Title: The Prank On Kai
Author: Pikadaj
Sumary: Tyson and Max decide to play a prank on Kai that changes him into a girl... KaiRay, hints of one sided JohnnyKai.

Most of the Blade Breakers felt that hell has decended upon them, appearing behind them, lurking, ready to swallow them up. What, pray tell, would be the reason for something such as this? Why, that is quite simple actually... Kai was training them again, and from the looks of it, the captain had woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

"Tyson, no more complaining. If you wish to keep doing so, I'll give you another 40 laps." Kai sneers, narrowing his eyes at the bluenette.

"But I already did 30!" Tyson yells at the captain, sweaty and obviously tired.

"Considering the fact that you're supposed to do 40, you'd better hurry up before I make you run 100 laps." Kai scowls at the other. He doesn't like the blunette, it's just that simple. The Blade Breakers have only been formed a few months ago and he can't remember a single day in that time where Tyson didn't annoy him... Oh, wait there were those days in which he stayed away from the other. Yes, that works.

After a certain amount of time, Tyson finally completes the 40 laps that are part of today's training. Kai looks over the Blade Breakers, watching them sprawled over the floor panting and puffing, sweating as they try to catch their breath and no doubt hungry if Tyson's stomach has anything to say on the matter. "Weak..." Kai murmurs under his breath, narrowing his eyes ever so slightly before turning around and walking off to do some solo training.

"Ung, we have to do something about that guy..." Max complains, his limbs aching from all the running he has done.

"Well... What if it wasn't a guy anymore?" Tyson mutters, rolling onto his stomach so he can face his blonde friend.

"Eh? What do you mean?" Max asks, confusion obvious on his face. Of course, Tyson has pretty weird ideas every now and then, but... What?

"Okay, listen up... You see, back at home there are some books I found a few years ago, spell books of a sort? I don't know, gramps likes collecting weird things. But there's one spell..." As Tyson explains the spell and the possibilities in case it works, Max is sure that his friend has lost his mind... But he can't deny that it sounds fun.

In the mean time, Ray who is overhearing all of this, can't help but feel like this is going to go very wrong...

A few hours later, Kai finally returns from training and moves into the hotel they're all staying in. He moves to the chair he always sits in, the chair that the others know never to sit in lest they want to be in pain, before his eyes are drawn to a cup of coffee standing on the table in front of it.

"Hey, Kai! Since we figured you'd be thirsty we decided to make you something to drink." Tyson grins at him, confusing Kai ever so slightly. Tyson is never happy with him after training... Never.

"I'm not thirsty." He mutters, lowering himself into his chair. Hence, what is to say that the drink isn't actually poisoned? He wouldn't put it past Tyson. Maybe the boy finally snapped... Just as he is pondering over this, a blur of yellow enters his view as Max grabs Kai, using his thumbs to force Kai's mouth open, while Tyson quickly grabs the drink and forces it down their captain's throat, leaving Kai with no other options but to choke or swallow. He picks swallow.

That's when it hits him. The coffee. Tastes. Horrible. He dare say that it's the worst cup of coffee he's ever tasted as a nauseous feeling comes over him. He quickly pushes the two off of him, quite glad they don't seem to be resisting, before starting to make a bee line for the bathroom. Granted, the two won't be off of the hook... but he'll deal with them after shoving a finger down his throat.

Suddenly a strange red glow surrounds Kai as he is suddenly lifted up in the air, floating. His crimson eyes widen ever so slightly as his entire body seems to tingle. 'What the...'

Tyson and Max watch with wide eyes as they watch their captain change. His chest starts to swell while his hair grows down to his shoulder blades, yet the spikes remain in them. His waist, which had always been quite narrow, slims even more as the muscles that make his bicep seem to lessen.

And then, it's over as the glow disappears and the fall begins. Not having expected this, Kai can't do anything but try to twist in the air in an effort to land on his feet. Tyson's eyes widen as he reaches out, catching their captain.

He stares at Kai who is still in his arms, eyes wide, mouth wide open. Honestly? He didn't think it would actually work... But it had seemed like a fun thing to pass time with, something he and Max could laugh over for years for actually attempting something like this... But now... But now...

"Let go of me." Kai scowls, narrowing his -her?- eyes lightly before clamping his mouth shut. His voice has highened the slightest bit, leaving it sounding strange to his own ears. He knows how he sounds; that's not it.

"You... You look... Whoa. Whoa whoa whoa." Tyson actually... drops Kai who lands on the floor with a thud and a hiss.

Kai looks down at himself and it costs him everything, everything, not to actually let out a scream. "I'm... a..." He blinks a few times, feeling faint, yet not quite wanting to faint. He tries to stand up, but immediately stumbles. His entire centre of gravity is just... off. No doubt having to do with the extra weight he aquired on the front. 'Either that, or a... girl isn't really balanced...'

Tyson reaches out, imediately grabbing onto Kai's arm to keep him up while Max holds onto the other arm. They look at each other, dread in their eyes. Kai is going to kill them... They just know it.

Ray, at this time, walks into the room. Kenny has send him to request everyone's blade so he can look over the damage after the blading they had done after the running (well, the training Tyson and Max said they would do before running off together, sceming). "Who's that?" He asks, blinking as his golden eyes focus on the girl being held by both Tyson and Max.

"Eh... This is... Erm..." Tyson stammers, not quite sure how to explain it.

As crimson eyes meet his, realisation hits Ray. He thought they were joking after training, he honestly, honestly was. But the... girl looks too much like Kai for Ray's tastes... Way too much. "Is that...?"

"... Kay?" Max supplies, trying to be helpful.

Ray nods slowly, but the looks in Tyson's and Max's eyes is enough to grant him an answer to that... As is the girl- no, guy- no, definitely looks like a girl- still standing in the middle of them. Granted, Kai has been quiet during this entire exchange, but it's easy to see that anger is growing... growing...

So much instead, that Max lets go of their captain and backs away, shuffling over to Ray in the hopes of using the boy as a shield. It takes Tyson a little longer to realize exactly what is Kai's mood right now, but he too lets go before jumping back.

Kai stumbles a little, but manages to stay standing. Red eyes shift up, before narrowing at the two. "You two..."

"Maybe... we should skip training until it fades off?" Tyson tries, hopeful, while peeking at Kai from behind Ray.

"Heh..." Kai's lips twist into a smirk, sending a shiver down Tyson's and Max's spines. "Since you have time to come up with stupid... stupid ideas such as this... I think I should add Ray's laps to yours... twice."

It's not hard to guess how many laps that would be, and judging from the paling Tyson and Max do, they quickly do the math. Considering everyone generally does 40 laps, unless something happens to change that, and they have to run Ray's laps twice on top of theirs... 120 laps each. Tyson feels ready to faint as he slowly glances at his blonde friend.

"And," Their captain continues, making them snap their eyes back to Kai. "until this 'wears off', as you so put it Tyson... No desert for either of you."

Of course, any other person would just shrug this off with a 'fine, whatever, I don't care' or anything else in that manner, but Tyson is not like any other person... He falls to his knees, hands buried in his hair as he tilts his head back, his scream loud enough to be heard through out the entire neighbourhood. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Ah~ Finally worked up the courage to rewrite it~ The old version made me want to crawl into a corner and cry while rocking back and forth, really. Granted, it's not really the kind of thing I'd currently still write, but whatever. In a way it's kinda fun to see exactly what kind of things amused the hell out of me... Seven years ago. God, I can't believe it's been that long... ._.;;
Excuse grammar errors; my words is acting kinda weird and won't pick them out. v.v;