The Unfortunate Life of Shinji Ikari

-This is my first attempt (and probably the only attempt) at an Evangelion fan fiction. If you look at my profile, I've mostly done Teen Titan fics. Yeah I know, from Teen Titans, to Evangelion. Pretty big leap huh? Well, I actually was a fan of Evangelion way before Teen Titans (obviously given that that latter is newer), and I had this story in mind way before them too. However, given that I didn't have the series in my hands until very recently (the series, not the movies yet), and I didn't see the entire series until very recently (well, actually, I still have yet to see the later episodes yet. But I do intend to watch them, and at the moment, aren't totally important to the story at this early stage), I didn't start this story until now. Especially since the other series I write, Teen Titans is a fun show for kids (and adults too IMO), while arguably THE best anime series, and has a MUCH deeper and very fulfilling story (basically comparing apples to LCL). With Teen Titans, I could at least make up a lot of things, and still stay true to Evangelion. Not exactly true with Evangelion, especially with what I planned for this story.

-Oh yeah, and I like to do long author's rants. Sorry about that. :-P But I hope to make up for that with even longer stories.

-Standard Disclaimer. I do not own Neon Genesis Evangelion. All characters from the series are property of Gainex. I'm just a poor (and I do mean poor) obsessed fan of the series writing a story.

-Now, for the moment you have been waiting for, on to the story!

-Oh, and one more warning...this chapter will primary be a rewrite of episode 1. Although I will make settle changes here and there that should pay off big time later, (and cut out as much as I can to that you wouldn't be bored with somewhat erroneous scenes that would be unimportant to the overall story) this chapter WILL feel a LOT like episode 1 because, well, for the most part, it is. But like I said, the settle changes I make here will pay off later (I promise).

The Shores off Japan

UN tanks are standing guard. The Chubu and Kanto region surrounding the Tokai area have been declared to be under a state of emergency. The angel glides its way through a once thriving city before Second Impact occurred. Oh shore, nearby city is all but evacuated, making the city virtually empty. Empty except for a lone car, driven by Misato, racing towards her intended target...Shinji Ikari.

City Streets

"Why did I have to lose him now? Especially at a time like this?" Misato frustratingly spouts as she continues to race down the streets in her blue sports car. Next to her is a digital map of the region which apparently isn't helping her find Shinji. On her lap, there is a profile containing information on the Third Child, Shinji Ikari. Misato turns a corner, with the wheels screeching due to the high speeds. Luckily for the citizens of the city, none of them have to worry about Misato's driving in the evacuation shelters. Misato looks at her intended target's picture, 'for a kid, he is kind of cute.' Misato blushes for a moment. 'Stop it Misato, he is just a kid.' Misato frowns. 'I really need to find a man.'


"Due to the state of emergency, all lines are currently unavailable."

Shinji Ikari frowns at the message. "It's no use. I shouldn't have come here after all." Shinji takes out a picture of Misato and looks at it. The Picture shows Misato, bending over, showing her cleavage. On the picture, the words 'Shinji, I'll come pick up. Misato' is written on the top. To the side, the words 'PS: Look at this!' with an arrow pointing at her cleavage. "Well, I guess we won't be meeting here after all." Shinji looks at his watch. "I'll have to go to a shelter." Shinji looks up. He sees a girl, red eyes, blue hair, about his age, standing in the middle of the street. Shinji blinks. The girl looks back with a faint, but sinister smile on her face. 'Who...' Birds' fluttering off from nearby power lines takes a hold of Shinji's attention for a moment. When he returns his glance back to the street, the girl is gone. 'It was probably just my imagination. But why...'


Power lines started waving. Nearby panels started to rattle. Shinji covers his ears. He hears the rumble of UN fighters in front of him. He looks up. Suddenly, a massive being arises behind the hillside. Shinji can't help but stare with wide eyes at this monstrosity. 'I...I...I can't believe it! What...' Shinji ducks as a missile zooms by his head. The UN fighters fire tons of missiles at the monster. Every missile hits its target. The explosion damages nearby buildings and trains. Shinji's eyes widen as the smoke clears. None of the missiles had any effect! The monster raises him arm and fires some sort of laser at one of the UN fighters, destroying it. The fighter comes crashing's crashing down near Shinji! Shinji ducks as the crashing fighter lands a few feet from where he is. The monster seems to levitate off the ground, and lands right in from of Shinji, crushing the recently downed fighter, which causes a blinding explosion in front of Shinji. Shinji covers his face from the bright light of the blast. As the light subsides, he hears a screeching sound in front of him. As he looks up, he sees a blue sports car. As Shinji is getting his bearings in check, the door opens revealing the person that he was meant to meet on this day.

