I don't own TS. If I did, then I would have been with them from day 1 of their friendship. I also don't own the funny George Carlin jokes in around chapter 3 or 4.

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After their latest mission, 3 teen girls Sam, a long red-haired girl, Clover, a blonde haired girl, and Alex, a dark-haired girl were at WOOHP Headquarters with their boss, Jerry giving them their latest word, "Girls, on your next mission, you'll be joined up by a new spy. Actually, this is permanent," "We are? SSSSWEEEEET!" they said with excitement. "But," Jerry added. "I don't mean to interrupt you, Jer, but what's her name?" Sam asked looking excited than ever. "I was just going to tell you girls, the new spy is not a girl this time, it will be a boy who is just about your ages, and pretty smart, too. His name is Mathew Vasconcellos." finished Jerry. (A/n: That's me.) "A boy? Joining us?!" they all said in total surprise. "Don't worry, girls, just give him a chance and you'll grow into liking him. He will be with you in and out of school, and on the missions. Trust me," Jerry assured them

(There you go: that's the prologue. I know it's pretty short but hey, guys and gals, please take it easy on me okay. This is only my very first fanfic, okay. Chapter 2 coming up.)