Author's Note: This is a Mimoe..Well sort of... It's actually a very strange poem. All about how I began to like Mimoe. It really isn't that good, but what the heck it's mine.

Disclaimer: I really don't need one. We both know I do not own the rights to Digimon.

Ode To Mimoe

Like the kids on the show, it all started one summer,

With nothing much to do my vacation was a bummer.

I flicked on the T.V. and watched B.E.T. for awhile,

Then flicked it again, and found a brunette with a smile.

I liked the show so I began to watch it,

Soon I had developed an opinion of a blond nitwit!

Is he a nitwit? Why Of course he is,

No defining features, he's not a leader, or even a computer whiz!

Anime characters on a monster show to boot,

But Palmon isn't ugly, and Goma's way too cute!

In the beginning I liked Tai, not Joe at first,

As the show grew on my opinion of him became much more worse.

How could he call my Joe all those names?

Look at him, that hair untamed!

He needed a comb and a little fashion sense!

The Crest of Courage? Ha that boy was just too dense!

Then the girl came along, ditzy, but honest

With her bright smile, and the hat she wore as a bonnet!

I liked her more than buckethead girl,

She was areason why I watched the adventure unfurl.

She wore a large pink cowboy hat, and a cowgirl dress,

She was annoying, complaining about her hair being a mess!!

I watched for awhile, and then she gained her crest,

It was the crest of Sincerity no less!!

Then I thought to myself does she really deserve that?

But I remembered when she cried for the cute little rat!

He died for her, and her heart was sincere,

No longer clouded with sadness and fear.

After her came the boy, again..

Whiny, and impatient, but still a good friend.

The boy's crest was not a mystery to me.

I could tell he was the one deserving reliability!

he was to me the kawaii, the blue haired boy,

Obssessed with worrying, filled with fright, not joy!

He was worse than the girl with his incessant whining,

At least the girl had dreams, of showers, and fine dining!

I began to like them both even with their obvious flaws,

Especially his Digimon; the one with the paws..

I think he looks much better in season two,

Then again I think he looks great in anything blue!

Even with the flaws I think they are the best,

'Specially when their courage was put to the test!

Although they are the passive members of the octoplet,

I know they make the best digicouplet!

Why did they question their abilities in the first place?

Was it because of the Dark Masters whom they would soon face?

I'm glad the group began to split up,

As a whole they weren't accomplishing much!

Not suprisingly, they passed with flying colors..

It made me wonder why they couldn't be lovers.

Okay maybe not lovers but could they see each other sometime?

Now I'm getting sick of coming up with rhymes...

Now she is a stranger in a strange land,

While our blue haired hero still resides in Odaiba, Japan

Maybe after reading this you will become a Mimoe fan?

Enough of this rhyming this poem has come to an end!

For all you Jyoumi fans do not despair,

There is always a Mimoe fan out there!

That's the end of this poem, I suppose you weren't expecting much...

I could go on about Taiora, Takari, or such in such..

Now I'll ask as small favor of you..

Could you do me the honor, and review?

The End...


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