"Sorry, were you waiting long?" Misato, wearing a short dress, a cross, and sunglasses greets Shinji.

The battle continues to rage in front them. The UN continues to throw everything at the monster. Yet nothing seems to effect. Another explosion causes debris to fall on Misato's car.

"Get in!" Misato grabs Shinji and throws him in the passenger side seat. She slams the door shut, puts the car in reverse, and floors it.

The monster takes a massive step where just moments before, Misato's car was at. Misato spins the now fairly dented car around, and speeds as fast as she can away from the monster.

NERV Command Center

Kouzou Fuyutski stands behind a sitting Gendo Ikari. Kouzou watches the panicking UN generals. 'Typical bureaucrats; throwing everything at something they have no idea about.' Kouzou eyes Gendo. "Is it protected by an AT field?"

Gendo Ikari. The Supreme Commander of NERV. Sitting coolly at a desk behind the panicking generals. "Yes. Conventional weapons are no match for the Angels."

A red phone rings. One of the UN generals, UN General 1, swipes his ID card allowing the call to through. The UN general picks up the phone and brings it to his ear. After a short silence, he responds. "Yes Sir, I understand. We'll execute the plan at once."

Kouzou eyes the general. "They must be using their last resort. The N-2 mine."

Gendo remains motionless. "Yes. But they will see, even that will not be enough."


After driving to a safe distance away from the Angel, Misato slams on the breaks. She looks to the side of the car and sees the Angel disappearing in the distance. She takes out a set of binoculars and stares at the Angel. 'We better get to Tokyo 3 soon, it doesn't look like...wait.'

'What the heck is that thing? Come to think of it, why, after all these years, did my father...' A somewhat panicky Misato interrupts Shinji's thoughts.

Misato sees UN fighters that were surrounding the Angel start flee. "Wait a second. They're going to use an N-2 mine?!" Misato brings Shinji down. "Get down!"

"Huh?" Misato currently confines Shinji under herself. "N-2 mine? What's tha..." Just then, Shinji realizes where he is position and blushes. He didn't have much time to think though when a huge explosion is heard. The shockwave goes down the hillside, hitting Misato's car, flipping it over a number of times.

After the car stops flipping, stopping on its side, both Shinji and Misato get up and stare at the explosion in front of them. As destructive as an N- 2 mine is, it is still an awesome sight to behold.

NERV Command Center

UN General 3 gets up. "We did it!"

UN General 1 turns towards Gendo and Kouzou. "Sorry, but it looks like you won't be getting a shot at it."

Kouzou smirks at the general's comments. 'How naive these fools are.'

Gendo continues to stare emotionless at the screen.

A female NERV technician's voice announces over the loudspeaker. "Shockwave approaching." As she is saying this, their computer screens are engulfed in static.

Field next to the Highway

"Push!" Misato orders.

Misato and Shinji flip the car back to its normal position.

"There." Misato claps her hands together getting the dust off her hand. "Thanks for the hand. I really appreciate it."

"Thank you too Miss Katsuragi." Shinji gives a slight smile.

'Kids not that bad.' Misato takes her sunglasses off. "Just Misato is fine. I'm glad we've met at last, Shinji Ikari."


Misato and Shinji are about to enter the car when...the front bumper partially falls off on the driver side.

"Damn." Misato frowns. Misato takes some duct tape out from the back. She starts to tape her bumper back. "There, that should hold. She opens the driver car door. As she is doing this, her side mirror falls off. "Agggggggggggghhhhhhh!" After a short pause with a clutch fist, she forces a smile and attempts to return to a state of calm and cheeriness despite the circumstance. "Everything's okay Shinji. Just sit tight."

Shinji sticks his head out. "Um..."

Misato frowns. "I said everything is okay."

"Um...okay sorry." Shinji slinks back to his seat.

NERV Command Center

"What is the target's status?" UN General 2 stares at the static filled computer screens.

