Nature VS Nurture (Shinkou's attempt) disclaimer- none belong to moi except maybe the idea. maybe. (this is a challenge fic after all)

disclaimer: Harry Potter rocks my socks. I don't own them though.

summary- Baby Draco was abandoned in the streets and picked up by his (family's) worst enemy... And the story continues from there.

author notes- now ah, I don't really know how they talk (never good with dialects) and um, this is my first HP fic (first one I started anyway) so ah... please be kind ;; warnings- OOC (obviously, I mean, Draco's having a whole new childhood, but I'm trying to keep some of his characteristics the same)


Prologue (mucho thanks to Yoake-chan for beta-ing my prologue!)

It was definitely the coldest day of winter, the windiest day of the year, and the longest goddamned blizzard of the century. And it was the best day ickle Freddie and ickle Georgie ever had in their little lives.

Great white curtains of snow stretched for miles, wind howled loud enough to drown out all voices, temperature low enough to kill, and all that combined to form the most perfect adventure any kid could want. Well, any kid without the sense of self-preservation and full of the spirit of rebellion.

Whatever the case may be, it just so happened that ickle Freddie and ickle Georgie managed to escape their mother, Mrs.Weasley, and were currently running though the snow curtains of Hogsmeade toward their utopia: Honeydukes.

"D'Ya reckon Mum'll find us before we get there?" Fred hollered into the wind.

"WHAT?" George yelled back.

"I said, D'YOU-- OOF!"

Fred tripped and fell face flat into the snow, losing his grip on George's hand. Surprised and frightened, George threw himself down beside his brother, helping him with one hand and reaching out with the other to push away the object Fred tripped on. The offending item, a brown bundle of cloth, quivered erratically. Both twins' eyes shot wide open.


In a split second a towering figure appeared, plastered with melted snow and homemade quilts. Mrs.Weasley. The fury and worry on her face instantly melted into alarm and her hands shot out to usher the twins under her heavy cloak. Protectively keeping her sons near her with one arm, she took out her wand with her free hand.

"What happened," she asked the twins, "did it attack you? Did something squirt out and splash you?"

The brown bundle quivered again, and two tiny hands reached out from underneath the covering, pulling at the cloth. The twins shrieked and burrowed into their mother's clothes. Mrs.Weasley stared intensely and raised her wand.

A little blond head peaked out from under the covers, terrified gray eyes blinking rapidly in the howling blizzard. Mrs. Weasley's mouth fell open, her hands slowly lowering the wand.

"Well hullo there, dear, are you lost?"

A small shuffling of feet. "My mommy doesn't want me." Childish high voice, quivering with cold, sadness and bewilderment. Great big eyes glistened with tears.

"Aw! You poor darling! Come here," She waved the little kid over as Fred and George made room in their mother's cloak, their terror morphing into curiosity.

"What is your name?" Mrs. Weasley asked with a kind voice.

The little boy blinked at her warm embrace, then at the twins, then up at her smiling face.