Things Unseen; Sequel to the Millennium Ritual

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Chapter 17: Kaiba's Decision

Kaiba sat down in the Egyptian café with shifty eyes, sipping his black coffee cautiously as if it has the chance of being poisoned. His left hand brushed the copy of the email on the table, glancing down every once in awhile to see if it was really there. Yup, still there. He sighed wearily. His silver briefcase was by his side, as usual, and he let his mind wander, wondering if his little brother was alright. He was worried about him, as usual; it was natural for him to feel this way. He picked up the piece of paper and read through it for the 56th time, unsure of what its meaning was.

Seto Kaiba,
I believe you had taken a look at the shares of Kaiba Corp, am I not correct? Well, of course you did, that is what any good CEO would do, is it not?

'What the heck is that supposed to mean?' he thought, continuing on.

I have a message for you, from Apis Enari. He does not care about your computer chips, much less your duel disks. You do realize that the Osiris Tournament is over, and that there was no actual prize. Hopefully, you did. Do you know of the disappearances around the world? It has appeared much throughout the news stations on the television. What would happen if your brother joined those privileged few?

This part of the letter made Kaiba shiver, his hands almost shaking from the thought. He didn't want his brother to disappear, but it made clear of one thing; Apis Enari is somehow involved with the kidnaps. But over thousands of people were kidnapped; not only in Egypt, but around the world. How could he have done it? And so quickly. . . Kaiba continued reading.

Meet me at the Nile Café, three blocks to the left of the Enari Hotel, at four o' clock this afternoon. Be cautious; many enemies are scattered amongst Cairo. There, we shall speak to each other, face to face, empty handed.

Bring no one with you.

- Maeve

And it stopped there, as Kaiba set down the piece of paper and stared at the clock above him. 3:59. 'One more minute,' Kaiba thought, feeling his heart beating faster. 40, 41, 42, 43 seconds. . . It was one thing to threat about his company. 50, 51, 52 seconds. . . It was another to threat about him. 57, 58, 59 seconds. . .

It was a completely different situation to threat about his brother's safety.

The bell rang as the minute hand struck 12, signaling the time now 4:00. That was almost too nerve wrecking; Kaiba shook his head and took a big chug of his coffee. He closed his eyes as he tried to calm himself down. Any moment now, the golden black haired woman with the green eyes will come strolling down the street, and actually speak to him, just after the fight in the Nubian village. It was almost too surreal. He opened his eyes.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Kaiba," Maeve murmured, sipping her tea as she handed out a brown stick towards him. "Sugar cane?" Kaiba almost jumped out of his seat as he stared at the Aura look alike; the second before, the seat was empty. Her green eyes sparkled as she stared at him, giving a playful shrug and saying, "What? No hug?"

Kaiba snorted, drinking his black coffee once more and replying, "The last thing I want to do is hug a 3000 year old hag."

Maeve smiled eerily, murmuring, "Ah, so you believe me."

"No," Kaiba muttered, "that's what we call an insult."

"I am familiar with that," she murmured, sipping her tea once more. It was hard to believe that this was the same woman Kaiba met a year ago, in the Millennium Orb, almost killing him for looking like Set. In fact, Kaiba still didn't understand why. He inspected her as she daintily patted her lips with a napkin, taking a bite out of the sugar cane.

Her black hair was up in a tight bun, her golden hair down, obviously. She wore all black; he wondered if there was a dress code amongst the three people. She wore a long ebony dress, her black pea coat almost completely hiding her holster top, golden armbands on her, well, arms. And lastly, the Millennium Orb glinted in the sunlight around her neck, as Kaiba remembered who was the first to wear it in this millennium.

She set her cup down and stared at him with a peculiar look, murmuring, "Well, do you have any questions for me, Seto Kaiba?" He huffed and crossed his arms, as Maeve crossed her legs at the same time, as if to annoy him. Kaiba glared; he hated Egyptians. Why don't they ever leave him alone?