The female NERV technician responds. "We're unable to confirm due to all the EMP interference."

UN General 3 crosses his arms. "It must have been finished. You saw the size of that explosion."

Kouzou continues to smirk. 'No matter how big the explosion, none of it matters with that AT field in place.'

A male NERV technician voice responds as the computer screen returns to normal. "Sensors restored."

The computer shows the terrain that was affected by the explosion. In the middle was supposed to be where the target is. An energy signal spikes at the epicenter.

The female NERV technician sounds stunned. "We've got an energy reading at the explosion's epicenter!"

UN General 3 rises to his feet. "It can't be!"

The male technician reports in. "Visual display restored."

The rest of the UN Generals stand up. "Whooooooa."

The Angel, though his skin seemed to have melted, is otherwise unhurt by the N-2 bomb.

UN General 1 sits down wide-eyed. "That was our last resort."

UN General 2 sits down dejected. "No effect. I can't believe it!"

UN General 3 slams his hand on the table. "It's a God-damned demon!"

Kouzou smirks. 'No. It's an Angel.'


"Yes. Don't worry about it. His safety is my top priority, so could you get a car train ready for us? The express one." Misato is speaking on the phone. Though whomever Misato was speaking to, Shinji wasn't interested. Shinji looks out the window with curiosity in his eyes. After a short pause, Misato continues. "Right. Well, I volunteered to pick him up, so it's my duty to make sure he gets there. See ya!" Misato hangs up her car phone. Misato's smile however, fades as she starts to go over her situation. 'Damn it! I just had my car restored and it's wreck already! 33 more loan payments to go, plus the cost of repairs. And look! My only decent dress is ruined! I choose this dress just for today...'

Shinji looks behind. Batteries. 'Is it right for Misato to take them? I wonder...' Shinji turns to Misato. "Miss Misato?"

Misato is still lost in thought. 'Why did it have to be me to volunteer for this?'

"Excuse me Misato?"

Misato finally breaks from her stupor and turns her attention to Shinji. She still carries a smile as she responds to Shinji. "What?"

"Are you sure you can just take those?" Shinji indicates the batteries behind him.

"Uh..." Misato continues to smile. "It's an emergency, and we need a working car right now, right? And I am a government official after all, so everything's going to be perfectly fine okay?"

Shinji wasn't buying it. "I don't think anyone will buy that."

'For a kid, he certainly has an attitude.' Misato frowns. "Don't get so snotty. You're not as cute as I thought you were."

Shinji frowns. "You think so?"

Misato blinks. 'Did he take that more personally then I intended?' Misato looks at Shinji. "Did I upset you?"

Shinji narrows his eyes at Misato.

'Guess he did.' Misato smiles. "Sorry, Sorry. You're just a kid, after all."

Shinji continues to frown. "So are you. You're not as mature as I thought you were."

Misato sweatdrops. 'Okay. Whatever sympathy I had for him just now...ended.' Misato starts swerving from side to side.

"Uhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" Shinji braches in fear for the rest of the car ride.

NERV Command Center

The NERV staff, UN Generals, and Gendo and Kouzou continues to watch the computer screen. The Angel continues to stand in its upright position. Whatever wounds were inflicted on it, have been regenerated. Suddenly, a flash comes out...assumingly its head. Static replaces the image of the Angel.

Kouzou, being the bearer of the obvious, made this observation. "Impressive. It appears it can even upgrade its own operational functions."

Gendo remains in his typical position with his hands in front of his mouth, staring forward. "And it's getting smarter. It will renew its assault any minute now."

NERV Entrance

Misato drives the car into the car train.

A voice is heard over the loudspeaker. "The gates are now closing. Please stand clear." The interior of the car turns red.

Shinji looks at the symbols on the door, then back at Misato. "The special agency NERV?"

Misato nods. "Yes. It's a secret organization under the control of the United Nations."

'Nerv.' Shinji thinks. "And that's where my father is, right?"

Misato smiles at Shinji. "Well yeah. Do you know what he does?"

The red light turns off. Shinji turns away from Misato and saddens. "My teachers told me it was important to the safety of the human race."

Misato nods, then frowns at Shinji's expression. 'Teachers? I know Shinji's father hasn't been with him recently, and he couldn't say much about his job, but he at least contacted him in all this time right?'

