Author's Note!! YAAA!!…Anyhoo, this is me first fic, so don' be shy in criticizin me, BUT please don' be putting me down either! Replies are really needed te keep me goin, so like me said, don' be shy. ALRIGHT! Here's the disclaimer!! yay!…NOT!

Disclaimer: Edward and any other characters that was in the first (and only) movie, not mine…BUT Iris and other character that weren't, ARR! It's sad really…Edward is just plain ADORABLE!! Ok, here's me summary! I know it's not the longest in the world, but read it anyway. PLEASE tell me if I should keep goin with it! 


What if Edward's creator had a woman assistant before Edward was built? And what if the woman had quit because of their different scientific ideas? When Edward was created, he wasn't alone. The female assistant also created a being, a girl, who was also not complete because of the woman's death. Iris, the creation, didn't have scissorhands like Edward, but she didn't have something just as important. Her eyes