Chapter seven - Coming back from the hospital

-----------------(The story)---------------

"Don't you think it's quite strange Inu yasha?" Miroku asked, sitting down on the bench the girls sat at before. "She remembers Alex, Alexander and you. By the way, who are Alex and Alexander?"

Inu yasha leaned on the wall, crossing his arms he answered, "They're these two boys who got lost and Kagome 'insisted' we help in them. And no I don't think it's strange that Kagome don't remember you guys."

"Why not? I mean, Sango, Ayame and Rin are her best friends, one would think she would remember them. But no, she had to remember the all mighty Inu yasha Taiashi." He said sarcastically, making Inu yasha clench his fist.

"Is that an insult Miroku?!"

The door opened, to reveal Kagome dress like she use to. She wore a red thin sweater that went past her wrists a little and black tight jeans. Her hair was combed and put in a high ponytail with a normal red hair band. She walked out so the other could get out to. She twirled around once, "How do I look?"

"Hot." Miroku answer, still staring at her. The girls noticed this and all of them whacked him on the head making Kagome giggle.

"Miroku! You can't hit on Kagome, she has amnesia, do not, and I mean Do Not take advantage of her!" Sango shouted angrily. He should know better than that!

"Okay, okay. I promise I won't hit on Kagome."

"You better live up to your promise."

He nodded, "I will, don't worry." Sango sighed; maybe he will live up to his word. Even though he is perverted, he does treats his friends with respect.

"So...Can I go home now?" Kagome asked, still getting use to all the new peoples and how they act. (She can't remember! T-T)

"Yeah, sorry about that Kagome." Miroku apologized.

She smiled, "It's ok. I can't wait to see mom and the Shrine."

Everyone froze, "Um...Kagome, were not in Tokyo. Were here on a school trip in Florida. Except Rin and Ayame, they're here to have fun." Inu yasha explained making Kagome's smile turn in a frown.

"Florida? But how-"

"Kagome!" Mrs. Kimono cried out walking over to the group, "Are you okay? It's nothing serous is it? How you feeling?"

She blinked, not knowing who she was either. "Who are you? I don't think we met yet."

"Uh no. Don't tell me she amnesia."

"She has amnesia." Inu yasha simply said.

Mrs. Kimono gasped. "Oh good lord. Is it permanent?"

"No. That's what the doctor said anyways. He said that it might take two weeks for her to recover. But if were lucky, she may recover in a couple of days." Sango explained, really hoping she does recover in a few days. She couldn't stand Kagome not remembering them. I mean, she remembers Inu yasha the blockhead and not us! This was so unfair.

"Good. Lets just hope for the best. Now, are you all done your picture or papers?"

Everyone nodded except Kagome and Inu yasha, "Kagome and I aren't done yet. She saw that two parents were looking for their children so she 'insisted' we help. That how she got hurt in the first place."

"I see. We must get back at the hotel. Sesshomaru can't supervise forever."

Kagome frowned a bit and looked down. "I'm sorry if I'm causing trouble for you all because I can't remember."

"Don't worry Kagome, it wasn't your fault. Like we said before, you'll remember in no time." Ayame said not wanting her to worry about her illness/sickness. (Which does amnesia fit in, illness or sickness? I don't really no. )

She smiled and her encouragement, "Thanks Ayame." She smiled back.

Mrs. Kimono started walking the opposite way of the elevator. "Eh...Mrs. Kimono, the elevator is that way." Miroku said while pointing behind him toward the elevator.

"Oh come on, you're all younger than me. Don't tell me you can't walk three floor down." They all sweat dropped.

"Of course we can." Inu yasha shouted. He's a hanyou; of course he could walk down three measly floors.

"Great, now come on."

They walked down the three floors, reported at the front desk and went back to the hotel.

-------(At the hotel)----------

"I think the other students are back by now. I want your assignment in as soon as possible. Inu yasha, you and Kagome can quickly finish up your pictures and bring them to my room. Now go, those papers aren't going to mark themselves." Mrs. Kimono said as she shooed them off to their rooms.

"Hey, can I see your picture before you hand it in Sango?" Ayame asked, pouting a bit because she really wanted to see everyone's pictures, but Kagome got hurt.

"Sure, you can come with me to my room. Come on Miroku." She grabbed Miroku's ear, pulling him away from the two girls he was flirting with. Ayame and Rin just tagged along, shaking their head slightly.

"Do you want me to show you where your room is?" Inu yasha asked.

"Yeah, thanks."

"No problem." Kagome walk over to the elevator and presses the up button. "So, what do you remember so far?" He asked.

Kagome bit her lower lip, "Well, I remember the two boys, my mom, my annoying brother Souta, my grandpa who is crazy over antics. I remember you and Kikyo, I think she was suppose to be evil or something."

Inu yasha raised a brow. "She's evil?"

She scratched the back of her neck, "eh...I think she was going out with you or something. Oh yea! She's supposed to be your girlfriend."

Inu yasha's eye twitched slightly. "Nah, she's just saying that. I want nothing to do with her. She just after my money."

"What, really? That's horrible." She rubbed her forehead with her palm, "I'm head kind of feels dizzy." Kagome was starting to lose her balance but Inu yasha caught her wrist just in time. The elevator door opened and he walked inside, dragging Kagome in with him.

"Hey, you ok?" He asked as he let her lean on the elevator wall. 'How did I get myself into this?' He asked himself.

"Uh, yeah I think. My head just hurts really bad." Kagome continued to rub her forehead with her palm. "I want to lay down."

Inu yasha looked at the top of the door. The red numbers counted up higher and higher, indicating which floor they were on. "Hold on, were almost at the top."

Kagome slid down to the ground against the wall. "My legs feel numb. I think they're asleep."

He sighed, "You want me to carry you in?"

Smiling brightly to through her hands in the air, "Piggy back!" She squealed cheerfully making Inu yasha sweat drop.

'For a teenager, she sure is childish.' He thought. Grumbling something under his breath, he crouched down with his back towards her. "Get on."

"Yay!" she squealed happily and wrapped her arms around his neck. Inu yasha put his hands on the back on her knees, to support her weight, not that she was that heavy anyways.

The elevator made a "ding" sound and the doors opened. He walked out to the hallway, making his way back to the room. Kagome closed her eyes and leaned her head on his shoulder. "My legs still feel numb.."

"Yeah, yeah. Just try moving them, it helps get rid of it." He stopped at the door, and pulled his keys out of his pocket. His other hand still supporting her weight. Pulling the door open with his foot and closing it back with it again.

Noticing that they were in their room, she didn't want to move, "Walk around the room...twenty times.." she mumbled, shifting a bit in his hold to get more comfortable.

"What?!" He shouted, practically in her face, earning him a swift tug on his hair. "But why twenty?!" Kagome pulled harder, making him yep.

"Because I said so. Walk around in a complete circle, don't take shortcuts or I'll pull again." He muttered some curses under his breath and began walking. A couple of seconds later, "Closer to the wall.." she ordered again, tugging at his hair.

'But I haven't even walked around the room once!' he thought. He walked more closer to wall. When he walked around about 15 times, she fell asleep. Her breathing became even and her arms draped loosely over his shoulders. She rubbed her head in his back and muttered something about 'bunnies'.

"Keh, time for you to sleep on your bed instead of me." Inu yasha walked over to her bed and somehow got her off his back and setting her gently down on her own bed. Tucking her in, he felt like his was tucking a child in bed. Even so, she is kind of like a child in his eyes.

He walked over to the table and started to finish his drawing.

-------------------------------------------------(End for Now)-------------------------------------------------

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