DISCLAIMER: I own nothing in the following pages except the things that I thought of all on my own. Any name brands mentioned are purely accidental or on purpose and I own none of them. Resident Evil belongs to Capcom. Any other video game characters belong to their respective publishers. Anime characters do not belong to me either. Nor anything else, that belongs to someone else. There, I think I have all my bases covered now.

A/N: You're probably wondering what's up with the long Disclaimer. I don't feel like repeating it for every single page. Anyway…

As you have probably guessed this entire fic is a collection of one shots. Some are full on comic idiocy, some are a bit more realistic humor, and if I get an motivation maybe some romantic comedy as well. All are ideas I either am to lazy to develop into full stories, I couldn't think of a way to include them in any of my existing stories, or I just don't think they could make a full story on their own. So here they are.

Expect updates sporadically. Ideas are welcome.