Things Unseen; Sequel to Millennium Ritual

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Chapter 1: Prologue

As you may have known, this particular story is a sequel to the Millennium Ritual. But to save you the trouble of reading the entire story, I shall tell you the words that started it all.

It begins in Domino High, when Yugi meets for the first time the new foreign exchange student, Aura Riordan, green eyed, a girl with black hair, and golden strands of hair, two on each side of her head, and a little one on her forehead. She came from the country of Egypt for reasons unknown, at least, not yet. Before going to school, Yugi received a dream which was really a memory from his yami's past of his sister. After a duel between the persistent Joey and Aura, Aura stood as the victor, making her remember a particular memory. After school, both Yugi and Seto Kaiba received a warning from Aura, a warning about their loved ones. The next day, Serenity Wheeler, Solomon Moto, and Mokuba Kaiba were kidnapped.

After a chase for the Egyptian girl, they catch her unconscious and wonder what to do with her, when she disappeared out of the room and into the dark streets. As Yugi and friends chase after her, they are soon surrounded by Millennium Hunters, people who hunt for objects from the Pharaoh, who would have captured them, had not for Aura soon come to their rescue. The next day, they wake up in a plane headed for Egypt. On the plane Yami realizes that Aura shares some of the same features and characteristics of his departed sister. Little did they realize that the spirit of the Ring was aware of what was soon to be.

On the plane ride, Aura explains of a ritual known as the Millennium Ritual, and of what's its outcome she did not know, or so it appeared. The only knowledge of the ritual she gave is that the ritual needed three pure hearts for a sacrifice. Of course, the stubborn CEO did not believe it. Either way, as they landed on the sands of Egypt, they made course for the Healer's home, a woman of many secrets. On the plane Yami realizes that Aura carries a Millennium Item similar to the necklace his sister wore.

As the story moves on, they realize that the pure hearts was a sham, something to lure Yugi, Kaiba, and Aura to the ritual, something that Aura knew for quite some time. But before they find out, Aura was hurt badly, after disappearing for days. The next day, she disappeared once more, a black rose on her pillow, a message sent by Shanek, the leader of the Millennium Hunters. On the same day, Aura confesses through Duke that Priestess Maeve, Yami's sister, had lived inside the Millennium Orb, the only Millennium Item not created by shadow magic.

But they found out the information and Aura too late. The ritual completed, with the help of Kaiba and Yami's Millennium Items and ancient pasts, Lucian, a shadow monster, takes control of Aura's body. In the end, they realize that Lucian was a part of Aura's special ka. Aura's mind sent to the Shadow Realm, Aura's ka was split in two, Lucian the black phoenix, Amunet the white phoenix. Both wreaked chaos across Egypt, causing Mokuba to get hurt. The rest soon find out Kaiba and Mokuba's past with Aura, the Japanese/Egyptian girl.

Much more happens, but to continue on, they found out that Aura knew what was the Millennium Ritual from the start, and found out that a necromancer was the cause of the chaos in the very beginning. When Kaiba is sent to the Shadow Realm to save Ryou and Aura's minds (for Bakura sent Ryou's mind to the Shadow Realm), it causes Aura to go in a rage, blaming the confused Seto Kaiba for all that happened to her. Screaming, Amunet and Lucian, now in their human forms, were forced back into phoenixes, and as Ryou and Kaiba went back to the real world, Aura did not. At least not in that way. When Aura did come back, someone else was controlling her, the necromancer who started it all.

After a hard battle against their own duel monster cards, Yami found out the way to free Aura's body, and after piercing the web of spells around her, the necromancer disappeared.

But there was more to be done. As they realized that Aura's mind was still in the Shadows, and so, Kaiba being the only one who knew Aura best (for most of the gang went to the hospital, for Duke, Tea, and Tristan were hurt during the battle.), went in to help Aura remember. After the horrible memory of her Egyptian mother and brother dying, Aura remembered, and quickly Kaiba made her realize what she was. As a Destroyer, she must choose the fate of the world. Is the race of men to fall, as the world plunges into darkness, or the alternative, the world and men alike spared, only to cause the all the people Aura loved, to be sent to oblivion?

Her choice was to kill the Destroyer, herself.

Later on, as all but Ishizu and Shadi left for Egypt, all had changed. There were casualties, such as the Healer, who were murdered by three hooded women, and Aura. Those who were hurt in this battle was Mokuba, Tea, Tristan, and Duke. Of course, a funeral was sent by Aura's Japanese father, Mr. Shields, and her few friends. Only fourteen people arrived at Aura's funeral. A coffin fell slowly into the Earth's soil empty, for there was no body recovered. Inside it, however, held fourteen white roses, all from Yugi, Kaiba, their friends, Shadi, Ishizu, and Rasa, a minor character.

Yami to this day still blames Kaiba for Aura and Maeve's (the yami) death, for he was the one who let go of her hand to fall into the fiery abyss to her death. But what he doesn't realize is that the hard headed Kaiba did it so Aura would be with her family once more, and for eternity. So, to end that story, Kaiba and Mokuba went to America, along with Duke, to pursue their dreams. As for the others, they stayed in Japan, thinking everything will be 'normal'.

And during this whole thing, the three women, known as 'Three of Fate' watched gravely, for they knew that what had happen, was not meant to be. Someone has tampered with destiny, and now they must fix it. This story starts a year later, but a few weeks before the people involved went to their own roads, something happened, something big.

It starts a week after Aura's funeral, back in Egypt, while it was still in ruins from the duel monster cards. Where it begins is on a boat with six men, floating on the Nile. The leader of the men, named Sadiki, sees a girl floating on a piece of wood, with black hair and four strands of golden hair, two on each side, with a little one hanging on her forehead.

Alarmed, Sadiki yells out in Egyptian, "Men! Grab the nearest floating device! There's a GIRL down there!" Quickly they stop the boat, and as one of the men jumped into the water, the girl awoke, looking sleepily to her sides. The man who dived toward her, named Adio, grabbed her around the waist, and quickly pulled her up on deck, as the men crowded around her, asking questions.

Pushing the men out of the way, Sadiki crouched down, and looked into her green eyes, asking in Egyptian, "What's your name, girl?" She looked at him with confusion. He tried again in Japanese. She still didn't understand. Then he repeated the question in English. The girl looked up, staring at him hard. Her left eye was hazy, as if she was blind in that eye.

"I. . . I don't remember. . ." was all the girl said. She fainted, as Sadiki quickly grabbed her, seeing her clutching something hard.

A lapis lazuli stone was in her hand, glittering a cerulean blue.

To Be Continued. . .

So that's the beginning of this story. For those of you who read my story before, I'm sorry you had to go through that again. My apologizes. In the next chapter it will explain what happens to Yugi, Kaiba, and a few others. In the prologue it didn't include EVERYTHING that happened, because then this chapter would be too long. I'll explain more later on. And for those of you who are new to my story. . . HI! ::waves hands wildly::