NERV Command Center

The UN Generals admit that their weapons are no use to the new threat. They give command of the operation to Gendo.

Kouzou turns his attention from the computer screen, to Gendo. "Even the UN forces are exhausted. What are you going to do?"

Gendo turns sideways and stares at Kouzou. "I intend to activate Unit 01."

Kouzou looks at Gendo curiously. "Unit 01? But we have no pilot." 'Rei is in no condition to pilot. And the second child is in Germany.'

Gendo turns his back towards Kouzou. "That's not a problem. Another spare will be delivered soon."

Kouzou thinks a bit. 'A spare? So, the third child has been found.'

Train to NERV

Shinji looks forward. "Are you taking me to my father?"

Misato closes her makeup kit. "Yes. Yes, I think so."

Shinji leans forward. "Father..."

Shinji flashes back to a time when his father left him alone.

Misato looks at Shinji and frowns. 'He seems so sad and lonely. Apparently he isn't very close to his father. Doesn't look like he has been close to anyone.' Misato turns back to the front. As the train zooms by, Misato wanted to get her mind off of Shinji's expression. "Um...oh yes. Didn't you get an ID card from your dad?"

This change of subject seems to have broken Shinji from his stupor. "Uh? Oh ye..yes." Shinji starts looking in his bag, takes out a mostly blacked out paper that contains his ID, and hands it to Misato. "This is it."

Misato takes the paper. "Thanks." Misato takes out a book, and shows it to Shinji. "Here, read this. Nerv..."

Shinji takes the book. "My father's agency." Shinji looks at Misato. "Am I going to work for him?"

Misato sits back.

Shinji returns to looking at the book. "Of course. He wouldn't have sent me a letter unless he needed me for something."

Misato turns to Shinji. "I guess you don't get along with your dad." After not receiving an answer from Shinji, Misato continues. "It's the same with me."

This answer stuns Shinji. 'Just like her?' Shinji turns to Misato.

Before he could respond...they enter the Geo-Front. Shinji is amazed at what he sees.

NERV Medical Bay

Rei Ayanami right eye and arm are bandaged. An I.V. is hooking up a bag filled with some sort of liquid, to her left arm. She is alone in a medical room hidden somewhere in the Central Dogma. Slowly, her left eye starts to open. In a soft voice, too low for anyone to hear, Rei begins to speak. "The Third Child is here."


The counter clicks to level 28. Shinji continues to read the NERV manual. Misato holds a map in one hand and stares at her reflection on the door. After being lost...again, Misato is sure that she is on the right path now.

The elevator door opens. Misato finds Dr. Ritsuko Akagi replacing her reflection. Ritsuko is wearing a shirt over her bathing suit, and a smirk on her face. Misato is taken aback. "Uh, Hiya Ritusko. Heh."

Ritsuko doesn't immediately respond. Ritsuko bumps Misato, which forces Misato to take a step back. The elevator doors close behind her. "Why are you wasting my time, Captain Katsuragi? Aren't you aware that we're short on both time and manpower?"

Misato bends over and brings her hand to her mouth. "Sorry!"

Ritsuko sighs.

Shinji is totally oblivious to what is going on as he continues to read the manual.

Ritsuko notices Shinji. "Is this the boy?"

Misato turns to the boy. "Right. According to the Marduk report, he's the Third Child."

'The Third Child. Son of Gendo Ikari. At least he looks better then him.' Ritsuko smirks. "I'm glad to meet you."

Shinji finally takes his eyes off the manual. He looks at Ritsuko. "Sure."

Misato eyes Ritsuko. "He's just like his dad. The unfriendly part, that is."

Ritsuko mentally laughs. 'I don' think ANYONE is as unfriendly as his father.'

NERV Command Center

Gendo is on a small elevator. He looks to Kouzou. "Handle the rest of this." Caution lights around the elevator turn on, and soon, Gendo starts to sink into the ground.

Kouzou watches Gendo sink into the floor. "Their first meeting in over three years."

A male technician interrupts Kouzou's thoughts. "Vice Commander, the target has started moving again."

Kouzou turns to the technician. "Right. Assume battle stations, Level One."

Eva Cage

After a short elevator ride, and a boat ride on some sort of fluid, Shinji, Ritsuko, and Misato arrive at a darkened room. The only light in the area is from the open doors that they just went through. Those doors start to close.

