Title: The Price of His Past

Author: Ladye Black


Pairing: Kiba x Tsume, eventually

Part: 1/?

Warnings: Slash, obviously, mainly implied child abuse, though it may be talked about in greater detail later on.

Notes: Um, I hope it's okay, but I saw the challenge for 'Childhood' and it got me thinking. This isn't really a drabble, but will be a larger fic. I've been mulling for awhile about their past, and I don't really know any canon for any of it except how they lived before they met each other. (i.e. Tsume robbed trains (or something like that, I think, just small stuff)

One thing Tsume knew was that he hadn't always had the scar on his chest.  The thing was, though, he wasn't quite sure how he had gotten it.

His first memory was probably from when he was three years old.  He was sitting in a deserted alley, atop an old chest, hugging a dirty, ragged blanket around his small body.  The blanket had once been pink, he thought he remembered.

A shadow fell across him, and he looked up from under the edge of the blanket, carefully hiding his strange-colored hair and eyes.  He saw that the shadow was actually a group of people, three men.

"Hey, look what I found boys," said one with dark brown hair and cruel blue eyes.

"We see whatcha found," answered another, his voice high with a sort of sadistic glee hidden in it. "Question is, you gonna share?"

"Well, runt's kinda scrawny, not really much ta go roun'." The first man pulled out a wicked looking knife.

For some reason, Tsume's memory of the event stopped there.  The only thing that told him the memory had to be real was the knife he carried with him.  And the scar on his chest.


Right, that was just to start it off.  To be honest this was completely unplanned, so I may not be able to update for a while. I'd still like to know if you likes it or not, though.