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The girl looked audaciously at him. "You don't actually mean that it crushed your eye?" she gasped in horror. Kim rolled her eyes. It had taken over two hundred stitches to put Seth back to "normal." Now he was using his inability to use his left eye as a flirting device, which just so happened to make him actually look like a pirate, with his black eyepatch.

When Seth had been hauled into the car by an exhausted Edward all Kim had seen was blood and an empty eye socket. Now all she saw was Seth being the same jerk he was before. Kim just ignored it as usual and smiled at everyone else so she could pretend that she actually trusted him. His arm had been broken in three different places. Probably because he had used it to soften his fall and in the process a broken shard gouged out his eye. He wore an eye patch now, which added all the more to his "pirate ancestry."

"Seth, honey can we please have a seat and get something to eat?" Kim asked sweetly. The girl behind the counter gave her a suspicious glare and decided to keep her trap shut. Kim was glad. Some girls often insisted in hearing his "dreaded tale of terror." Kim had gotten sick of it.

His inner right thigh was nearly torn wide open by the door swinging open on the huge amour. Seth had said that he was trying to move it to dust behind it. What the strange thing was about that fact was that he had been in Iris' room when it happened.

That fact gave Kim a lot of grief over the past few days. She knew that Iris was in love with Edward. Iris had told her all about their long talks and how Edward was so sorry that he hadn't been inside to help Seth. She had said that Edward had cried a lot the past few days. She exhaled a very aggravated breath when Seth just smiled at her and winked at the girl as they walked away.

Kim didn't know what to do. Her boyfriend was a jerk and the guy she liked loved someone else. She didn't know why, but she'd started having a distrust towards Iris in an odd way. She loved her like a sister and yet there was that barrier that just wouldn't go away. How could she be so stupid as to let this get in her way? Why was her boyfriend an A—hole?


Iris didn't know how long she'd stayed up that night. All she really remembered was that no one had ever thought to mention the fact that Seth was hurt to her. Edward seemed to be in a state of such shock that he had cried himself to sleep. He had lain his head on her shoulder and then later she laid her head on his and they fell asleep. She didn't know when they awoke, but it was Kim who woke them.

Then, she remembered having to clean up the blood. That was a task. Lifting the amour was an even bigger task tho. She was just glad that Seth was ok and that Edward had become somewhat normal if not secluded now.

Now, after a lunch which was filled with an awkward silence that tingled thru the whole table, they were having a very awkward silence in the car.

The car trembled to a stop. Kim didn't say anything. Seth said good bye to Iris but not Edward. Edward said goodbye to Kim and Seth both. Iris smiled what she hoped was a sad smile at Kim. She didn't know why, but Kim didn't like her so much anymore. Things had gotten too quiet, the way they did before a really bad storm. It was like that, only you know that a friendship can survive a bad storm. A tornado even, but this seemed more like it was on the verge of a typhoon. Iris was confused, sad and felt very much unwanted. What was happening to them all?

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