Shinji looks around. "It's so dark."

Ritsuko pushes a button. The room is flooded in lights.

Shinji's eyes go wide as he sees a huge face in front of him. "A face? A giant robot?" Shinji looks back into the manual. 'Giant Robot? Lets see where there is a giant robot...'

Ritsuko eyes Shinji reading the manual. "You won't find this in the manual."

Shinji looks up. "Huh?" Shinji turns his attention to Ritsuko.

Ritsuko turns to the Evangelion. "This is Man's ultimate humanoid fighting machine, the first model of the synthetic life form Evangelion, Unit 01. Built here in secret, it is mankind's last hope."

Shinji looks at Unit 01. "Is this part of what my father's been doing?"

"Correct." A male voice booms through the room.

Shinji lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding. He looks up and sees the face of his father.

"It's been awhile." Gendo continues with his cold voice.

"Father..." Shinji looks away.

Gendo is standing next to a number of computer screens. All the screens show Shinji. Gendo gives a sadistic smile. "We're moving out."

Misato is stunned. 'Now?' "Moving out? Unit 00's still in cyro-stasis, isn't it?" Then she looks at Unit 01. 'He doesn't mean...' "Wait a second. You're going to use Unit 01?"

"There's no other way." Ritsuko responds from the side.

"Now wait, Rei can't do it yet, can she?" Misato pauses before continuing. "We've got no pilot!"

"One's just been delivered." Ritsuko responded in a stern voice.

'No. You can't be...' "Are you serious?" Misato frowns.

Ritsuko turns to Shinji. "Shinji Ikari..."

Shinji looks up. "Yes?"

"You will pilot it." Ritsuko says without any hesitation.

'But..but...but...this can't be happening!' Misato stares at Ritsuko. She crosses her arms. "But even Rei Ayanami took seven months to synchronize with her Eva. It's impossible for him to do it! He just got here!"

Ritsuko stares back at Misato. "He just has to sit in the seat. We don't expect more then that."


Ritsuko interrupts Misato. "Repelling that Angel is our ultimate priority. If putting someone who has a chance of synchronizing into an Eva unit gives us even the slightest chance, then we have to do it. You do understand that, don't you, Captain Katsuragi?"

'They are arguing this in front of me. Don't I have a say in this?' Shinji stares at unit 01 in front of him.

'She...she...she's right.' "I suppose..." Misato replies, defeated.

Shinji's expression saddens a bit. "Father, why did you send for me?"

Gendo looks down at his son. "You know exactly why."

Shinji closes his fist. "So, you're asking me to take this thing and go out there and fight?"

Gendo continues to look down at his son. "Precisely."

"No way! How can you do something like this to me? I knew you didn't want me!" Shinji yells back at his father.

Gendo is un-wavered. "I called you because I have a need for you."

Shinji looks down. "Why me?"

"Because no one else can."

Shinji is further dejected. ", I can't...I've never even seen anything like this before! I can't do this!"

"You will be instructed." Gendo simply replies.

"But, there's no way! I can't pilot it!" Shinji closes his eyes in near tears.

Gendo is getting annoyed. 'Stupid kid.' "If you're going to pilot it, do it now and quickly. If not, then leave!"

Misato looks at Shinji and then at Gendo. 'Bastard. Haven't seen him in years, and now he hands this on him?' Misato looks back at Shinji. 'But...he is the only one that can pilot it.' Misato saddens a bit.

Ritsuko looks at Shinji. "Please Shinji. You're the only one that can do this now."

As the room is filled with silence, the Angel outside creates an explosion. The room starts to rumble.

Gendo looks up. "It must have detected our location."

Another explosion, and the room rumble again.

Ritsuko looks up at the rumbling room, and then returns her gaze back at Shinji. "Shinji, we don't have any time."

Shinji turns to Misato.

Misato's face-hardens. 'Sorry kid, but you are the only one who could do this now.' "Get into it."

Shinji looks away. "No! I didn't come for this! This is all wrong!"

Misato lowers herself so that her eye level is the same with Shinji's. "Shinji, just why did you come here?" Shinji looks at Misato, then quickly turns away. "You must confront your father and you must confront yourself."

