Eddie paced up and down the cell, whilst patsy sat on her bed smoking the last of her fags.

"Don't worry darling" patsy said in a relaxed tone "they'll release it's a mistake and let us off". Eddie looked at her with fire in her eyes,

"Don't worry! Don't bloody worry sweetie, we could be sent down for years for possession of so many drugs, it would of kept a junkie going for years!". Eddie bounced down on her bed and covered her face with her pillow.

"Well, it could be worse" patsy said, shrugging off Eddie's tantrum.

Eddie said nothing, but whacked patsy with a pillow, which caused her to swallow her fag, patsy choked for a few seconds before coughing it up.

There was a sudden squeak as the bars to the cell were opened, Eddie sat up immediately.

"You have a visitor" the officer said looking at Eddie. Eddie jumped up in excitement.

"That'll be saffy, she'll get us out I'm sure of it"

Saffy sat at a little table which stood in the middle of the room, the door opened and Eddie came hobbling inside. She stretched out her arms and signalled saffy to come and give her a hug, but saffy sat firmly on her chair. Eddie pouted and sat opposite her.

"Sweetie darling, momma's in trouble sweetie, help momma" Eddie said in a kind of pathetic innocent voice.

Saffy stared at her for a moment, and then said, "I'm going to ask you this once, and I want an honest answer ok?"

Eddie grunted under her breath, saffy raised her voice,


Eddie lowered her head and nodded reluctantly.

"Did you, or did you not know that patsy had brought the drugs into the house?"

"Eddie stayed silently, then raising her head to look at saffy said, "yes, I mean no, I mean, I don't know sweetie, according to patsy I did but listen darling, I was stoned, off my head, I cant remember, sweetie you have to help me" Eddie said holding out her hands. Saffy rose out of her chair.

"It's up to the court what happens to you now" she said in a low saddened tone.

Eddie lowered her head in shame and listened to saffy opening the door.

Saffy tuned to face her mother one last time and in a quiet voice said "but I will help you through this".

A small smile spread across Eddie's face, because for the first time in history, just for a brief moment, she and saffy had bonded. Eddie was now seeing a glimmer of hope in the long dark tunnel.