Sam was walking to class. First period hadn't even started and she was already bored. She turned around when she heard someone call out "Hey, Jet!" She saw someone from the Hawks, a gang that was allies with the Emeralds. She sighed knowing what was coming.
"What d'you want?" she asked irritated.
"The kid you beat up last night," the guy began. Sam could tell he was about Riff's age. "He's my cousin. And I don't appreciate what you did. Therefore, you will pay." He stepped closer to Sam. Sam threw down her bag and her books as she stood ready to fight. But the words "Hey dumbass, get the fuck away.", stopped that. The voice belonged to Riff who was standing in front of A-rab, Action and Ice. Riff nodded his head, motioning for Sam to come stand with them. But Sam didn't. If a gang member disobeyed their gang leader, they risked getting thrown out of the gang. But all Sam risked was a lecture from her big brother. Upon seeing that his sister wasn't walking towards him, Riff called out to her.
Sam just shook her head, which kind of intimidated the kid who was trying to beat her up because he saw that Sam was brave enough to disobey her gang leader. Of course, he didn't know that Riff was her brother. Riff fought the urge to call his sister by her full name. That would really piss her off like nobody but the Jets knew. Sam hated to be called by her full name. One time, when Baby John was new to the gang, Riff introduced everyone to him. When he got to Sam, Baby John asked if it was short for Samantha. Sam beat the hell out of him and it took Riff, Ice and Action to pull her off him. But that didn't matter anymore. It hadn't kept them from becoming friends.
The kid trying to get Sam, whose name turned out to be Rich, stood there kind of scared. He knew he was about to get killed. After all, it was now four on one. But he couldn't run or his reputation would be destroyed. Everyone in a gang has a reputation.
Riff realized that there was no way that Sam would let this kid be beaten up by anyone but herself. But Sam had just been in a really big fight the day before and Riff didn't want her in another one so soon. He knew she could take it and beat him up in a matter of seconds, but he was a very protective brother.
"Get outta here, kid." Riff said. "You have seconds to run." Rich just nodded and left. Then Riff turned to Sam, pissed off because she hadn't listened to him.
"Sam, come here." Sam sighed and walked over to him.
"Guys, go back to class, or whatever." Riff told Ice, A-rab and Action. They all nodded and went to find something to do. Riff led Sam outside.
"Sam, I told you to come over to me! Why didn't you?!"
"Riff, relax!" Sam said and sat down next to him. "Nothing bad could've happened and you know it!" Riff sighed.
"I know, I know. But I worry about you. It's my job, I'm your big brother." Sam rolled her eyes and smiled a little.
"Well you take it way too seriously."
"Well that sucks for you then doesn't it?" Riff asked jokingly.
"Hell yeah." Sam answered.
"Just try to listen me once in a while, huh?" Riff asked.
"Hmm...I'll think about it." Riff just laughed and they went back inside.