"Yes," he snapped, setting his own cup firmly down on the table, shaking the forks and knives placed on there, "Why did you attack us? According to what you said a year ago, Yugi's. . . other half is your brother; Why would you attack him then? Any good sibling would protect their brother."

Maeve's eyes flashed a glare at him as she started playing with the butter knife with her fingers. 'My my,' she thought bitterly, staring at Set's reincarnation, 'someone sounds annoyingly familiar. . .' She snapped off a piece of her sugar cane before she popped it in her mouth.

"And for my second question," he said suspiciously, "why are you here, seeing me, and only me?"

"I have my reasons," she murmured, a glint in her green eyes. She wasn't going to answer his first question, and Kaiba knew it. Oh well, may as well let it linger in the back of his brain for now. He took his fork and started stabbing some of the dates beside it.

Kaiba felt a rather annoyingly bitter mood today, for then he smirked, saying, "I see. A secret admirer, are you? You know, if you wanted to see me, you could have instead sent me a fax of telling your affections for me. That would have been more efficient, for you and me both."

"Very funny," she murmured, crunching on her sweet, "but I am not interested in rats." Kaiba snorted; as if. "I have no time for chit chat; we need to talk."

"Lets. I'm just waiting for you to answer my questions," Kaiba said, leaning back against his garden chair.

She glared at him, thinking that it may have been better to talk to. . . What's his name? Sadiki? But it's too late for that now. Besides, she has some bigger fish to fry. "I am seeing you, and only you, because of one reason. You would be the only one who would be most affected by the information I will give you now."

"What do you mean?" Kaiba said sternly, leaving his defenses up.

"What I mean is," she murmured, closing her eyes to take in some calm energy, "that your brother, and my brother's friends, are in Apis Enari's hands."

Kaiba almost dropped the coffee on his lap. 'No, not again. . .' Immediately he stood up and yelled loud enough for everyone to hear, "Where did you take my brother?!"

Everyone in the café turned from their lunches to stare at them as Maeve sipped her tea quietly. When she opened her eyes, her stare sent such a chill throughout the shop, that everyone quickly turned back to their own businesses, almost forgetting the sudden outburst. "Mr. Kaiba, if you wish for me to inform you of where your brother is. . ." she murmured, taking out her hand and slowly making it into a fist.

"You must keep a quiet voice." She said it in a strange tone, clutching her fingers into a fist. Suddenly Kaiba's face turned pale; he couldn't breathe. But how? Kaiba stared at Maeve as her lips parted every once and awhile as her fingers continued clutching. His brows furrowed as he thought, 'The witch. . .'

Maeve let go, and stared at him as he collapsed into his chair, rubbing his neck over and over. When he turned to stare at her, Maeve had a blank façade to her look, saying, "Now, do you want me to continue?"

"How about this one?" Odeon asked Ishizu, holding out a yam towards her.

Ishizu shook her head, saying in her smooth voice, "No, take the other one. The one that was next to it." She pointed to the one near Merik's hand as he busied himself with the golden wristband's sheen, staring at his reflection. Merik blinked for a moment, looked down, and preoccupied himself once more, Odeon taking the yam and placing it inside his bag.

Today was the day that the Ishtars went shopping, as it was their familiar routine for a Wednesday morning. As usual, Odeon was the responsible one and dragged Merik out of bed and to do his chores outside, while Ishizu stayed inside and did the house chores on her own, as Odeon goes off to work. But Wednesdays are different. Today they make some quality family time, just enjoying their moments together as they shop for food and house hold products. But Merik and Odeon noticed something today that was rather peculiar.

Ishizu sighed heavily as she remembered the last time Yugi and herself met. It was rather mind blowing to see a dead girl that certainly did not act dead walk around yelling at twin thieves. For days now, she was thinking of this, and wondered how her Pharaoh faired in the sight. She sighed again.

"Ishizu," Merik exclaimed, "what's with the look? You've been having that face all day now."

