Working summary:

When second year students Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke clash at a summer festival, a sense of rivalry is begun. Fate continuously throws the two boys together. So they must push aside their dislike and look at one another with new eyes.

In the months that follow, both Uchiha and Uzumaki are forced to make difficult decisions-- decisions that are unheard of in a small city in northern Japan. While the two attempt to find a place in the other's heart, a serpent looks towards one young Uchiha.

With eternity set in their eyes, the boys look ahead to dreams.

Summary, vs. 2:

This is a story about love...the journey, more than anything else, with all its pain, beauty and general oddness. Despite Japanese society, the boys fall for each other, and learn what it means to love.

The title says it all. "A thing of love," I guess is closest...I chose "Something of love," 'cause that's how it feels, but that's not a direct translation. Just so you know.

A YAOI (Yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi. No climax, no point, no meaning.) fic. In this case, though, referring to male/male relationships in fan fiction

This part's rather angst-full, but it's the introduction to a romance with fluff to come in the upcoming chapters. If you can't tolerate male/male relationships this story's probably not for you.

Also, this is a slow story, with focus on side characters as well as main. The romance doesn't appear until a good hundred pages into the story (though there are hints before that), and the plot is still being set up.

Disclaimer: Naruto is copyright to Kishimoto and other powerful people. Not me. I make no profit off this. The only thing I can claim is the plot.

Things to know:

Italic sentences are used to show a character's thoughts. Italic words are used to show stress—usually in the dialogue (to suit the way a character speaks). Sometimes it will be to emphasize certain words in the narration to convey an otherwise hard-to-see theme.

愛 Something of Love: Ai no Koto


A thing of "love."

An emotion that seals the heart.

Is it a curse?

I believe it is one of the basic human desires to be loved. Whether or not this is something to be cherished or feared, I've yet to decide, but the feeling remains still.

I know this; there does not exist a child who desires not the love and affection of another. Nor is there a man who yearns not for the touch of a loved one.

I recognize it. Man has loved from the beginning, and shall love until the end. From birth to death the need to be so endeared grows within each of us like a festering wound—one that will not relinquish its position. This weakness grows within each of us. But some possess more fortune than others. There are those who find a loved one; for better or for worse.

And then there are souls who are connected with a person for reasons unknown, and their love will be as unbearable as the stars'—not meant for the bonds of mortal flesh. Ones such as they have a lamentable fate, and will know a bittersweet, agonizing love few deserve.

For what mortal crimes beg such a beautiful, terrible punishment?

I have loved.

I have felt the pain of loving someone more dear to me than life itself, and the grief that persists when love is gone.

I have loved.

I realize the sweet, innocent bliss in a soft kiss, and understand the searing pain of a misspoken word.

What am I, then, to know these things?

A wise, foolish man once said, "It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." His words would seem as wisdom, if it were not for the anguish that dwells within my heart. How can those sad, simple memories of mutual feeling outweigh the agony I face now?

In my memory, his eyes, wide and crystalline in frozen beauty, hold mine, and we look away, awkward. A moment passes, and he takes my face between two callused hands, gentle, sweet, and we lean together. Our lips meet, and for a moment, time, life, existence is still.

I am a fool to think love will withstand everything. Anything.


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