by M L Europe

Disclaimer: I don't own Peacemakers. If I did, it would still be on!

"Marshal Stone! Marshal Stone!" a familiar voice called from Jared Stone's left. The lawman turned and faced the Pinkerton agent, slightly agitated.

"What do you want now, Finch?"

"Marshal, I was just examining the stitching on William Tracey's jacket when I noticed -"the detective was cut short by Jared's glare.

It was the seventh time in an hour that Detective Finch had bothered him with yet another detail about William Tracey's death. "I suppose you're gonna tell me something like his stitching was crooked. Finch, Tracey's clothes were so old they had to be hashed back together every few weeks. 'A course it's gonna be crooked!" Stone paused for a minute and sighed, calming himself. "Finch, the man died of old age and poverty. Could ya leave him alone? The man deserves some peace!" Jared shook his head and started walking again, hoping the Pinkerton agent had enough sense to realize when he was being brushed off.

Apparently not. "Marshal Stone, I will leave the dead man to rest, I just wanted to – "Finch stopped as Stone sighed. "Marshal? Are you alright?"

"Finch," the peace officer calmly stated, "for the last time. Leave it alone!" There was silence between the two as Stone watched the Pinkerton agent, still naive about matters in small towns. Rolling his eyes, Stone asked, "Can't you go bother Katie?"

Finch scoffed and was about to rebuff when they two lawmen saw Chipper hurrying towards them, a small piece of paper in hand. "Marshal Stone! Detective Finch! Urgent telegram from Denver!"

As the young man reached the two gentlemen, Stone pulled the telegram out of his hand and began to read. The Marshal's face became solemn, after reading the wire and handed it to Finch as he stormed off.

The detective watched Stone leave for a minute, curiosity etched in his features, before turning his attention towards the small piece of paper. As he read the words, he visibly tensed. Looking in the direction the marshal left in, Finch clenched his jaw. This was not good. Not good at all.