"Now Master Merik, lets keep Miss Ishizu with her thoughts, shall we?" Odeon suggested in a non pressing voice. But Merik wouldn't let go; that look was annoying him for awhile.

"Is there something you need to talk about? You know that I'm always there for you sis," Merik said, slapping the dust off of his black jeans. Ishizu gave a small smile; she already knew that. But really, there wasn't anything need to be done. She was sure that whatever she saw before was just a distortion of reality, her mind playing tricks. Ishizu was sure of it.

Well, she was, until she saw in her blue eyes two tall figures walking across the street, not noticing the Ishtar family. But even from far away, she could recognize the familiar stance of the two, the way the woman's head was held high in modesty and majesty, quietly murmuring to the tall man beside her, his arms moving back and forth in a swinging motion, one hand clutching a briefcase.

It was Kaiba and Maeve. Walking together.

At first Ishizu couldn't believe her eyes. What she couldn't believe was that one, Maeve was alive, and two, Kaiba was actually walking with her. That goes against his very moral about Egyptians. Odeon and Merik noticed where she was staring, and watched in surprise as they saw the familiar whisk of a white trench coat disappear around the wall, and they thought, why would Kaiba be here?

Ishizu tucked her canvas bag closer to her as she ran towards them, with Merik and Odeon following close behind.

"You are confident that you can handle this?" Maeve murmured, giving a half smile towards the tall man beside her. Kaiba nodded; it wasn't as if he had any choice. "Now remember. . . Seto Kaiba. Do whatever they ask you. No questions asked. I will keep Enari at bay, and escape when I have the chance."

"And if you don't succeed?" Kaiba sneered, glaring at her with suspicion. "How do I know if you'll keep to the plan? And though I know that you aren't the kind of person to back out, I also know that you will do anything if it will suit your own needs." The Ishtars stayed behind a nearby store, watching the pair talk and listening with a straining effort.

"Mr. Kaiba," Maeve murmured, her green eyes flashing, "you and I both know what is on the line here if my plan does not succeed."

"Our plan," he snapped, his own eyes flashing, "and what happens when Enari finds out about. . . Set?" Maeve stared at him blankly, quiet for a moment.

"I will make sure nothing happens to him," Maeve murmured softly, "so long as you keep your end of the bargain as well." Kaiba nodded as a taxi pulled up to them as the door pulled open. Kaiba stepped in as he gave one last glance to her. She gave him a small smile, leaving him with, "Play it well."

The man nodded and pulled the door shut, the taxi driving away into the busy street and onto the harbor. Maeve held a blank face, smoothing out the wrinkles in her ebony dress and black knee length jacket, moving some of the hair out of her eyes. In this moment of silence, Ishizu squinted her eyes towards her; what was she planning to do? What was her plan?

A black limo pulled up to her as the chauffer quietly opened the door for her, the man guiding the elegant woman into the automobile. But before Maeve went inside the luxurious car, she said loud enough for them to hear, "Oh, Priest Isis, by the way. . ." She turned her head and stared directly at Ishizu, making the hair on Ishizu's neck crawl as she stood as still as a stone. "Please let my brother the Pharaoh know that I'm dreadfully sorry for the arrow I placed in his thigh." Merik and Odeon gave a sickening look as she said that. What kind of sister would act as so?

She turned her head back towards the car so only her tightly knotted bun was shone in Ishizu's eyes, saying, "I believe that he may need your help. Why don't you busy yourself into visiting him on the Nile? I'm sure he doesn't receive much guests in a boat, after all." With another strange smile towards her hidden foe, Maeve disappeared in the limo, and as suddenly as it appeared, the car vanished, as though into thin air.

Ishizu gave a frightened look. She didn't like this, she didn't like this at all. She stood from her hiding place and ran across to the harbor nearest the Enari Hotel, not noticing that her family wasn't there behind her.

To Be Continued. . .

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