I'm assuming that everyone reading this has seen West Side Story, so when it comes to people in the movie (yes, this is based on the movie) I'm not describing them. Sorry. I really don't have the patience right now. Anyways, on with the story.
The Jets were at Doc's waiting for the Emeralds. They were going to have a war council. The Emeralds had come out of no where and claimed the Jet's turf, but there was no way in hell that the Jets would let that happen. All the Jets were there. So was Riff's girlfriend, Graziella and Ice's girlfriend, Velma. So was Anybodys, a girl who was longing to be accepted into the Jets. Riff turned to Graziella and Velma.
"Look, when the Emeralds get here-" Riff began but was cut off by Graziella. "Cut out," she finished for him rolling her eyes. "We know." Riff just smiled but the smile faded as his eyes landed on his sister, Sam.

"Sam-" he started but was yet again cut off.
"No." Sam stated flatly.
"Look, Sam, we all know that you can fight as good as anyone and that you can kick any of their asses. But the fact remains that you are a girl. And they don't know that you can kick their asses and they'll go after you."
"Riff" Sam said. "No." Riff sighed, giving up. Sam was the only girl in the Jets. She was the only girl, that Riff knew, was strong enough to fight in a gang. But still, she was his baby sister—well, not so much baby, she was fifteen and he was eighteen—and he worried about her.
"Well, I ain't goin' anywhere either!" Anybodys cried.
"Like hell your not." Ice said, looking up from making out with Velma.
"How come she," Anybodys pointed at Sam, "Gets to stay and I don't?!"
"'Cause she's part o' the gang!" Tiger said, tired of Anybodys always bugging them to be in the gang. "And you're not!"
"'Sides," A-rab added, "We like her and we don't like you." Everyone laughed, Suddenly, the Emeralds filed in quietly and Graziella and Velma immediately left. So did Anybodys. After a push from Riff that is. The leader and his lieutenant went straight to a table and sat down. Riff and Tony sat down in front of them.
"We're in a hurry," The leader, whose name was Paul, said. "We have no time for gracious living." He said. It was always a custom at war councils to order cokes before they started. It was known as 'gracious living.'
"All right then," Riff said. "Let's cut to it. Time?"
"Tomorrow. Six?" Paul responded. Riff looked around at his gang to see if anyone had any objections. When no one shook their heads, he nodded and shook Paul's hand. Then he said "Place."
"The park?" Paul asked.
"No." Riff said. "Under the highway?" One of the Emeralds shook their head, to which Paul said "The river." Action shook his head.
"How 'bout the playground." Sam said from behind Riff. Sam was the second Lieutenant. No one protested so they shook on it. The Jets were used to fighting with skin, so Riff sat there silently waiting to see if the Emeralds wanted weapons.
"We fight with skin." Paul said as if he were reading Riff's mind. "Our best man fights your best man?" Riff agreed and they shook hands.
About ten minutes later the Emeralds had left and the Jets were outside Doc's joking around. Riff got bored and decided to go home. 'Home' for Riff and Sam, was an abandoned apartment Riff had found and claimed. Their parents were both dead.
"Everyone be at the playground at three. I'll tell you then who's fighting tomorrow." Riff said to the gang. Then turning to Sam said, "You comin'?" Not having anything else to do, Sam agreed and after saying bye to the gang they left.
As they were walking home, Sam suddenly looked up at Riff and said "Riff, let me do it." Riff looked at his sister. "Do what?" he asked her.
"Fight." Sam responded. "Let me fight."
Riff sighed. "Sam--" But he was cut off. Poor Riff couldn't get a full sentence in today.
"C'mon Riff, please! C'mon it's skin! What's the worse that can happen?! Nothing! C'mon! 'Sides you'll be right there! That oughtta make you feel better." Seeing that emotion, the one that when you want to do something really badly, in his sister's eyes, he had to agree.
"You really wanna?" he asked.
"YES!" came the response. Riff sighed and gave in. "Fine." Sam beamed. "Thanks, Riff." Riff just grinned and shook his head. When they got home, they had nothing better to do than watch TV. So that's exactly what they were doing. It was about two o'clock when they got home. They watched TV, played cards, a few games of Uncle (Sam won each one) and just bummed around until like five o'clock when they both dropped off on the couch.