Shinji shakes his head. "I know it! But I just can't."

Gendo stares at Shinji. 'Maybe this will get you to pilot it.' Gendo turns his attention to the numerous computer screens. "Fuyutsuki..." Kouzou's face replaces one of the screens. "Wake up Rei."

"Can we use her?" Kouzou replies.

'I don't intend to. But if this is the only way to get Shinji to pilot, then yes.' "She isn't dead." Gendo responds coldly.

"I understand." Kouzou's face disappears, and is replaced by a panel that says sound only.

Gendo looks at the screen. "Rei..."

A soft voice is heard. "Yes?"

"Our spare is unusable. You will do it again."

"Yes, Sir."

'I don't think Gendo would allow Rei to work so soon. Especially with what he did to save her four days ago. I believe this is his way of forcing Shinji to pilot. All well, I'll play along with this for now.' Ritsuko looks at Shinji. 'I don't like this any more then you do. But if this is the only way, so be it.' Then she looks up to the mechanics that surround Unit 01. "Reconfigure Unit 01's system to Rei, then re-activate!"

A female voice sounds in the loudspeaker. "Roger. Call off the present work, and begin re-activation."

Ritsuko starts to walk away from Shinji.

'Sorry Shinji.' Misato starts to walk way from Shinji.

Shinji just stand there, left to his own mind. 'I knew it. I'm not needed after all.'

The door opens on one side. A doctor and two nurses wheel a badly hurt girl out to the walkway. The girl is all bandaged up. After wheeling the girl out, she starts to get up. The girl is obviously in pain. The doctor and two nurses walk away.

Shinji is stunned at his 'replacement.' Not only does she look like the girl that he thought he saw in the street, she is also extremely hurt and obviously not in a condition to fight. 'Is she Rei? He couldn't...he wouldn't...'

Another explosion from the surface creates a hole down to the Geo-Front. Parts of the structure that forms the roof of the Geo-Front collapse onto headquarters.

The rumbling is bigger then all the others. Rei's bed tips over. Light fixtures begin to fall on Shinji.

Shinji looks up and starts to scream. "Agggghhhhhhh!"

Misato looks back. "Shinji!"

Shinji covers his face. Before the light fixtures could hit Shinji however, Unit 01's hand deflecting the light fixtures away from Shinji.

One of the light fixtures hits the window in front of where Gendo is. A sadistic smile crosses his face.

A male voice booms on the loudspeaker. "The Eva moved!"

Another male voice takes over. "How could it?!"

Another male voice follows. "It broke off the right arm-restraint!"

Ritsuko, who apparently dropped all the papers that she had, stares in disbelief at the Eva. "No, that's impossible! It didn't even have an entry plug inserted! Its not possible!"

Misato holds on a bar. "It reacted without any interface?! Or was it protecting something?" Misato stares at the Eva's hand, and at Shinji. "It protected him." A more determined expression appears on her face. "We can do it."

Shinji runs to Rei. His left's arm helps her up to a more upright position. Rei whimpers in pain. Shinji looks at Rei, then back at Unit 01, and then back to Rei. Rei continues to whimper in pain. Shinji looks at his hand. His hand covered in blood. Her blood. Shinji closes his eyes. 'I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I MUSN'T RUN AWAY!' Shinji looks up. "Let me do it! I'll pilot it!"

Unbeknownst to Shinji, through all the pain Rei is suffering, a faint sadistic smile appears on her face. 'Everything is going exactly as I hoped they will.'

Gendo smiles. 'Perfect. Just as I hoped.'


The liquid that was surrounding the Unit 01 had been drained. Eva Unit 01 opens up its neck revealing a hole.

"Roger, inserting the plug." The male technician replies.

The plug is placed in the hole. The plug starts to twirl as it enters Unit 01.

Inside the plug, Shinji is holding the controllers. He has a determined look on his face. The only thing added are the funny looking neural receptors. He didn't even have any type of uniform at the moment. As he stares at his surroundings, a ton of colors flash around him.

"Filling the plug." A female technician's voice, whose name is Maya, Shinji found out recently, is heard.

Shinji looks around him. 'Filling the entry plug?' He looks down. He sees orange liquid. 'What the...' "What is this stuff? Ahhhhhhhh..." Shinji takes a deep breath and holds it.

