Title: The Price of His Past

Author: Ladye Black

Warnings: ...slight yaoi, but not a lot...gomen to anybody who wanted something...graphic?

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Chapter 14

It was some time before Tsume realized that it was long past dusk and that the moon had risen to its full glory. He had stopped voicing his grief some time ago when his throat gave out on him. He had barely noticed the other voices that had risen with his, but he had felt slightly comforted when white fur brushed against his own, letting him know that they were there.

"Tsume?" a hesitant voice called to him. "We should go."

The grey Wolf looked blearily at the white one, then at the body of his fallen brother. "I can't..." Kiba gave him the Wolf equivalent of a reassuring smile. "I'll carry him for you."

Hige silently helped put the body across Kiba's back, and walked along next to the other Wolf to help steady the odd weight. The four made a silent procession until they found a graveyard, a funeral already in service nearby. To the Humans of the funeral, they saw four young men, one carrying the body of another, all silent and sad. Obviously, the man that was being carried was one they mourned deeply, especially the tanned young man with white hair and amber eyes.

A young human, little more than a child, approached Tsume. "Who is that?" the child asked quietly. The mother of the child winced at the question and quickly went to collect her child. Before she got there, however, Tsume answered. "My brother."

The child's eyes projected a sort of understanding. "That's who we're burying, too. Mommy said that Gren wasn't strong enough to live, that it's okay 'cause he's in a better place now."

Tsume didn't understand what the child was talking about, other than her brother too had died, but he didn't want to ruin the child's innocence so he silently agreed.

The mother had reached her child, and started pulling her away, back to the grave. "I'm sorry," she said to Tsume. The Wolf said nothing, but continued to walk on; the others followed.

He wasn't sure how long they walked, but finally he found the place where he could put his brother to rest. It had been a stone shed, but it had collapsed in on itself. With a bit of work and maneuvering the turned it into a stone grave that would keep scavengers from tearing the body apart. Nothing was said as they worked and then laid to rest Tsume's brother. One-by-one they left to give Tsume a bit of privacy.

Before Kiba left he pulled Tsume as close to himself as possible, their Human forms hugging each other tightly as tears ran down Tsume's cheeks. After placing a kiss on Tsume's forehead Kiba left to wait with the others. How long Tsume stood there, he did not know, but he finally shook himself and went to join his friends. For some reason, once they were in sight, he smiled; slightly.

When he approached, Toboe ran up to him circling him in delight. "Are you okay now, Tsume?"

"I'll be fine, runt."

Hige had a smaller version of his usual smile his face. "Don't bother him, squirt."

Toboe pouted, then chased after Hige as the older Wolf proceeded to taunt him. Only Kiba was left, watching Tsume with a sort of keen interest and concern.

Tsume tried to smile for him. "I'll be fine."

Kiba mock-frowned. "I think the fact that you're trying to reassure me and not worry the others is making me more worried."

"Hn, but before that, what's with all the licking?"

The white Wolf smirked. "You mean this?" Quickly, he darted in a landed a lick right along Tsume's muzzle.

"Yeah. That."

"I like you."


"I mean, I love you."


Kiba shrugged. "Who knows? But I do know that I'm not letting you go for a long time. We still have to find Paradise together, anyway."


"We should probably catch up then," he said, looking at the distant figures of Toboe and Hige who had paused to wait for them.

"All right then."

This time, Kiba approached slowly. To the Humans that were slowly making their way back home, they saw two boys that looked to be almost total opposites, kiss in the falling snow and oblivious to everything else around them except each other.

It was very obvious that they were in love.


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