keep his team mates alive. He was also a remarkable friend. Not once has he ever let down his friends and comrades. Why I remember once........."

Red Tornado was interrupted by a flash of light and a whirl of wind. A huge cyclone had emerged in the middle of the room. Papers and food flew everywhere, while all heroes stood ready to fight, not knowing what was happening.
"What's going on?" Impulse asked no one imparticular.
"I don't know but I don't like the look of it." Cassie answered him.

The members of JLA had instinctively formed a circle around the cyclone and were awaiting to see what would happen. Just then Secret looked at Cissie and had a look in her eyes of complete hope. "Cissie, it's the other place."

Just then the cyclone shifted and the color changed. It appeared to be powering up, suddenly an object came out of the cyclone. The JLA stood in defensive stance, when Young Justice suddenly burst through their circle of defense and ran to what had come out of the funnel. They helped him up.

"ROBIN????!!!!" The entire congregation shouted upon seeing the undead Boy Wonder.

Young Justice helped their leader to his feet. He still had some broken ribs and a sprained ankle just to start the list of injuries. But injuries or not his friends were going to express their feelings, especially Secret who gave Robin a big hug.

"I don't believe it you're alive." Superboy exclaimed.
"Why wouldn't I be alive?" Robin asked while removing Secret. "I missed you too Secret. What's going on? Why's everyone here." Robin searched the room and then in the far corner spotted a sign.


Robin looked at all of his friends and the heroes around him. "You thought I was dead?"

All of Young Justice lowered their heads, ashamed at the thought of having so little faith in him to think he was dead.
Superman approached the friends. "Well Robin we searched the remnants of the building thoroughly and were unable to find your remains and we assumed the worst. When you didn't show up anywhere we had to accept your death. You have been gone a whole week."

Robin stood awestruck. "I...I never even thought you might think I was dead. I'm really sorry guys."
"Hey no prob Rob you're alive. Why are you alive anywho?" Impulse asked.

Robin smiled. "I guess there was no way of you knowing. Crawford had activated the time portal and was about to jump through. I knew I had to stop him. I took care of Mr.Smith and stopped Crawford from jumping through. He must have rather died than go to jail because he ran away, even when the self destruct had just counted down to 10 seconds. In the shape I was in I knew I couldn't catch him and make him leave in time, so I let him run."

"What happened then?Whathappenedthen?Whathappenedthen?Whathappenedthen?Whathappenedthen?"

"Calm down and I'll tell you Bart. I knew I couldn't get out either so I programmed the time portal for a week later and made YJ headquarters, being the first thing that came to mind, my target. I jumped through just as the timer hit zero and came out here."
"Well it's obvious you were trained by the world's greatest detective." Red Tornado complimented.
"Indeed." added Superman.
"Thanks. So is there anyway we can turn this funeral into a party?" Robin cocked an eyebrow.
"What are you talking about, we were partying, til you crashed in." Two minutes alive and Robin was already getting cheek from Superboy.
"Funny kid." Impulse ran in with some party hats and streamers. He gave Robin a hat.
"Well let's party."
"Not so fast, boy wonder." Superman stopped him. "You're injured. Shouldn't you go to Medlab?"
"Don't worry. I'm fine." Robin lied.
"Really. You appear to have a broken ankle and ribs. As well as a concussion."
"I hate x-ray vision. You forgot possible internal bleeding."
"You have none thankfully."
Robin smiled to himself. It was nice having so many people who cared about him. "Okay you win. I'll go to Medlab." Robin took about three steps before falling over from his ankle. "It just may take awhile."
Superboy caught him and stood Robin upright. "I'll take you down."
"Okay kid." Robin looked around the room once more. "Will someone tell Batman I'm not dead?"
"No problem. You get your injuries looked after."
"All right Flash, just tell him quickly." Flash just stared at him. Huh quickly.

Superboy picked up Robin and carefully brought him to Medlab, Red Tornado close behind. Everyone stood in awe. One minute he was dead the next he's telling them escape stories. Well that's why he's the Boy Wonder. They all begun discussing what just happened, glad he was alive and relieved Batman would be in a good mood for once for a little while. They all began to celebrate life, a good change from their constant habit lately to celebrate death.

The End.
by. Diana/Robinyj