Ritsuko now speaks. "Don't worry. Once your lungs are filled with LCL, your blood will be oxygenated directly. You'll get used to it."

Shinji couldn't hold his breath any longer. He lets out his breath. Then, he breathes in the LCL. It is the most disgusting thing he ever tasted and smelled. 'Get used to it? I have to get used to this?' "I feel nauseous."

'Sheesh. He is supposed to save the world, but instead, he's whining!' Misato steps forward ready to yell at him. But then, she steps back a little. 'Well, this wasn't exactly his choice to do this. Still...' "Stop complaining Shinji. Just get on with it."

Shinji sighs.

Shinji hears the following over the loudspeaker. "Connecting main power."

"All circuits transmitting power."

Maya responds. "Roger." After a short pause, "connecting secondary contacts."

"Huh?" Shinji looks around. Rainbow colors, crystal colors, red colors, and so on. 'Whoa.'

Another female voice is heard. "A-10 nerve connection, normal."

Maya speaks again. "Configure the language logic for Japanese."

After the numerous colors fade, Shinji finds himself looking around the cage. At the moment, he couldn't think of anything.

Another female voice is again heard. "All preliminary contacts established. Performance nominal."

Maya cuts in instantly. "Bi-Directional circuits are open."

Shinji just blinks.

NERV Command Center

Maya continues. "Synchronization ratio at 41.3%."

Ritsuko's eyes widen. "Amazing." '41.3% without training! He should prove to be an interesting study.'

Maya looks at the data. "Harmonics are all normal. No disturbances identified."

Ritsuko turns to Misato. "Let's do it!"

Misato nods. "Prepare to launch!"

Eva Cage

Male techinician voice responds. "Prepare to launch!" After the gate opens, he continues, "Disengage primary lock bolts." The lock bolts disengage. "Disengage confirmed. Disengaging the umbilical bridge." The bridges in front of Unit 01 move. "Disengage secondary lock bolt!" The secondary bolts disengage. "Disengage secondary restraints." Both restraints on Unit 01 are removed. "Release safety locks number one through fifteen." The locks unlock. "Internal battery fully charged. External battery outlet, normal."

After the pre-launch preparations are finished, Maya takes over. "Roger. Move Eva Unit 01 to the ejector pad."

Shinji looks forward. He sees that the Eva he is in is heading towards the ejector pad. Above him, many doors open up. After the doors open, a green light turns on. 'I mustn't run away.'

NERV Command Center

Maya watches the path clear up. "Launch path is clear. All systems green."

Ritsuko takes over. "Ready for launch."

Misato nods. "Roger." She turns back to see Gendo sitting at his desk. "Can we really do this?"

Gendo is in his normal position with his hands covering his mouth. "Of course. Unless we defeat the Angels, we have no future."

"Ikari. Are you sure about this?" Kouzou doesn't even bother turning his head to face Gendo.

A sadistic smile crosses Gendo.

Misato gives the order. "Launch!"

Unit 01 launches. Shinji holds on. The interior of the Eva shakes. The g- forces that he feels is similar to that of an amusement park ride. The Eva continues to rise. The final door on the streets of Tokyo 3 opens up. Unit 01 pops up right in front of the Third Angel.

Inside the command center, Misato, Ritsuko, Maya, Gendo, and Kouzou, as well as the rest of the NERV technicians stare at the viewing screen. On one side of the screen, it is the Third Angel. On the other side is Unit 01.

Misato looks at the screen. 'Shinji, please don't get killed out there.'

-------End of Chapter 1

Before I get 60,000 flames, I did warn you this chapter is basically a rewrite of episode 1. In fact, with the exception of the few changes I made, you could almost say it was a novelization of episode 1. Unfortunately, until at least we get to Auska, a lot of this story will feel like the episodes, with a lot of word for word dialogue taken from the series given the pace I want to go (so people won't be going 'bull' with what I planed on having the girls do in this fic). I promise that once I get there (which at the rate I'm going, it is going to take a while), my story will get a lot more original. My ultimate goal for this story is, make settle changes now, so that the story will be VASTLY different later. Especially, if you haven't noticed, with what I have planned for Rei (She will stay mostly in character on the outside. She will be OCC mentally). I also planned to include Mana. Though I will need help on her given that she is a non-series addition to the Eva world.

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