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The Lie That I Lived

Mai Valentine- 26

Seto Kaiba- 25

Joey Wheeler- 24

Yami Mouto- 24

Tea Mouto- 24

Serenity Wheeler- 22

Mokuba Kaiba- 20

Yes yes...it's been, just about forever since I've updated, but right now, I'm making myself finish these stories up because I don't want to leave it hanging. As you've probably already realized, this is the last chapter of this story...that's been going on for about 3 years...I'd like to thank the people that stuck through this story and reviewed and read it, it really means a lot when people read and leave reviews. Well I won't prolong it anymore, thank you everyone...and here it is!



"Befriending all those she met. She had an air of elegance and sophistication to her. Mai Valentine was an amazing young woman, always trying to stay above competition, she will forever be known as a strong woman…even in death…"

Kaiba watched the service. Everyone was gathered around her cold corpse, the one the police had extracted from the lake near the hospital. Leaning against the tree, he watched the small crowd that had bothered to show up to Mai's funeral. A few colleagues, friends, and right up front, Joey Wheeler, Yami and Tea, and Mokuba. He should've been there, but he couldn't come to terms with everything like this. She was only a few metres away from where he stood, however, she was beyond his touch.

The one woman who was his equal, he'd snap and she'd bite back with vigour. She intrigued him, always mysterious, never revealing too much about herself, but let enough of her show that she caught his interest. Mai Valentine could have been, for Seto Kaiba at least, the woman…


"Now we bow our heads in respect and in remembrance of a wonderful woman, her only essence is that of her beautiful daughter Faith. Rest in peace young Mai Valentine, we hope that you have finally found your solace…"

'She's finally free…' Yami thought. 'Not bound of the bitterness that her past had made her suffer, she was free of herself…free to roam as she wishes, no past baggage, a new beginning for her…' He looked over at his wife you now held the little baby close to her beating heart. Her eyes were closed, now allowing the familiarity between her and her mother's eyes to be revealed, strands of soft blonde hair sway in the wind, as her little chest went in and out with her breathing. Mai could not have left a better gift for Yami and Tea. A daughter they would love just as their own.

"Joey… are you ready to leave?" Tea quietly whispered, as she watched the few people who had bothered to show up, quickly and awkwardly shuffle out.

"Yeah Tea…in a minute…"

Tea nodded, Yami slipped his arm around his wife's waist and with his young daughter, they walked towards the entrance of the graveyard, only stopped briefly. Yami looked over at the tree where the shadow had quickly disappeared.

"There's an air of cowardice I would never have imagined you to possess Kaiba."

And with that, Yami left, even with the cool atmosphere, smirking to himself.


Mokuba silently walked up to Joey, and gently rested his hand on his shoulder as they stared intently at her grave, almost, half-expecting her to jump right out of it and tell them to stop being so emo…

"She was a wonderful person Joey, be happy that a part of her heart belonged to you…"

"And the other part to your brother."

However, the words were not bitter. Just, matter-of-fact.

"Maybe it's better for her this way, she wouldn't have done it if she didn't want too. It was one of her traits, only she controlled what she did and when she did it. I think she's happier this way," Mokuba said, looking into the gloomy sky.

"I still wish… just a goodbye… just one last time…"

"We all wanted our last moment with Mai, but maybe she thought we were all at peace anyways and there was no point in disrupting it. All she wanted was a piece of mind, end happily even if her life was crappy."

"I hope she's happy. She deserves to be happy," Joey said, finally looking away from her grave and into the sky.

Throughout her funeral, there was the threat of rain, the gloominess only seemed fitting in the occasion, however, now, the clouds were rolling back and the sun peaked though, small hints of warmth fell into the picture, making it seem brighter. It seemed as though the sun was given a chance to sun it's brightest and was taking full advantage of its second chance. And maybe, that's what Mai was looking for, a chance to relive her life according to her whim, without suffering for everyone, now she had her opportunity to shine, not to fall behind everyone else while they had their moment. She could now have her moment, her life, her eternity.

'I loved you Mai Valentine. I've always loved and I'll continue loving you.'

He turned to face Mokuba, both his hands tucked into his black pants he walked over to the younger Kaiba and smiled weakly.

A brisk wind that blew by them as they realized they were no longer alone.

Brown eyes stared head-on into icy blue eyes. The intensity between the stares growing, but neither willing to back down. Kaiba approached his brother and Joey confidently. He seemed to be unmoved by everything around him, as though nothing could ever falter his rock-hard exterior, not even the death of a woman that he loved and loved him back.

Kaiba nodded curtly in Joey's direction, brushing past his shoulder as he approached her grave.

"You missed the ser—"

"I heard it all Wheeler."

His eyes scrutinized his surroundings. The fresh dew that hung on the grass, the dirt that had been dug, the grey stone with her name…

Joey looked at Kaiba, and for the first time in his life, saw Kaiba to be his equal. Not the jerk he had known that considered everyone to be beneath him, but as a human who expressed emotions when he felt them strongly enough. And right now, whatever he was feeling must have been killing him inside to make him seem his vulnerable.

"She loved ya man… and don't be surprised by it."

Joey kept his back to Kaiba and Kaiba didn't choose to acknowledge what he had just said. Silence passed between the two for a moment, before Joey looked to Mokuba, with a slight jerking motion he indicated that they should leave Kaiba to his peace as he paid his last respects to the only women that would ever have found a compartment in his heart.

He realized, him and Kaiba weren't that much different anymore. Even if the multi-million dollar jerk wouldn't appreciate or even consider the notion, both of them were older brothers to the people that were the closet to them, their younger siblings. They both had suffered a tremendous amount of pain from their families and then tried to make it on their own while taking care of their siblings. And now, they had both found love in the same woman. A woman who had captured their hearts and intertwined her souls with hers, only now her soul had left to find its refuge.

Without realizing it, both men looked up into the sky, the last wisps of clouds disappeared, allowing the sun to finally be released from its blanket of darkness. It's warmth immediately brightened everything it touched, and the feel of the end was no longer suffocating…only the urge for a new beginning remained…