A/N: It's a Valentine's special…do I really need to say more???

It was a beautiful day in Raccoon City, perfect for Valentine's Day. In fact the week leading up to Valentine's day had been positively gorgeous. Usually February in Raccoon, was miserable. The days came in two varieties, cold and rainy or cold and snowy. But this week had been clear and sunny, while the temperatures had hovered in the mid seventies.

So it wasn't any wonder that the flower stores had been busier than usual and candy sales had gone through the roof, breaking previous February records. This beautiful weather had put everyone in a fine Valentine's mood…well maybe not everyone…

"Stupid hearts, stupid flowers, stupid candy…STUPID VALENTINE'S DAY!!"

The entire lobby of officers, secretaries, and assorted civilians turned and stared. Wesker, who didn't even realize he'd spoken out loud, turned a bright shade of red and quickly exited. As he marched up to his office, ignoring the stares from the officers who had heard his commotion a second ago, he grumbled to himself.

Wesker hated Valentine's Day, ever since his heart had been broken in third grade by Mary-Ann McKinney. Seeing as how Wesker was now in his thirties…that's a whole lot of hating. He never celebrated the holiday and choose to ignore and/or pummel anyone who tried. So, needless to say, it was quite a shock when he walked into the S.T.A.R.S. office and saw a dozen roses sitting on his desk

Besides being very smart and a very crafty, Wesker was also very distrustful of everything and anything. I mean this is the same man that attacked his paperboy for six months before finally believing that the poor thirteen-year-old was only delivering his paper and not trying to deposit letter bombs on his doorstep. Needless to say, Wesker approached the flowers in much that same way one would approach a rabid wolverine.

After several minutes of inspecting the flowers, the vase, and his desk, he finally deemed the object safe to touch. Grimacing slightly, he plucked the card from it's holder in the mass of roses and opened the envelope.

Dear Albert,

Won't you be my Valentine?

Love, Your Secret Admirer…

Wesker read and reread the message several times, a blank look pasted on his normally calm and controlled face. While he was busy trying to discern who would be both bold and stupid enough to send him flowers, Jill walked into the office and headed for her desk.


Wesker visibly flinched at Jill's loud proclamation of glee. He cast a glance in her direction and saw her giggling over a large heart shaped box of candies.

"Isn't it sweet?" She crooned, waving a card at him. "Chris got me chocolates!"

"Yippee for you." Wesker muttered taking his seat. "Where is Redfield?"

"Picking up his usual bundle of goodies from his admirers."

Before Wesker could ask further, Chris stepped into the office, his arms full of various Valentine's gifts. Apparently many women in the precinct had crushes on our young hero, so his haul was rather large. Said haul included, three vases of flowers, five boxes of chocolates, and two dozen cards.

As Chris dumped his loot on his desk, he happened to notice Wesker's own little Valentine's present. A broad smile spread across his face as he walked over to the desk. It took a great amount of self-control for Wesker not to cringe at Chris' good humor.

"Wow Captain, who bought you the roses?"

As Wesker opened his mouth, Rebecca and Brad showed up. Like Chris, they too were toting Valentine's presents. In fact, it seemed everyone had presents…Wesker finally noticed that Jill too had a couple things on her desk besides Chris' present.

"Oh wow!" Rebecca snatched the card out of Wesker's hand before he could protest and read it aloud. "Mmmm, a secret admirer…how cute!"

While Wesker was trying to decide how best to escape from the situation, and Rebecca and Jill were giggling, there was a soft knock at the door.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for a Captain Wesker?"

Wesker slowly got to his feet as the messenger stepped into the office. When Wesker saw what he was holding he came to an immediate halt, his eyes widening. The messenger was actually a delivery boy and he was holding a large vase which held two dozen white roses and an exceptionally large box of candies.

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

The messenger handed a very confused Wesker his presents, turned on his heel, and walked out the door. While Wesker stood blinking, not quite sure what to do, Rebecca snatched the card off the flowers.

"Your admirer has struck again!"

Wesker set the flowers on the desk and sunk into his chair. With a total three dozen roses, two white and one red, plus the candies, Wesker expected his embarrassment was now complete…

Several Hours Later…

Wesker was not happy. His unhappiness was entirely due to the large amount of Valentine's crap now covering his desk and the floor surrounding it. The so called 'crap' had grown from three dozen roses and a box a chocolates to: another five dozen roses (in multiple colors), five more boxes of candies (including expensive French truffles), five teddy bears (including one that measured well over five feet high), twenty-two cards (including five that played music) and ten balloons. The final insult was the singing telegram that had just left, dropping a yet unopened card.

"Stupid Valentine's Day!"

By now, Rebecca and the others had begun to ignore his outbursts at every new gift that arrived. They had also, wisely, given up picking on him about it. While Wesker muttered under his breath, he opened the latest card.

Dear Albert,

I'm waiting outside the station, wearing a red dress and holding a white rose. Won't you be my Valentine?

Love, Your Secret Admirer


Chris just barley got out of the way as Wesker blew out the door like someone was after him with a shotgun.

"What the hell was that about?"

"I think I know!" Rebecca sing-songed waving the card around like a flag. "Come on!!"

Wesker burst through the lobby doors, scaring the crap out of everyone standing on the sidewalk. It took him only three seconds to find the person responsible for his Valentine woes.

"Oh great…William is going to kill me…"

Standing on the sidewalk, wearing a red dress and holding a white rose was none other then Sherry Birkin. Behind him, Wesker could hear Rebecca and the others laughing at him…

The following month…

"Who the hell charged three thousand dollars to my American Express Card?!" William shouted, waving around his credit card bill. "On flowers and chocolates no less!!!"