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"Go!" Violet yelled at her brother, smiling weakly.

Her siblings disappeared from view and the smile quickly turned to a scared and desperate stare around.

The tottering steps became louder, and Violet frantically ducked down an aisle which had almost collapsed. Her heart stopped as she reached the end. A large cabinet had fallen sideways, making escape impossible. She couldn't believe she was going to be caught so quickly.

For the first time in her life she realised how alone she really was. There was nobody in the world that could help her. Her parents were dead and her brother and sister were stuck inside a chute, unable to hear her pleading. And, the only friends she had were stuck in a hot air balloon, never to land again.

There was nobody to see her terrified struggle, nobody to think of plan, only Violet and her approaching doom.

It occurred to her everything miserable that had happened to the Baudelaire's they had resolved and escaped together. What had she believed would happen when she forced her siblings away? Had she really thought she could find her own way out?

"Where are you?" Esme's voice sounded far away, as if the surroundings were detaching themselves from the Baudelaire.

She crouched in the shadows, praying for somebody, anybody, to come and help her. It was almost as if nobody cared about Violet Baudelaire. She shook her head violently. Of course they cared. But it was much harder to believe it when everything in her life was collapsing.

"Finally" Esme's voice was suddenly more focused.

She was towering over Violet, triumphantly holding up the syringe.

"Please" Violet whispered desperately. "Please don't!"

"What was that?" Esme looked down at her, frustrated.

"I said don't! Just leave us alone!" she said more clearly.

"And leave your fortune?" she cackled. "We're going to get it now, after all this time, and you'll never see your brother or that stupid baby again!"

"Yes I will!" Violet screamed at her.

"Shut up! All this whining is giving me a headache! Now come here already so we can get this over with! Hospitals are possibly the outest places there are!"

"They'll find me! Klaus and Sunny will find me and you'll never get the fortune" Violet said, wiping her eyes determinedly.

Esme bent down and stuck the needle into Violet's arm with a cruel smile. The effect was immediate. She began to feel drowsy, and everything was titled and blurred.

Two recent figures appeared in front of her, one man smiling warmly, the other looking away in a dark hat. A further pair stepped out too, a familiar pair, who smiled proudly at her. Violet smiled back at them all, feeling a rush of warmth and happiness filling her. She wanted to be with those people. She had wanted it for a long time.